Truck Attack?

3 12 2017

Guest post by Puggg

Channel 4 News:

HAMEL, Ill. ( — Illinois State Police have released the identity of the semi-truck driver that plowed into several vehicles on Interstate 55 near Hamel Nov. 21.

Mohamed Jama, 53, of Colorado was the driver behind the wheel. So far, he has not been charged or issued any tickets.


Truck terrorism?

There’s also this from the paper over in Belleville.

I looked up Mohamed Jama in a search engine and it spit out a Somalian kick boxer.




13 responses

3 12 2017
Paul Rain

> I looked up Mohamed Jama in a search engine and it spit out a Somalian kick boxer.

Probably his grandson..

Even if it wasn’t intentional, it’s sad that these people allowed to come in and cause these problems regardless of why they do it.

3 12 2017
Alex the Goon

Colorado man.

3 12 2017

Training Muslims to drive trucks in America is like letting them train to be pilots. Another 9/11 is around the corner if we keep doing this.

3 12 2017

Blogmeister & Puggg – are you guys familiar with this Leiberman clown? Typical liberal, he’s racist and likes to threaten hard-working people with a handgun to get his way.

3 12 2017
Alex the Goon

They might have commented on it already, over here.

3 12 2017

Thanks Alex – my apologies, I missed it.

4 12 2017
Dr Duke

Greeley,CO is home to a huge slaughterhouse.
They work the immigration racket. They tend to prefer muslims over mexicans.
Many slaughterhouses now work on the 4th of July and Easter so they can have the muslim holidays off.

Part of the racket is they have to have a certain number of “clerics” around to scream Aloha Snackbar as the still conscious animals bleed out if they produce halal meat. The “clerics” inevitably quit not long after being allowed to immigrate for the job. They start a mosque somewhere and the company imports another “cleric”.

5 12 2017

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Truck Attack? | Countenance Blog

23 11 2018
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Truck Attack? | Countenance Blog

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