The Nazis Are Coming!

21 02 2017


Vandalism at a Jewish cemetery.  The whole world has therefore reacted in outrage.  The ATF was recently deployed to figure out what burned down the clubhouse at Bogey Hills in St. Charles, and after they’re done there, I’m sure they’ll go to U-City to figure this out.  Governor Eric Greitens is also outraged.

When it happens to Catholic cemeteries, and it happens fairly often?  Crickets.




9 responses

21 02 2017

Yeah, some goth kids are kicking themselves for picking the wrong cemetery. I see this kind of thing on local news all the time, kids toppling headstones. It rates 3 min. in the middle of the local news and then is quickly forgotten, when it’s Christians. These kids are going to learn the painful lesson of Who, Whom really quickly.

21 02 2017

Considering where it happened, this was probably Jewish teenagers that did it.

21 02 2017

Given the area, a dollar to a donut says it was ooks. That’s probably when the story dies.

21 02 2017
Alex the Goon

A shekel to a bagel…

22 02 2017

Much better! Well done!

22 02 2017
Nicholas Stix

I don’t know about Jewish teenagers–cemetary vandalism is not my beat–but I assume most “anti-Semitic” vandalism incidents (and telephone threats) are false flag hoaxes. My responses are heavily influenced by campus hate hoaxes, where the perps who are caught are virtually always members of the “victimized” group, and the rest of the time, the story is “disappeared.”

22 02 2017

If Pence is showing up he’s probably been told it’s 3 black 13-15 year olds.

22 02 2017

Wow, the Vice-President goes to some kike cemetery because some headstones were pushed over? 200, 000 people had to evacuate potential floods in California, there was flooding and tornadoes in Texas. No Vice-President in those places. Oops, I forgot that whenever another Holocaust is imminent, the world stops rotating on its axis and we must dab jew tears.

26 02 2017
Stan d Mute

If I was a Jew, this type of thing would terrify me. Not for the reasons peddled by the MSM and politicians, but for the simple fact that if it were not for the kindness of white Christians, I and my fellow Jews would really be exterminated. More than a Billion Muslim whackjobs want to see all Jews erased from our planet, should white Christians ever shrug and turn their backs, its all over. Then along comes a story like this where a Jew cemetery is vandalized and the MSM makes it a national news story with handwringing at the highest level. Many Christians, who have seen their own cemeteries vandalized but without the slightest notice by the press, will be enraged that the desecration of their grandparents’ tomb was ignored while hymie’s headstone warranted a visit by VPOTUS.

Are the Jews running the MSM too thick to understand this? Have they forgotten how many times and places their behavior has resulted in expulsion from white Christian nations? Bragging about how they are “Chosen” and the rest of humanity is just livestock, rubbing everyone’s face in their ownership of the MSM and control of most politicians, proclaiming their loyalty to a foreign nation, these are all highly self destructive behaviors. I wonder sometimes if these Jews aren’t akin to evangelicals who hope to see their “Second Coming” and Armageddon within their lifetimes.

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