May Not Work As Planned

26 06 2017

New Orleans

Me, earlier today:

Then again, it might work out that getting the UDC monument out of Forest Park will solve all the city’s problems. Friday just might be the final day of violent crime in the city. If any happen after then, incredulity will set in.

Out of New Orleans, H/T Hunter Wallace:

How could this happen?  Bitch Landrieu already removed all the Confederate statues and memorials out of NOLA.

Also, from the UKDM, we find out that the vics were in town for:

Curran and Byrne were visiting New Orleans to attend the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association and are information technology staff members for the association.


Black Lives Matter, Mate

26 06 2017


The Met, probably the most cucked and PC primary domestic patrol law enforcement agency on Earth, still somehow brutalizes black babies’ bodies.  At some point, dindus have to look at themselves in the mirror, or at their many IG selfies, and maybe figure that they themselves are the problem.  “I’m all right the world’s all wrong” only goes so far.

The Illinois Capitol’s New Window Dressing

25 06 2017



Rauner signs gun crime bill, favored by Emanuel, that cracks down on repeat offenders

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats orchestrated a brief reprieve from their fighting Friday as they touted a new law to crack down on repeat gun offenders.

Rauner inked his approval to the legislation at a hastily arranged signing ceremony in his Capitol office, a day after his staff accused Democrats of holding onto the bill in order to deny the governor a chance to celebrate the political accomplishment.

The governor called lawmakers to Springfield for a 10-day special session, during which Democrats have cast the governor as unwilling to negotiate and incapable of completing a political deal.

The new gun law was long sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose relationship with the governor also has been strained. Emanuel and Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson pushed the measure as a way to help reduce crime in the city.

The legislation changes gun sentencing laws so that instead of a range of three to 14 years for some repeat gun crimes, judges would hand out sentences of seven to 14 years. If they want to depart from that guideline, they will have to explain why.

All window dressing.

Two main reasons:

(1) Crook County judge hands out a less than seven year bit to repeat gun criminal N’Dindutavious, and in their required explanation why they’re departing from the guideline, he or she will say:  “Because.”

(2) Even if they all hand out the required minimum seven-year sentence in all those cases, remember, Illinois prison sentences aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.  Illinois state prisons are so overcrowded that second-degree murderers rarely do more than a single digit number of years even if they were sentenced to way more, and the overcrowding is forcing the Feds to swoop in and fish for various pretexts and hooks to interstate commerce to use to bring more Illinois garden variety (black) street crime into Federal criminal court;  for instance, the Hobbs Act, intended as a tool to crack down on mafia and labor union corruption, is now fairly often used to prosecute garden variety armed robberies of businesses (“violence or extortion that interferes with interstate commerce.”)  Applied to this matter, it’s as simple as this:  In the old system, “repeat gun criminal” Duh-Marcus got three years, but was out in six months.  In the new system, he’ll get seven years, but will be out in six months.

This is all part and parcel of Rahm trying to bullshit his way through the next election cycle for him (spring 2019) so he can get a third term and then be a three-time elected mayor of Chicago on top of White House Chief of Staff as he joins Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris, Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton in the 2020 Democrat Presidential field.


20 06 2017

West End


35 minus 19 minus 9 months.

It says “his wife” is 33, but it doesn’t indicate “his wife” as the son’s mother.

Cats Invented the Internet and YouTube

20 06 2017


There were two distant evolutionary paths to the modern domestic cat.

As it turns out, cats aren’t quite done domesticating humans.

Function Random()

20 06 2017


Same story, two different versions, P-D and Channel 2.

First off, fancy that this took place along Ferguson Avenue in U-City.  Ferguson is all Ferguson-y even when it’s not in Ferguson.

Second, I’m sitting here amazed at the brain farts of the U-City alderman.  Of course this wasn’t “random.”  None of this shit is random.  That’s because this “random” bullshit is only a canard the media, politicians and quasi-politicians trot out whenever some dindus or other protected minorities of the Democrat-left sphere do something naughty and they don’t want white people to notice patterns.  And for you to say that “somebody knows something” implies that you want someone to snitch.  Remember, no snitching, stop snitching, Carmelo Anthony, if you see da police, WB, Warn-a-Brother.  Remember, the ebil white po-leeeceseseseseses do nothing but brutalize dindu babies’ bodies.

Bear Sightings, Imminent

19 06 2017


State Bears to start patrolling the stretches of interstate highway in the city, especially 70 and 55-is-the-new-70.  You don’t often see the Bears in St. Louis City or County, especially since not long ago Troop C moved its HQ from 40 and Mason Road in West St. Louis County to 40 and 94 in Weldon Spring in St. Charles County.

So, why St. Louis City?  Why now?

To free up SLPD resources so it can chase around our Kek-forsaken Dindus.

Though, like I’ve been saying, it won’t really do any good.