Black Monopoly

22 09 2016



Mass. High Court: Blacks Have Special Right To Run From Cops

Black men may have a legitimate reason to flee Boston police during investigatory or “Terry” stops, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday.

The court found that systemic racism in the Boston Police Department may be considered in conjunction with a suspect’s decision to flee from police during a stop.

We all thought the board game of Black Monopoly would look like this:


Instead, it means that players get a virtually infinite supply of these:


A New Low

14 09 2016


A cab driver, at ten in the morning, on Kingshighway and Laclede.  That’s not exactly one in the morning on the corner of College and Carter.

Whichever ook did this is fucking brazen as hell.

Non-St. Louisans may notice that the name of the cab company and one of the names of the streets where this happened are the same, that being Laclede, and you may deduce that the name is locally significant.  And you would be correct.  Laclede Avenue is also the address dividing line for north-south drags that exist on both sides of Laclede, there is no dividing line for east-west drags.

Dynamo of Bell Curve City

13 09 2016


On and on, on and on.

Five, six, seven, eight:

Dynamo of Bell Curve City

12 09 2016


Keeps going.

ICYMI, I added “Dynamo of Bell Curve City” as an item in my FAQ.

Garden Variety Dunderheaded

8 09 2016

Jeff Vanderlou

St. Louis had its own minor analogue to Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”).  Unlike the Arizona-Mexico version, which was out and outright evil, and the Milwaukee version, which this article mentions, which was grossly negligent, what we had here was just your garden variety dunderhead silliness, the type which law enforcement sting ops are known for.

BTW, How’s the DeAndre Joshua Investigation Coming Along?

7 09 2016


Get ready for half of black Twitter to claim the white poleeceseseseses did it.

This reminds me of the murder of DeAndre Joshua, though in that case, the gossip is that he was murdered for “snitching,” i.e. testifying truthfully to the grand jury empaneled to consider criminal charges against Darren Wilson.

Didn’t Work

5 09 2016


They either didn’t read the posters, couldn’t read the posters, or just didn’t care.

Because they didn’t work.