Zemir Begic Update

26 02 2015


One of the suspects has been certified as an adult and subsequently named publicly.

The part about “kill all the white people.”  Any updates about that?

Then again, next to nobody knows who Zemir Begic was.

Ne’er the Twain

26 02 2015

Tallahassee, Florida


New film gives chilling account of sexual assault on college campuses

Sexual assaults on college campuses have reached alarming levels and the issue has drawn the attention of Congress and even President Obama himself. The latest research indicates that one in five [more like one in 397 — Blogmeister Ed.] college women will be sexually assaulted and as many as 90% of reported assaults are acquaintance rapes. It is believed that more than 100,000 college students will be sexually assaulted during the current school year. Nowhere is the deck stacked more against sexual assault victims than in college athletics. In just the last few years alone there have been cases at Florida State, Michigan, Oregon, Vanderbilt and Missouri.

All of this is a backdrop to a harrowing new film that premiers in theaters on Friday in New York City and Los Angeles. The Hunting Ground is a jarring exposé that shines a bright light on the epidemic number of sexual assaults taking place on college campuses each year.

The Hunting Ground features a group of survivors who faced harsh retaliation and harassment for reporting that they had been raped. The film focuses on institutional cover-ups and the brutal backlash against survivors at campuses such as Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USC and the University of California-Berkeley, among others.

Some of the most vexing stories featured in the film involve women who were assaulted by athletes. While The Hunting Ground isn’t all about sports, the most dramatic moment in the film occurs two-thirds of the way through when the woman who accused former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston—who after a strong showing in last week’s Combine is projected by many to be the No. 1 pick in this spring’s NFL draft—appears and tells her story publicly for the first time. The woman, who is named in the film but SI.com has chosen to protect her identity, is shown on camera and gives her life-changing account of what she says happened the night in December 2012 she left a Tallahassee bar with Winston.

A high school honor student who planned to attend medical school, the woman is articulate and attractive. She looks like the girl next door, a person you would trust to babysit your children. It is uncomfortable to watch—yet impossible to look away—when she describes being beneath Winston on his bathroom floor, repeatedly telling him “no” before being physically overpowered.

Lending more credence to “Distract from Black” as the main driver of the rape culture mania.  Complain about it, pawn all the blame off on mythical Haven Monahan type figures, but never say “black athlete.”

Daddy will cheer for the football team and write big checks for his daughter to go to school.  But he doesn’t want those two worlds crossing.  I predict that as you hear a bunch of noise and hoopla about frats and Haven Monahans, schools will take the opportunity to put more real physical distance between the football and men’s basketball programs (*) and facilities and the larger campus settings and life.  Of course, one might be crazy enough to think that that has already happened at the University of Oregon with its football program.

(*) – There’s news on that front, too.

Good Providers

26 02 2015



Daily Caller:

Democratic Congressman: We Need Food Stamps Because So Many Fathers Are In Jail

Democratic Georgia Rep. David Scott said that food stamps are necessary because of America’s “policy” of imprisoning families.

“First of all, the situation regarding employment and jobs, poverty, all of that. All of that has been structured into our economic, social policy over the last quarter-century,” Scott said at Wednesday’s House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing to review the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), talking about the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs before turning to the incarceration issue.

“Our policy of sending so many of our young eligible fathers to prison. Millions,” Scott said. “Our prison population went from 300,000 in 1975 to over two million today. These are providers who are not there. This is why we have so many single female head of households. I mean, so when you look at everything we have done, we’ve got to correct some of these things first.”

Yes, that was a bad idea, for governments to round up good hard working black fathers that are good providers for their families and throw them into prisons for no reason at all at which time they’ll be costing governments money instead of providing governments tax money.

Angels Dare Not Tread

26 02 2015

St. Louis City

The meat is in the middle:

He called it the ‘Ferguson Effect.’  One of the steepest drops occurred after the August, 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown.  Another steep drop in S.I.A. occurred after the Grand Jury decision on November 24th, 2014.  Dotson said criminals felt empowered, while officers felt hampered.  The Chief added, ‘That if they went out to do their job and they were forced to use force, that somehow they would be the catalyst for the next round of civil unrest.’

Actually what they fear is being the next Darren Wilson.

Never Would Have Guessed

26 02 2015




Nigerian man on the lam following IRS identity tax scam

A St. Louis musician is accused of stealing close to $200,000 in tax refunds in an IRS scam.

Olufunsho Adeshina, 29, may be the last guy you’d ever suspect:  an immigrant with a very public persona.

Sure, because it’s so rare to read “Nigerian” and “scam” in the same article.


Don’t Take “24 Hour” Too Literally

24 02 2015



WTF?  We have enough miscreants that look like this of our own, without having to import any from Hannibal.

“We recommend anyone, especially females, working out late at night come with a workout partner,” he said.

Yeah, that would help.  If that fails, how about picking a 24-hour gym that’s not near a Metro Link stop.

They’re Not That Dangerous

24 02 2015



“Why isn’t my record label ponying up the $2 million it’s gonna take to bail me out of jail?”

What a big heaping steaming stinking pile of dumb.

Like I’ve been saying, if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous, but thankfully they’re not that dangerous.


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