Resources Are Limited

18 05 2018


“…Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office didn’t do its job…”

Yeah, and not just relating to these five worthies, either.  It’s an open secret in this town that Gardner and the CA’s office have been so busy and institutionally obsessed with finding a mythical video all year that they’re taxed on resources and are therefore going really slowly on the kind of work they should be doing, which of course has grave consequences for public safety in the city.


CWE Funnies

11 05 2018




And here.

In related news, ground broke on construction of the Bloomin’ Onion a few weeks ago.  Live there, if you must, but just make sure you’re in by sunset.

Fail That

10 05 2018


He was known by “Streetz” or “Jordan,” he “once attended classes” at some high school, (remember, he was 16), he was “armed with a .380” at the time of his murder, (and if it was out of self-defense, it was due to shit he started), he was “known to police,” and had dope on his person at the time of his murder.

So, he was the same kind of thug that murdered him.  He would have eventually gotten around to being a murderer, if he had not already.

But what really interests me?  This all went down at a recreation center.

Francis Slay, call your office.

Remember, we are told over and over and over again that recreation centers deter black violent crime.   When in reality, they breed it.

The Chicongo Beat

4 05 2018


ATF is hanging around bell curve city Chicago to find Federal gun crime violations to nail dindus with, because the Illinois criminal justice system is so weak and its state prisons already overcrowded. For instance, someone convicted of murder two in Illinois is unlikely to spend more than a single digit number of years in prison even if he’s sentenced to much more.

It’s for the same reason why the Feds have been using the Hobbs Act to scoop up garden variety armed robbers of establishments in Illinois into the Federal system.


3 05 2018


That’s all you need to know and where you can stop reading.

Twitchy has more.

Lime Bike By

3 05 2018

Fountain Park

Ordinarily, this isn’t profound or shocking news, in Bell Curve City.


The teen was transported to the hospital for treatment but later died from his wounds. Neighbors said the teen rode a bike home from school before being shot. Fox 2 cameras captured police removing a lime bike from the scene and putting it into an evidence van.

“Lime Bike.”  That’s that bike sharing service where you have to use a sail foam app to swipe the QR code on the bike to unlock the wheels and get a buck taken out of your linked bank account for the privilege.  They just debuted service in St. Louis a few weeks ago, and even before now, there has already been news about Lime Bikes ditched in the river and in sewers.  I’ve been waiting for the first news about one being used in a violent crime, and I suppose this is close enough for government work.

Eventually, there will be a Lime Bike-By shooting in this town.

No Walkback

2 05 2018



Carjacking victim: City police took 2 hours to respond

A carjacking victim is critical of the St. Louis Police Department after she said it took nearly two hours for an officer to arrive and take a police report.

Angela Hutchinson told News 4, “I could have got killed, I could have got shot.”

Saturday night around 7 p.m. Hutchinson said she parked her car on Pershing Avenue, near the rear entrance to Kayak’s Coffee, when four young adults approached her and demanded the keys to her 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. She said one of them demanded her cellphone and tried to punch her.

“I was in tears, I mean I was, it was a very terrifying situation,” she said.

Hutchinson said it was nearly two hours later when an officer finally met her to file a report and begin the investigation.

“He apologized and said you know what mam I’m really sorry but unfortunately we don’t have enough police officers in the city of St. Louis to cover what’s going on and it was a busy night tonight an basically he said we had more important things going on,” Hutchinson said.

Yeah, like all the murders.

Someone already e-mailed this to me, asking me if this makes me walk back my contention that the number of cops in a given jurisdiction (over a relevant range of reality) makes virtually no difference.

Nothing of this news refutes my contention. In a normal scenario, the cops would have been there in a few minutes. But in either case, the carjacking still would have happened. The root cause of the carjacking happening isn’t too few cops, but too many dindus.

The city of St. Louis has one of the highest ratio of patrol officers to total civilian population around.