Do You Really Mean It, Kim?

15 03 2018


What they did, here and here.

Gardner’s press release:

“Witness and victim safety is one of my top priorities, as witness intimidation strikes at the heart of the justice system. When I took office, I stated that we were going to do more prosecutor-lead investigations in an effort to help reduce violent crime and build confidence in the criminal justice system.

“The case we charged today is an excellent example of how valuable these types of investigations can be to public safety. My team of prosecutors have been working for months on this case with the assistance of the police department, and we believe we have the evidence we need to hold these four individuals accountable for their actions.”

There will be an easy way to tell if she’s serious about this or if she’s just blowing smoke:

If she brings a death penalty case against them, and she very well could because they’re all charged with murder one and Missouri has the death penalty, then she’s serious.

Because even if you don’t think that the death penalty is normally warranted, except in heinous cases, then you’d still have to agree that murdering prosecution witnesses is a heinous circumstance.




2 responses

15 03 2018

This was a NON (Nigger On Nigger) crime. They killed another spook. They should be given a medal. Every dead spook represents white people who will not be victimized in the future.

18 03 2018

Neither father nor mother had the means to whisk him far away, even though father openly stated he legitimately feared this would happen?

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