Mind Virus

9 04 2020

Madison, Wisconsin

A white doctor and her white husband rented their white daughter and her black boyfriend an apartment out of Covid-19 fears.

Guess what happened next.

After we beat back Covid-19, we’re going to have to get to work on Coalhauler-20. (LATE DEVELOPMENT: See the comment section below, not a coal hauling situation.)

Political Alchemy

29 10 2019


H/T Paul Kersey.  Who, if you’ve been under a rock for the last several months, is now blogging at Unz.

NPR’s Philadelphia affiliate:

Homicide and home values: Why the city controller says Philly needs a fiscal argument to combat murder rate


…It found that a single homicide in Philadelphia reduces the value of homes sold within 0.75 miles of the murder by an average of 2.3%, compared to homes purchased slightly farther away.

“Our results suggest homeowners who sold in the immediate aftermath of a homicide received a price about $3,400 lower than they otherwise would have if the homicide [had] not occurred,” the Controller’s Office concluded.


If the city could reduce homicides by 10%, the report says, the resulting increase in property values would generate an extra $13 million in property tax revenue. And if Philadelphia maintains that pace for five years straight, an extra $114 million would flow to city coffers.

You read the title of this post.


That line of reasoning reminds me of that part in Waiting for Superman, where one Eric Hanushek, a well known education researcher at Stanford, claimed that all we needed to do is to replace the bottom ten percent of teachers (whatever “bottom” means in terms of teachers) and replace them with an average teacher (How Sway?), then America’s education median performance would soon soar to that of Finland.  Because Nokia 3310, or something like that.

When I saw Waiting, I was 33 years old, but even then, I had already long left the infantile delusion of silver bullet thinking behind.  I don’t know what Hanushek’s excuse was.

Now, let’s jump back to the story.

It’s so easy that all we have to do is “reduce homicides by ten percent,” (How Sway?), and property values will magically increase, which means property tax revenue will increase.


Here’s the reality:

The reason why property values in homicide-ridden areas of Philadelphia are so low isn’t necessarily because of the homicides, though they don’t help.  It’s because the homicide-ridden areas happen to be full of the racial demographic that has a bad reputation for committing homicides.  Even if you found some way to eliminate all homicides and change nothing else, that would barely improve the property values.  It would still be Bell Curve City, just one that happens to have no homicides.

I asked above how they plan to “reduce homicides.”  Well:

Those strategies — which have been tested in other cities, the report says — include targeted “hot spot” policing, group counseling, and the deployment of community activists to intervene in neighborhood disputes.


Rhynhart suggested that Philadelphia model its anti-violence initiatives on an effort in Oakland called “Operation Ceasefire” and another in New Orleans named “NOLA for Life.” The New Orleans program earned plaudits for driving down murder rates, but there have been more recent questions about the long-term sustainability of the strategies.

Among the stickier points in Rhynhart’s plan could be its use of “focused deterrence,” a carrot-and-stick approach that targets the “small group of people” considered most likely to commit future homicides. When implemented well, Rhynhart said, the strategy gives those people a “way out” of criminal circles through social services and jobs. If they refuse that help, law enforcement is supposed to take swift legal action.

Most of this stuff has already been tried with very little tangible success.  Hotspot policing (“Whack-a-Mole”) might make a difference to an extent, but it is a reactive rather than a preventative strategy.  Meaning that whack-a-mole goes where the violence is worst, but it also means there is bad violence to begin with.  It’s not precluding or preventing or deterring the violence.  It’s like saying that you put the biggest bandage on the bloodiest wound and thinking that you never suffered the wound to begin with.

We all know how the American domestic policy deep state is going to solve this problem:  By unloading it on someone else, that being AFFH.  That way, Philadelphia will no longer have a homicide problem.  Sure, some other place will suddenly have a homicide problem, but who cares about those other places?  Out of sight out of mind.

Then there’s this:

District Attorney Larry Krasner

Speaking of the real problem…


The Current Year Is Where Stunning Social Science Breakthroughs Go to Die

21 10 2019

Palo Alto, California

You might think we’re really starting to get somewhere, right?

You might think that the obvious official conclusion here is what we the people of the red pill have known for a long time, that black students tend to be doubly violent and stupid, which means they’ll show poorly on test scores and school discipline stats, right?


Well…you read the headline.

The last line:  It gets blamed on neo-witchcraft, because science and rationality.

The San Francisco Treat

17 10 2019

University City

I could be on New Horizons on my way out of the Solar System, and if I had an oxygen supply and connectivity, I’d still be able to snark about my native berg.

So, to this, I say:




It was talked about since I was a teenager, took longer than expected to build, (no surprise there), but not even a year into operation, it’s a big money pit that will shut down around its first birthday unless it gets a bailout.   If nah, then the Feds will want the two-thirds of the $51.5 million it ponied up to be repaid.  Though that begs the question of how a short distance street trolley confined within one part of one suburb was relevant to interstate commerce such that it got Federal funding.

But here’s where I can uniquely contribute to the coming postmortem:

White liberals, in spite of their degree, diploma and credential braggadocio, have a really bad cargo cult habit.

It’s why pretentious humanities professors in the United States started driving Volvos in the 1970s.  It’s because they were cargo culting Swedish social democracy.  Of course, they, with all their intelligence and graduate degrees, couldn’t stop for a moment to consider why Swedish social democracy works(-ed), and anyway they would’ve hated some the reasons if they would have bothered to investigate honestly.  Don’t even consider the fact that their modern day colleagues will be honest about why the Swedish social democratic model is under threat, (hint hint mass non-white immigration thanks to the same sort of Swedish cuckery which bore big parts of the Swedish social democratic model).

Applied to the U-City Trolley:

The white libs along the U-City Loop and nearby were cargo culting San Francisco and its trolley system.  Just put a trolley along Delmar, and presto chango, U-City will be San Francisco, the progressive paradise.  (That isn’t so progressive anymore, because tech billionaires and banks that facilitate trans-Pacific commerce have bought out and bought off the joint, but that’ll be our little secret.)

None dare officially suggest that the U-City Loop’s bigger, in fact, biggest problem, is the fact it’s cheek-to-jowl with f’n Bell Curve City on four of the eight directions of the compass rose, which means frequent mahogany mob problems at Loop establishments and on the sidewalks and streets themselves.  I’m guessing that these taboo reasons were a major part of the trolley’s low ridership.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I just have to, just one more time:


The Keith Whitley Doctrine

15 09 2019

Frankfurt;  St. Louis

This is why I get paid the big bucks, and why you read this space, the few of you remaining who do.

It’s because I can draw a through line between what’s going on close to where I’m currently and temporarily residing and where I come from.

I was originally planning on making this a long drawn out post full of profundities and epiphanies, but I think I can net it out quite a bit.

The Keith Whitley Doctrine:  You say it best when you say nothing at all.  AKA The Alison Krauss Doctrine, AKA The Overstreet-Schlitz Doctrine.

The common denominator between Frankfurt and St. Louis at the present time is the fact that the individuals who aren’t at important and newsworthy events in both cities, either by choice or deliberate non-invitation, speak volumes.

I went to the Frankfurt Auto Show yesterday to have a peek around, ironically, after my driving lesson in the morning.  Frankfurt, of course, being a mere 19 miles to the east of Wiesbaden.  The noteworthy absent individual is one Peter Feldmann, the Mayor of Frankfurt, a Social Democrat.  He made it clear he wasn’t going at all, because climate change.  If you want to know why his absence for his stated reason speaks volumes about his own political party’s future, or lack thereof, then read this.

I’ll also note the irony that close to half of the cars on display are electrics.  Though, I have to back up and remember that the demented cat lady running the country shut down all the nuclear power plants, based on what was actually the German media’s favorite word, an Einzelfall, so all those electric cars are overglorified fossil fuel burners.

Now, let’s deal with the native berg.

Back on Tuesday, there was a big crime summit powwow at City Hall, which had as its two big headliners the most important person who works in that building, and the most important person who works in about the middle of the state.  But there were two big deliberate snubs:  One of them is the most important person who works in the edifice caddy-corner to City Hall, and the other is her Clayton counterpart.

You don’t have to be someone like me who was once plugged in well enough to St. Louis’s civic establishment to know what message is being sent here.  It’s that, for all the city and state media and political bluster about zomg gun laws and zomg police staffing and zomg dem programs, the important people in St. Louis know that the real big problems are Kim Gardner and Wesley Bell, and their policies of “thou shalt not prosecute black crime if thoust can help it.”  The former being a Soros whore, the only reason the latter isn’t is because nobody expected him to pull off the upset that he did, so the Open Sores Foundation never thought to write him a check.

Concomitant to that, it hit the news late last week that Mary Pat Carl, who was Jennifer Joyce’s Chief ACA for Homicide, and was considered the odds on favorite to replace her as Circuit Attorney, until Soros’s shekels pushed Kim Gardner to victory, is going to make another run at it next year.  As you can read here, Carl’s “official” reasoning for the second try is something-something Gardner’s corruption blah blah, but I think we all know the real reason.  A reason that it takes me, a whole other hemisphere away and a whole major ocean separating, to state publicly.

I’ll leave you with this.  One of my secret squirrel sources back in the native berg sent me this.  Whoever compiled this front page for this issue was trolling me, I can just feel it.  Full resolution link here.

Tongue Tied Eddie

7 08 2018


What Rahm and Eddie really wanted to say:

“First off, why are you looking at us?  These are nothing more than a bunch of thug negroes shooting and killing other thug negroes, NHI.  Any other time, you in the media would be scolding any white people so worried about black crime, reminding them of just what we just said, that it’s largely not their problem.  Second, if you want to make it personal for any public officials, go have a talk with Dodge Dart, who doesn’t believe in incarceration, and Kim Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, who doesn’t believe in prosecution.”

Deadly Maneuvers

1 08 2018


Hey genius, there’s a reason why he got such a “harsh” sentence.

This QT fire happened almost four months after the more internationally infamous QT fire in North County, the one in the geography that would become better known as the Fergaza Strip.  (Note:  The QT referenced in this article was a different QT location.)  In that instance, the nearby undertow falsely thought that the QT employees “snitched” on GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS, when in reality, it was the Ferguson Market across the road, that establishment is in a former 7-11.  Yet and still, QT got the works, the wrong kind of Hotzi.  And its employees got out of there just in the nick of time, a few seconds later, one or more of them would have suffered serious burns, a few seconds after that, they would have been immolated to death.

So you can understand why the criminal justice around here took a dim view of people who set fire to quickie marts and gas stations in the immediate weeks and months after that happened.

Love Only Goes So Far

31 07 2018

Jeff Vanderlou


Mother of five shot and killed in north St. Louis neighborhood

St. Louis police are looking for the person who killed a mother of five who was pregnant with her sixth child.

There’s no word from investigators on a suspect or motive.

There’s word from a blogmeister on a motive.

Veronica Taylor, 30, was nearly five months pregnant, relatives said. She had two sons and three daughters, ranging in age from 5 months to 14 years.

Be fruitful, and, well, you know. 30 minus 14 minus 9 months.

The children’s great aunt, Georgia Griffin, said the children have long been in her care and that she plans to formally adopt them all.

Just like the one that was in the oven was going to be in her care. So why are we boo hooing over the murder of this “mother?”  Who would have been better called an incubator.

Though they did not regularly see their mother, they loved her and she loved them. This certainly adds to their hardship.

Yeah well I don’t know how they define “love,” but I know it’s not how I define it. “They did not regularly see their mother” — I think that’s somehow related to the reason why she was murdered.

Relatives are pleading for someone to come forward with information leading to the killer’s arrest. There is a reward of up to $5,000.

How much do you wanna bet there’s a GFM somewhere in this article?

Relatives have also set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses. They don’t have money to bury the children’s mother.

There it is.

Of course the naive gullible white duh progressives in this city will fill it up, and there will be way more than enough to plant the mother. The rest? Well, I expect the great aunt to, as they are saying this year, “live her best life,” in contrast to the antiquated obsolete slang and jargon of last year, “ballin’ out.” None of it will be used to augment the $5k reward kitty.

Oh, yeah, right. I almost forgot my theory on the motive:

Crack ho.

Oh boy, you’re all going to miss this when I’m gone, aren’t you?

Status Quo

21 07 2018


Soroswhore wants “less jail time for non-violent offenders.”

How would that be any different than now?

The places in this state that once threw the book at “non-violent offenders” were white and rural ones, until the MODOC got so tired of rural circuits sending so many non-violent offenders their way that the General Assembly passed legislation several years back to create something of a razor standard for the kind of convict MODOC would accept.

Meanwhile, for a very long time, the St. Louis City Circuit has been really easy and lenient on non-violent and violent offenders.

Evidence of Liquid Water Found on Wet Sidewalks

19 07 2018

LaSalle Park

That’s another way to write the headline.

Followed by a bunch of spinning-our-wheels prose that fits the P-D Style Guide.

This is pretty damned close to Lafayette Square, and sometimes, violent crime that happens in the C-Ps is incorrectly attributed to the Lafayette Square neighborhood, even though it’s in the LaSalle Park neighborhood.  But it’s the last of the stereotypically black housing projects in that area, surrounded on three sides by gentrification.  Neighboring King Louis Square, which replaced the Darst-Webbes on the same real estate, is one of those HOPE VI-style developments that is mixed market rate and very carefully selected black former tenants of the high rises they replace.

Which is why white people who live in Lafayette Square, Soulard and LaSalle Park hate Trump, because Trump dismantled AFFH, which was their only real chance to get rid of their C-P eyesore, unload the violent dindus on St. Peters, because something-something redlining 90 years ago, or something like that.

In lieu, symbolism like this.

Resources Are Limited

18 05 2018


“…Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office didn’t do its job…”

Yeah, and not just relating to these five worthies, either.  It’s an open secret in this town that Gardner and the CA’s office have been so busy and institutionally obsessed with finding a mythical video all year that they’re taxed on resources and are therefore going really slowly on the kind of work they should be doing, which of course has grave consequences for public safety in the city.

CWE Funnies

11 05 2018




And here.

In related news, ground broke on construction of the Bloomin’ Onion a few weeks ago.  Live there, if you must, but just make sure you’re in by sunset.

Fail That

10 05 2018


He was known by “Streetz” or “Jordan,” he “once attended classes” at some high school, (remember, he was 16), he was “armed with a .380” at the time of his murder, (and if it was out of self-defense, it was due to shit he started), he was “known to police,” and had dope on his person at the time of his murder.

So, he was the same kind of thug that murdered him.  He would have eventually gotten around to being a murderer, if he had not already.

But what really interests me?  This all went down at a recreation center.

Francis Slay, call your office.

Remember, we are told over and over and over again that recreation centers deter black violent crime.   When in reality, they breed it.

The Chicongo Beat

4 05 2018


ATF is hanging around bell curve city Chicago to find Federal gun crime violations to nail dindus with, because the Illinois criminal justice system is so weak and its state prisons already overcrowded. For instance, someone convicted of murder two in Illinois is unlikely to spend more than a single digit number of years in prison even if he’s sentenced to much more.

It’s for the same reason why the Feds have been using the Hobbs Act to scoop up garden variety armed robbers of establishments in Illinois into the Federal system.


3 05 2018


That’s all you need to know and where you can stop reading.

Twitchy has more.

Lime Bike By

3 05 2018

Fountain Park

Ordinarily, this isn’t profound or shocking news, in Bell Curve City.


The teen was transported to the hospital for treatment but later died from his wounds. Neighbors said the teen rode a bike home from school before being shot. Fox 2 cameras captured police removing a lime bike from the scene and putting it into an evidence van.

“Lime Bike.”  That’s that bike sharing service where you have to use a sail foam app to swipe the QR code on the bike to unlock the wheels and get a buck taken out of your linked bank account for the privilege.  They just debuted service in St. Louis a few weeks ago, and even before now, there has already been news about Lime Bikes ditched in the river and in sewers.  I’ve been waiting for the first news about one being used in a violent crime, and I suppose this is close enough for government work.

Eventually, there will be a Lime Bike-By shooting in this town.

No Walkback

2 05 2018



Carjacking victim: City police took 2 hours to respond

A carjacking victim is critical of the St. Louis Police Department after she said it took nearly two hours for an officer to arrive and take a police report.

Angela Hutchinson told News 4, “I could have got killed, I could have got shot.”

Saturday night around 7 p.m. Hutchinson said she parked her car on Pershing Avenue, near the rear entrance to Kayak’s Coffee, when four young adults approached her and demanded the keys to her 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. She said one of them demanded her cellphone and tried to punch her.

“I was in tears, I mean I was, it was a very terrifying situation,” she said.

Hutchinson said it was nearly two hours later when an officer finally met her to file a report and begin the investigation.

“He apologized and said you know what mam I’m really sorry but unfortunately we don’t have enough police officers in the city of St. Louis to cover what’s going on and it was a busy night tonight an basically he said we had more important things going on,” Hutchinson said.

Yeah, like all the murders.

Someone already e-mailed this to me, asking me if this makes me walk back my contention that the number of cops in a given jurisdiction (over a relevant range of reality) makes virtually no difference.

Nothing of this news refutes my contention. In a normal scenario, the cops would have been there in a few minutes. But in either case, the carjacking still would have happened. The root cause of the carjacking happening isn’t too few cops, but too many dindus.

The city of St. Louis has one of the highest ratio of patrol officers to total civilian population around.

Bloodpark Spillage

30 04 2018


Remember this?

I guess they forgot all about that, last night.

All the hints we need, are here, and here.

Look Ma, No Hands

27 04 2018

Jefferson City

Bruce Franks wants “youth gun violence” to be declared a “public health crisis.”

You should know by now what’s really going on.

In this particular case, declaring youth gun violence a public health crisis is a way to keep us from thinking about yoots.

If all else fails, then Bruce Franks will have to activate his superhero superpowers.

There I Go Again, Being All Mean and Sheeyt

16 04 2018


“Roosevelt Davis represents every hope and dream of our young, especially black males in East St. Louis,” said Malloyd, offering a message to the community in light of Davis’ death, “that when you get a chance to get out of here you’ve got to go.”

So it’s the hope of young black men in ESL to run really really really fast, get a college scholarship because you can do so, go to said college, drop out after one semester, come back to the ghetto, wait for some trick in a quickie mart parking lot, and while you’re waiting, get mowed down by some thug dindu based on some street beef that you probably helped bring on yourself just a little bit.  And, somewhere interspersed in all this, have two kids by 21 that you can’t take care of, and obviously won’t be able to once you’re dead.

Look Innocent, The Deputy Chief Is Watching

16 04 2018

Downtown West


Changes coming to St. Louis Police Department starting Monday

Changes are coming to the St. Louis Police Department in an effort to bring down crime numbers as police step up patrols in some of the more troubled neighborhoods.

Monday, deputy chiefs will be moved out of the downtown St. Louis headquarters and into the patrol divisions they oversee. Police Chief John Hayden said the move will allow deputy chiefs to be more accessible to officers and the citizens they serve.

That does it. The deputy chiefs will be moving from one building to others. That and that alone will make the dindus knock it off.

Chief Hayden also told News 4 he is continuing to focus on “Hayden’s Rectangle,” an area of St. Louis with some of the highest crime. The chief told News 4 there will be more officers and additional cameras in the area. He also said there is evidence his plan is working, with violent crime down 20 percent in the rectangle.

Hayden’s Rectangle, aka the Dindu Box.

More cops and cams do well enough, but the weak link is on the northeast corner of Tucker and Market. The Circuit Attorney these days is too busy trying to make an extortion case based on a non-existent video.

The Police Chief said the department needs 130 more officers to be fully staffed.

Well, Proposition P should cure all that. Unless it never was meant to do so.

Solving Violence With Bureaucrats

10 04 2018

Downtown; Clayton

The Steve and Lyda Show want Greitens to get off his duff and fill the five Missouri resident board members on the BSDA, because MissingLink violence.

I know, right?  That’s just what the ooks were waiting on, the appointment of more bureaucrats, which of course, when it happens, will be their cue to quit acting so bellcurvey on the ML.


Understatement of All Time

8 04 2018

St. Louis City

“We have to begin to realize that until we start solving the murders in the City of St. Louis we are going to see a high rate of murders in our city.”

Guess which genius said that.

But, you have to admit that said genius is correct.  Furthermore, if there are no murders in the city, then the city will have a very low murder rate.

Yet and still, I need to take the opportunity to remind said genius that the reason “[t]hose individuals that are committing murders continue to walk the street” is because the street has a stop snitching policy.

A Different Furnace for the Same Fire

3 04 2018



Stray bullets fired into home, force young mother to pack up and leave

Night after night, Mikala says she hears gunshots outside of her window, but this time the bullets started coming inside her home.

“They shoot out here all the time,” she said.

Standing in her doorway, MiKala thinks back on the months she’s spent living in East St. Louis public housing and how at any moment that gunfire could erupt.

“It’s children out here and they seem to don’t care about that,” she said.

Those stray bullets ended up coming too close to home last Thursday night while 6 people sat in Mikala’s living room.

“My sister was sitting right there and I guess the first shots came,” Mikala said. “I don’t know which shots came in first but you see it’s one, two, three, four, five and it’s in a pattern.”

The mother of four said thankfully her kids were upstairs, however her sister had to be rushed to the hospital.

The 17-year-old girl was shot in the arm and grazed in her lower back.

Witnessing her sister in pain, Mikala helped the best way she could.

“I already got a little brother that’s dead,” she said while tearing up. “So, I didn’t know what to think.”

Now while her sister is preparing for surgery, Mikala is preparing to pack up her family’s things and move to a safe place.

Okay, who is responsible for these gunshots that just ring out of nowhere or nothing?

Is it?

(1) A divine miracle

(2) Extraterrestrial mutants

(3) The KKK

(4) The sons of young black single mothers who live in the projects

I have a slightly off the wall and very gutsy prediction:  Wherever Mikala moves, within a short time, that place will be as bad as the place she’s leaving.

We Could Have Seen This Coming

26 03 2018

Bevo; Downtown

Zemir Begic’s assailants (murderers) are getting relative slaps on the hand, for the most part.

Because there was ample evidence that they deliberately targeted a random white man in the immediate hours after the grand jury announcing no true bill against Darren Wilson in late November 2014, I think they all could have been strung up for first degree murder and possible hate crimes enhancements.  It’s just that neither the Circuit Attorney’s office nor the SLPD wanted to do the necessary leg work, especially considering the racial tensions of the immediate moment.  You know, because gentle giant and black babies’ bodies.

The Chicago Way

21 03 2018


If this doesn’t speak volumes on a couple of levels.


Feds: Man helped bring gun to Chicago that was later used to kill Tyshawn Lee

Federal authorities have accused a Chicago man of helping bring to the city the weapon used in the execution-style killing of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

Anthony Morgan, 31, faces four gun charges in a federal indictment filed last week.


The prosecutor tried to convince Cole to keep Anthony Morgan locked up Monday, but Cole put him on home detention. He also agreed to let Anthony Morgan go back to his job at the U.S. Postal Service, where his mother also works.

And…I’ll let all of you in the peanut gallery take it from there.

ICYMI, Tyshawn Lee was murdered because his father was ganged up, and a rival ‘banger lured him into a back alley on his walk home from school and plugged him nine times, purely because of who his father was.  Tyshawn’s mother, a typical ghetto whore, scammed GFM out of a few pretty pennies, presumably for the boy’s funeral, when it turned out that Pfleger’s church did that for free, and she knew that was going to be the case before she started the GFM, and she used the money to buy herself an almost brand new car (“CAAAAAA” — Carla Lee), which she wrecked within two years of buying it, and a trip to Vegas, where she gambled away the rest of the money.  To beat all, at the time of his murder, Tyshawn wasn’t living with either his mother or father, he was living with one of his grandmothers.

Bad News Bear

19 03 2018

Tower Grove East

Sixth Ward alderwoman Christine Ingrassia was ‘jacked by the usual suspects over the weekend.

St. Louis City has 28 members of the Board of Aldermen, (being reduced to 14 starting the first local elections after the release of the 2020 Census data), and if this happens to even one of them, then it goes to show you that the city’s got itself some problems.

And also, don’t even these damned dumb dindus know by now that sail foams can be tracked?

Ban the Box

18 03 2018


First they applied for a job at a gas station quickie mart, and then they jacked a nearby fast feeder.

Thinking of the requisite “ban the box” joke, I certainly hope their criminal conviction record doesn’t hurt their ability to get the job at the quickie mart.

“…It’s ridiculous and not too bright…” — But it’s typical Bell Curve City.

That’s the Fergaza Strip We Know and Love

18 03 2018


Yep, being all Ferguson-y again.

You might remember this particular Fambly Dolla location.  It’s directly across the street from the Ferguson Market, where, as you know, a certain gentle giant purloined his ultimate cigarillo a little more than three and a half years ago.

“Police were able to locate the victim at an apartment complex.”  That wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because, as you might also remember, the Fergaza Strip is full of apartment farms, the now internationally infamous Canfield Green being just one of them.  Also, why did the cops have to try to find him?  Why didn’t the victim call for help?  As you can read here, he left the scene and that was that for that.  Probably because the victim has outstanding warrants.

That was only the beginning of a very vibrant and diverse Saturday afternoon and night around here.

Deliverance Country

17 03 2018


Here and here.

What this doesn’t tell you is that the only reason this perfidy bubbled up to the surface is that the girl, who was 11 years old at the time, wound up delivering a baby boy nine months later.  This does tell you that he and the girl are related, but not precisely how.  Probably to protect the girl’s identity, though I’m guessing that they are closely enough related such that the “relationship” would have been a crime even if she was of age.

This also happened in the 100 block of Downing Street in O’Fallon.  Which is a trailer park.

Incest, statutory rape, trailer park.

I better not ever hear another problacktard preening on about Deliverance, ever again.