Bruh, He Gave You Advice

24 01 2017

Saginaw, Michigan

Me, Sunday:

Here’s his message:  “Bruh, don’t fuck this up, because this truly is your last chance.  The guy replacing me ain’t gonna give you another one.”

Well, today.

Another version that one of you provided. Though in this version, the facility is not clearly indicated as a halfway house.

Let’s let Lefty take us home.

Dindu Day

16 01 2017


Some text to go with it.  He didn’t show the ATV and bike story that the video alluded to, but here ya be, thanks to the magic of Ye Olde Internets.  The 12 O’Clock Boys thing, which started in Baltimore, has apparently spread to Miami.  There hasn’t been that much of it around here, but there was an outbreak Downtown back in September.

For egalitarian white people, Martin Luther King Day is sacred.  In Bell Curve City, it’s just another dindu day.

Let’s Be Franks

15 01 2017



These are the three suspects in the armed robbery of Captain Cherokee Street.

The one on the left is suspected as the Grinch That Stole Christmas five days later.

I’m a little surprised that Franks called the cops instead of social justice mediators and therapists.

Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Try to Rob a Gun Shop?

12 01 2017

Mableton, Georgia

Oh, yeah.  Right.

Bad to Worse

12 01 2017


One of the suspects in #BLMkidnapping demanded ransom from the victim’s parents.

Natchul Bidge

10 01 2017

North City

Guardian does the STL, namely the city’s stretch of Natural Bridge, which is supposedly statistically the most violent place in the country.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it is plausible.

And in the article, you’ll read so many of this blog’s familiar themes.  Along with some predictable liberal tropes — It is the Guardian, after all.

Alas, I Know Better

9 01 2017


What’s that you say?

Now, really, you’re putting me on.

But you didn’t do a good enough job.  You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to slip one past me, because I know better.

Because I pay attention to Civic Progress and some of these very same public officials or former ones, I know that there’s no such thing as violent crime in the city, that it’s all an illusion that exists only as a function of the inability of the city to annex. You know, they talk about a severe crime spike in the neighborhoods around Gravois Park, except if the City of St. Louis could annex Chesterfield, then there would be no crime around Gravois Park. Furthermore, if there actually is any crime, it’s not cracker’s problem anyway, because it’s almost entirely the criminal ghetto black undertow as both perpetrator and victim.