Cry Me a River

13 04 2018


Oh boo hoo.

Wear a MAGA hat in Berkeley, and by Berkeley, I don’t mean the one in North County.  (Or maybe I do, along with the more famous one.)

Then get back to me.

Also notice the BLM window sign — It’s like I’ve been telling you:  BLM yard signs are way more for white virtue signalers and pathological altruists than blacks.




One response

15 04 2018
Nicholas Stix

Note that WMOV shows and names her white critics, while keeping her face and name secret.

She says she wasn’t seeking to offend anyone, which violates the First Law of Lying—plausibility.

Maybe someone needs to mask his face, and smash her window in order to protect the neighborhood’s children—without meaning to offend her, mind you.

Decent, patriotic whites have been way too gentle with racial socialists like her, for way too long.

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