Fourth and Very Long

2 01 2018

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This is something I knew was most likely going to happen since I was able to return to a state of functional coherence back in mid-November, and one of the first people I called on the phone was my lawyer.  But now that it’s actually going to happen, it’s the kind of thing that’s all the more depressing now that it has made the jump from the abstract and future to the concrete and present.

Like the lawyer predicted, the creditors have pressed the matter past the point of no return, and I’m nowhere near being able to get back to running my startup.  So I have no choice but to call out the punting team as of today.  The lawyer is going to put my IP and concepts on the market, and hopefully there will be a buyer, and hopefully more than that, they’ll buy it for at least enough to pay off all the creditors, and if I’m really lucky, there will be something left over.

This is the first big serious financial fallout from the accident. Since this will (hopefully) be the first significant revenue stream from that fallout, of course the lawyer is going to get a percentage of the gross, and it will be his first really significant financial reward.

Complicating the malaise is that, as you all know, I was at that rubber chicken circuit event on the evening of July 19 to try to lure some guys away from their current gigs so I could hire them into my startup.  I don’t recall any of them being that interested, but, as they all saw only a few hours later, it all became a moot point.  One other thing relating to this, and I hinted around this in one of my first posts back here about a month and a half ago, is that one of the things that Norm accidentally dug his shovel into as he was keeping up my online life during my involuntary sojourn is something that bubbled up to the surface, that someone I’ve known (or, knew) for more than twenty years, was spreading really malicious gossip about me that somehow broke the blood-brain barrier between his social circles and the my professional networking circles.  I now think that maybe part of the reason why those guys weren’t interested in working for me is that maybe they heard that gossip.  I’m also of a half a mind that this gossip was a lead anchor around my ankle in my professional life otherwise.  The saga is still ongoing, at least in terms of handling it using the above board official legal system.  So I have to keep most of the details under the vest.  I’ll give you a hint:  The accusation is probably the worst possible thing that one can accuse of a person of whilst the person being accused could not have possibly had a contributing hand in committing the transgression.  I’ll also say that the gossip peddler in question probably didn’t think of this incendiary accusation himself — When thinking about who I think started it, the concept of potatoes seems to run through my mind, for some odd reason.  Still, no difference — It’s the kind of slander where spreading it, repeating it and peddling it is giving it platform when it should be left to die on the grapevine, which means one who peddles it is as bad as one who invents it.

Back to today’s matter at hand, I have something of the same feeling as Marty McFly trapped in 1955 in the first BTTF constantly looking at the photo of himself with his siblings and watching the older ones gradually fade out of existence as the prospects of him getting his should be father and mother to fall in love with each other.

One day, I will eventually tell you all what my startup was slash would have been about.




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2 01 2018
2 01 2018

If you’re making the analogy between that and the rumor peddler, then unlikely. That person in all the years I knew him never struck me as a sociopath.

2 01 2018
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2 01 2018
Alright Dan

Sorry to hear. Only wish there was something I could have done, but it doesn’t sound like there was.

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