The Truth

1 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

More deconstruction of the FBI’s 2015 crime data.

The truth:


Now, it’s time for the whole truth.

It’s even worse than this looks for two main reasons and a possible third:

(1) There are way many more white people than black people, so the raw 2015 tallies of 500 and 219 don’t even tell the whole story.  There are 5.5 times as many white people as black people, and b-on-w homicides were 2.2 times more numerous than w-on-b homicides.  This means that a black person was 12.1 times more likely to kill a white person in 2015 than the other way around.

(2) Homicide and murder are not the same thing.  My bet is that way many more of the w-on-b homicides compared to the other way around and in percentage terms was justifiable self-defense.  In which case it would not be a murder.

(3) Are Hispanics counted as white in this matter?




7 responses

1 10 2016
Hard Right

(3) Are Hispanics counted as white in this matter?

You already know that they are.

Beaners should be counted with Injuns. One drop rule….

1 10 2016
1 10 2016

I have that story in the hopper for tomorrow’s wrap up. My aim will be at Messenger.

1 10 2016
Alex the Goon

Followed that story onto Coretta Ferguson Walker’s webpage, and found this in the Donation section
[Select, copy, aaaaand… paste] “**Michigan State Law Requires the Following Information**
Race is a social construct to deny that we are different species.

1 10 2016
Hard Right

1 10 2016
Alex the Goon

Why? Is he hung like a horse?

2 10 2016
Hard Right

And it’s not just Beaners. Hadji and Hindoos are also counted as White.

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