He Was In His Zone

25 02 2017

Clinton, Maryland

Mom murders son.

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Easy caper.  She interrupted him at a point when he was mentally intensely involved in his game, he retorted with some choice words, which offended her, and she took offense through hot lead.

I think it’s time for Uncle Blogmeister to sit the world down on his lap and explain a thing or three.

The evolutionary imperative of crucial sex differences in modern humans is a function of the fact that our ancestors of many hundreds of generations ago had a neat division of labor.  Women stayed behind at the camps and caves, tended to the children, gathered plants and berries, and kept an eye on things.  Men went out to hunt big game and fought other men from other tribes.  Because of the reproductive and population bottleneck of fertile women, it made a lot of sense to source the high danger high risk hunting and warfare duties to men.  The created evolutionary pressure on the brains of men and women in different ways — Women to multitasking, men to mission-obsessive single focus.  A woman who couldn’t juggle multiple balls and keep them in the air wouldn’t be a good woman, women who could were more sexually attractive to men, women who couldn’t weren’t, so the mental propensity to multitasking got passed on and enhanced in women.  Men needed to zone in on catching the big game or beating back the enemy, otherwise disaster.  Men whose brains zoned in were better at hunting and warfare, those whose brains didn’t weren’t any good at it, and project to the primitive sex and dating market of our distant ancestors.

Fast forward to the present day.

We have found out, through the miracle of modern science and medicine, that the brains of women fire synapses between hemispheres, while the brains of men fire synapses rapidly but mainly within one hemisphere or the other, owning to the multitask versus mission evolutionary pressure.  The difference is that we have our brains built on the evolutionary imperative of our hunter-gatherer days, but we’re far from that world.  So, what do we do?  We build modern edifices and institutions so that we can act out our sex-stereotypical brains to simulate our purposes of the distant past.  For women, we build shopping malls where she can do her modern day plant and berry gathering.  (Realize that every mall always has a plentiful selection of women’s shoes.)  For men, we build golf courses, sports complexes and video games, so we can simulate hunting and warfare.  The golfing foursome is the modern hunting expedition for middle aged men; note that hole scores refer to either birds in general (“birdie”) or specific bird species (eagle, condor, albatross).  Sports, both individual and team, are sublimated warfare.  Clausewitz once wrote that war is politics by any other means, and the converse is also true, that politics is bloodless warfare.  Which explains why capitals and halls of government are full of men.  Video games, depending on the game, can either be simulated hunting (Super Mario Brothers), simulated warfare (Call of Duty), or simulated sublimated warfare (sports games).  Don’t think SMB was a hunting simulator?  What do you think the King Koopa at the end of Level 8 was, other than the really big animal that you kill to feed the women and children back at the caves for a few days?

Furthermore, this relates to the psychological concept of flow, sometimes called “being in the zone.”  You can probably figure out by now that it’s almost entirely a man’s thing, and why it is.

Let’s circle this back around to our Clinton, Maryland murder victim.  The young late Mr. Perry was zoned out on his simulated hunting and/or warfare mission, and his mother barged in and busted his flow.  Of course he was going to react in anger, because she just cost him his mission success, meaning that the women and children either starve or become enslaved or worse, and she, being a coddled over-entitled strong black woman, a black queen, wasn’t going to take kindly to it.  Not “Annie get your gun,” but “L’Booshondraniqua get your gun.”

Ladies, here’s a wooden nickel’s worth of free advice — Even if what your son is locked in on doing seems trivial or childish, let him go.  All he’s doing is trying to make his great-great-great-……-great-great-great-……-great-great-grandfather proud.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

23 02 2017


2: Police pursuit after shots fired in Wentzville neighborhood

Because Wentzville has a mini-ghetto that’s a result of the GM plant, GM moving St. Louis manufacturing from north city to Wentzville all those years ago meant that many of its black workers transplanted then planted themselves there, my WRPT was triggered.

Just to be sure, I watched the video to confirm.

Nah, That Would Be Too Simple

21 02 2017

Waco and Austin, Texas

All the fancy new state laws the Texas state legislature is considering in the wake of the Baylor scandal.

A really simple idea would be for schools not to import violent dindus as ringers to win ballgames.

Problem is, that idea is too simple.  Aside from that, the idea suffers the problem of its advocates having to name the ook.

Horn of Plenty

21 02 2017

Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin

Capital Times:

Michael Johnson to announce $600 million plan to reduce Chicago violence

Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson and other community leaders will introduce a $600 million 15-point plan to reduce violence while at the Chicago Police Department headquarters Thursday.


The framework includes:

Re-purposing $100 million over four years from the correctional system to employ thousands of inner city men
Training and developing peer support coaches for violence prevention
Training and developing peer support coaches for recidivism reduction
Engaging youth in providing solutions with Chicago Peace Project
Providing awards and protection for witnesses who report violent crimes
Employing thousands of youth during summer months
Lobbying for policies that address social justice issues
Providing mentoring and executive coaching for inner city men in the workplace
Providing alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders
Providing mental health therapy for families
Providing court advocates for low-income individuals 25-years-old and younger
Building new community centers in targeted neighborhoods
Funding robust functional family therapy programs
Providing parent management training classes that includes financial literacy and wealth building
Creating a basic need fund for new emerging workers who struggle with housing and transportation issues.

Reads to me like the CEO of the county level organization of the Boys and Girls Clubs wants us to dump $600 million on the Boys and Girls Clubs so they can supposedly prevent violent crime, but in actuality increase Michael Johnson’s salary.

Ferguson Man Acts Ferguson-y in Dellwood

16 02 2017



His name is Tre’von to boot.

The Ambulance Chaser’s Dilemma

15 02 2017


About this business of Brown & Crouppen wanting to leave Downtown.

The irony-o-meter just hit 11 on a ten-point scale.

B&C’s nest is Downtown, and as you can read, they want to stay there, because they’re an ambulance chaser firm that wants to be in close walking distance to the northeast bank of Tucker and Market, because that building is where ambulance chaser firms like B&C bring home the bacon, off the backs of the stick-it-to-da-man juries that are assembled in that building.

But at the same time, they are entertaining leaving, because of dindu crime.

Do you see the through line?  If you do, then you’ll also grok the irony.

Elderly black women = The jurors.  Their grandsons = The dindu criminals.

Sacred Ground

14 02 2017


Channel 2 and Channel 4 have it.

It ended on Canfield Drive in Ferguson.

You know what that is.

I’m just crazy enough to think that the dindus were deliberately trolling the cops by deliberately driving to that spot.

I wonder if there’s still a trash heap at the hallowed point.