6 08 2022

Washington, D.C.

Must get this out of the way first — We all know that it’s not true that the “far right” is the prime threat of domestic terrorism in the United States. Or even here in Germany, where they’re preaching the same lie (“Kampf gegen Rechts”). The real honest dispassionate examination of statistics bears it out, in both countries.

Onward and upward.

In theory, and let me say that a few more times so I don’t get misunderstood — In theory, in theory, in theory, in theory, in theory.

There is a plausible path for both the greatest domestic terror wellspring being the far right, and no far rightists or any rightists being on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List, to be true at the same time.

It’s because, generally speaking, people who are on the FBI’s, or any agency’s 10MW lists, are there because they’re wanted for relatively non-recent crimes, and have been on the lam for as long. Hence, why they’re “wanted” — If they were in custody, they wouldn’t be “wanted.”

Notice on the FBI’s current 10MW, that some of the crimes are more than 50 years old. And I don’t think any of them are what you would call fresh blood on the wall.

And why are there so many left wing extremists on the lam at all? And how can they be on the lam for decades on end?

It’s because they have networks and connections they can use to hide out.

Remember, a good chunk of the while Bill Ayers was on the lam, he was living on a houseboat owned and expenses paid for by the National Lawyers Guild.

And I imagine that people or groups with some importance, influence, gravitas or clout are hiding most or all of these people on the current 10MW. A few of them are using a country, that being Cuba. During the days of the Soviet Union, Moscow was ultimately behind the Baader-Meinhof gang (Red Army Faction) here, and the FALN (Puerto Rican separatists) in the United States, using their vassals East Germany and Cuba as fronts. Terrorism is a lot easier to get away with when you have big and serious institutions in back of you.

Meanwhile, and in contrast, right wing extremist terrorist types in the current epoch don’t have those kinds of networks. When there is an act of RWEDT, the perpetrator (usually just one in a given act, lone-wolf-ism is a RW tendency, and their lone wolf mentality helps to explain their lack of being networked up) doesn’t have the ability to hide out for long, and is quickly apprehended. If not, they instantly turn themselves in or make themselves very easy to catch, because they want to to be known and want to start cashing in on the instant publicity and infamy, and they want people to read their stupid manifestos. Which means that RWEDTs aren’t ever on the lam long enough to wind up on a 10MW.

So you mash this all together, and it’s easy to see, (again, in theory), how RWEs could be doing most of the DT in a numerical sense, but its individual perps never end up on 10MW.

Before I let this go, I once again have to put in a book recommendation, and this excellent review of it which is almost as good as the book itself, in case you don’t want to do the book, while we’re talking about LWEDT in and the ’70s in America. Incidentally, the Baader-Meinhof Gang here also peaked in the ’70s, which means that the ’70s were truly the absurdum to the reductio that were the ’60s.



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6 08 2022
David In TN

Days of Rage is about 1970s terrorism, which was almost exclusively of a left wing variety.

I don’t care for Jeffrey Toobin especially, but his 2016 Patty Hearst book, American Heiress, has much useful information.

The Big Thing for Left Wing Terrorists was placing bombs everywhere they could. Per Toobin’s book, there were 1,962 “actual and attempted” bombings in 1972 with 25 people killed. In 1973, 1,955 bombings with 22 killed. In 1974 2,044 bombings with 24 killed.

A trend I’ve seen from the 70s on is the continued social breakdown crime, etc. and the complete indifference to it on the part of the so-called “elites.”

The black Muslim racial murders in San Francisco during 1973-74 according to Toobin: “They became known as the Zebra killers, after the code name for the radio frequency that the San Francisco police assigned to the investigation, and they probably spread more terror than any set of criminals in modern American history.”

I found an interview Toobin did while promoting his Patty Hearst book. Toobin said he had never heard of the Zebra killings before researching the Hearst case. He said, “There is one bad book on the Zebra killings. Somebody needs to do a book on it but it won’t be me.”

7 08 2022

I’m presuming that he meant “Zebra” by Clark Howard as that “one bad book?”

That’s one thing that DoR noted, that the LWEDTs did so many bombings in the ’70s but so few people were killed. They just wanted the attention from the bombings, not the massive body counts from the bombings, so they could spark their previous revolution.

7 08 2022
David In TN

Toobin referenced the Clark Howard book in his notes for Chapter One. Howard published “Zebra” in 1979. It was in the style of what was then called The New Journalism. Some might call it “novelistic.”

It came out in paperback in 1980, but despite selling fairly well and receiving some favorable reviews (in Time magazine of all places) it was allowed to go out of print.

Nicholas Stix Uncensored has more information on the Zebra murders than any other place on the internet.

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