Wicked Racial Profiling Trick (Colored Time Zone Edition)

11 04 2017

Clemson, South Carolina

And that’s where I stopped, because somewhere down in the body, there will be one or more mentions of “black” or “African.”

The only Clemson staff or faculty member who has latitude to expect his black subordinates to show up on time is Dabo Swinney.




3 responses

11 04 2017

It didn’t say black specifically, but we all know that’s what they mean.

12 04 2017
Nicholas Stix

CPT. You know, there was a time when even liberals chuckled about “CPT”?

Long ago, I read book entitled, Shut Up, and Let the Lady Teach, of the year an education reporter from Newsday spent teaching in a black school. It was by a nice, aristocratic, German Jew from St. Louis, named Emily Sachar (her father is the historian, Howard). Sachar recounted veteran, liberal colleagues talking about “CPT.” No liberal teacher would do that today. They would be hunting for white colleagues to denounce, and get fired and assaulted for such talk.

12 04 2017

I am sick to death of negroes. When will it be time for a final solution to our negro problem?

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