Wrong Calendar

27 11 2017

St. Louis City

The local undertow must not have turned its calendars since July, so they mistakenly thought this past long holiday weekend was the 4th of July Weekend.

Because there was 4th of July weekend level violence on Thanksgiving weekend.

Though to be fair, it was warm for this time of year, highs of 59 on Thursday, 74 on Friday, 61 on Saturday, 62 yesterday, 72 today, when 50 is average.  Looks like 70 tomorrow, and even though it will cool down after tomorrow, no lower than 54 in any of the six following days.

So, plenty of dinduing opportunities ’round herr.


Clarence Darrow on the Job

26 11 2017


Pointing back to one of my classic posts, is this story out of Denver.

State crime, state court, state prison, because everything he did was within state lines.

It says that his lawyers were pushing hard for the minimum sentence of 96 years.  I can see why they wanted that so badly, because, considering his current age of 31, (see one of the linked articles), and Colorado’s truth-in-sentencing provisions, (I’m guessing they both have one and it’s 85%, which is pretty standard among states), it means that, with good behavior, he could have been out at the age of 112, with so much of his life ahead of him.

Probably though they gave him the record-length bit because the court was worried about recidivism, as ex-con supercentenarians have a really bad reputation for pimping out underage girls.

Watch Those Swingin’ Doors (Cause You’ll Get Yours)

20 11 2017


Buckle up, because I’m about to floor the gas on cynicism.

From the S-T.  Read it, and then come back.  Don’t do that kind of thing I know you all do all the time, go and read something I point you to, and then don’t come back.  As if I gave you a hall pass to go to the restroom, and then you don’t come back to class, instead, you sneak out of the building and then go fishing.

Good, you came back.

Huddle around Ye Olde Wheelchair, because I’m about to tell you the real reason why Pfleger is upset.

These banks’ special door systems make it harder to rob banks.  Pfleger’s church is full of black women whose incomes are supplemented by their thug sons’ criminality, including bank robbery.  You can bet that some of that loot from the banks ends up in Pfleger’s collection plates.

I point you again to some good quality reading material.

And then an answer to my mysterious song reference.


You Can Have It All

18 11 2017


Usually, these kinds of articles only express one or two of the standard diversionary bromides.

This one?  Well, as we St. Louisans say, everything and the kitchen zinc.

In it, these things are blamed or cited as causes or intimated as solutions:

(1) Overgrown weeds
(2) Lead paint
(3) Vacant houses
(4) Job applications
(5) “Safe streets” mediators
(6) Recreation centers
(7) Street lights
(8) Housing code violations
(9) Juvenile justice system “failing” youths
(10) Poverty
(11) Family domestic strife
(12) Drug addiction
(13) School absenteeism

All to avoid saying “black undertow,” and in the specific case of Baltimore current year, to avoid the politicians taking responsibility for agitating the city’s black undertow about two and a half years ago.

It’s November, which means the weeds should have died out by now.  Lead paint has been off the market for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  Houses don’t commit violent crimes.  Anyone with an internet connection can apply for a big percentage of jobs.  Safe streets mediators are often the same kind of thugs as the thugs they’re purportedly trying to calm down.  Recreation centers cause, not deter, violent crime.  A city ticket for housing code violations relates to murders…how?  In my day, youths committed violent crimes, not the juvenile justice system “failed” youths, just as in my day, students failed school, not schools failed students.  The rest?  Yadda yadda.


A Few Ways I Could Take This

16 11 2017


Paul Kersey, (who I understand also went on a voluntary blog hiatus while I was on my involuntary hiatus), on the latest nursing home outrage involving black employees.

A few points:

(1) A few years ago, I think it was out of Florida, there was another similar outrage.  It involved a black woman employee, a nursing home, a centenarian white woman nursing home patient, and a dildo.  You figure out the rest.

(2) This man fought to beat that big bad evil Hitler for the cause of equality in 1945, and equality wound up murdering him in 2014.

(3) These are the high costs of low wages.  The nursing home industry doesn’t pay well, which inevitably means that a lot of black women will be its employees, if they can easily access the facility by way of commuting.  Which in turn means that you’ll inevitably have younger black women, full of anti-white hatred and propaganda (public schools, rap music, and official society), who literally hold the lives of elderly white people (the very people they believe oppressed them) in their hands.  Hence, travesties like these.

(4) When my uncle and I were scouting out potential assisted living facilities for my mother in the early part of last year, from the outset, we deliberately eliminated from consideration any facility in the St. Louis area that was along or near public bus lines.  It will only take you a millisecond to figure out why.  As it turned out, the one she liked, we liked and she moved into in March of last year is well beyond the reach of the metro area’s public transportation system.

The Foamer’s Dilemma (My Somewhat Unique Take on the Psychology Beind the Anti-Cop Activism of Urban White Leftists)

14 11 2017

Benton Park West

I also see during my involuntary sojourn, Norm showed you the story of a SLPD detective being shot on the corner where the coffee house called Foam can be found, Foam of course is one of the big hubs and nodes for white leftist anti-police activism in the city, similar to Mokabe. Just to be perfectly clear , I don’t think Norm was insinuating that Foam, its owners, employees or patrons, had anything to do with it; Just wanted to get that out of the way for legal reasons.  And, as it turned out, at least in terms of the suspect, and, again with the disclaimer, innocent until proven guilty, it was indeed the black undertow just dinduing on.

As you read here in another one of the items in today’s post storm, the Jason Stockley post, and it has made cameo appearances in other posts, the desire for legal consequence-free illicit dope is one of the things that really motivates and informs the hard left and far left (of all races). But I think there’s also something else going on psychologically to explain the urban whites among them, in particular.

A protection racket.

Begging the wolf to eat him last.

Pretend you either own Foam, or work for Foam, or regularly patronize Foam. Pretend you’re the typical kind of person who is in Foam’s socio-economic-political-cultural wheelhouse. Considering the neighborhood, (Cherokee and Jefferson), you realize there are two chronic threats of bodily violence against your person: Either the (usually) legal, above board, official violence of the SLPD, or the (usually) illegal, illicit violence from the black undertow. Way more the latter than the former.

So, let’s look at Libra’s Scales. On the one side is an official law enforcement agency that is majority white in terms of employee and agent constitution, that has rules of engagement, a use of force policy, a high speed pursuit razor, an internal review and affairs bureaucracy, and people from the state and Feds gazing down on them from on high like the Eye of Sauron (Soros). Now, they also have to worry about the anti-police Soros whore that St. Louis City has for a Circuit Attorney. Even looking past all that, most cops and most law enforcement officers act professionally most of the time. On the other side, you have the bloods and the crips, or whatever black gangs, crews or sets exist in those neighborhoods these days. They don’t have a use of force policy, and they don’t have an internal affairs board, and they don’t have evolved institutionally ingrained precepts of professionalism.

Put it all together, and what do you have?

You can hate the cops all you want as a matter of official business policy, and sell all the “I Hate the Police” books you can out of your business with the official imprimatur of the business, but you can do all that with the comfort of the full knowledge of the fact that the cops you hate so much won’t treat you any differently than they would if you were not anti-cop, because of the cops’ professionalism. Meanwhile, if you promulgate the notion that your business doesn’t like black crime or black gangs, well then, N’Deshawntavious from down the block is coming to see you, and he won’t be coming by to buy an $8 cup of espresso-grade Costa Rican Tarrazu Dota.

Faced with that dilemma, what’s the best thing to do? Right, pretend to side with the local promulgators of unofficial, wanton, impulsive violence and against those folks’ enemies of the local promulgators of official, reasoned, restrained, purposeful violence. Meaning, “Black Lives Matter” signs in your windows and anti-police books for sale inside the joint. Especially since, because you’re a white leftist, you already have a built-in predilection against the cops, because they interfere with the dope you love so much.  And if you happen to be a gay man on top of all that, you have extra added motivations. Which is why, for example, Foam Coffee and Beer on the corner of Cherokee and Jefferson will have “Black Lives Matter” signs in their windows, but Marx Hardware and Paint on the corner of 14th and Benton in the Old North neighborhood won’t, even though Marx faces the same SLPD vs black undertow dilemma that Foam faces, and even though Marx is right there in the middle of an even worse black undertow than what one finds in the areas around Cherokee Street, and even though Marx’s owner-employee-patron demographics are just as white as Foam’s, because Marx’s owners’/employees’/patrons’ socio-political proclivities (not interested in dope) are the polar opposite of that of Foam’s (interested in dope).

Scale this kind of thing up to an entire continent, this is why Official Europe hearts Islam and hates Christianity.

Protection racket, begging the wolf to eat you last.

And also, dope is the fundamental determinant of modern American sociopolitical life.

Footnote #1: While doing all that, Foam owner, make sure you also put one of those “We Pay the Fair Wage” signs in your window, next to the “Black Lives Matter” sign, so that you show the world you support the movement to set the local city-enforced wage floor above the wage equilibrium for the local lower class black labor market, so that it forces those black lives that you think matter so much out of your city. Also don’t forget that “No Human Being Is Illegal” sign, because you want to import Mexicans (St. Louis City’s small Mexican patch is on and along Cherokee Street), to act as a buffer/blind side offensive lineman between yourselves and the violent black undertow. Oh yeah, there I go again with all that subversive thinking.

Footnote #2: If the North-South MissingLink ever happens, it may well have a stop on the corner of Jefferson and Cherokee. It will do for Foam what the 2006 ML extension did for the Galleria.

Footnote #3:  Another probable determinant is testosterone.  The white men of Foam C&B tend to be lower T gammas, whilst the white men of Marx H&P tend to be higher T alphas.  Another sociological theory of social justice warriorism is that it’s a matter of low rent people in the dating and sex market getting their revenge on their high rent counterparts, lower T gamma males lashing out at the higher T alpha males and the hot women who want higher T alphas instead of lower T gammas, homely obese women lashing out at the hot women and the higher T alpha males who want hot women instead of homely obese women.  Likewise, it’s very possible that the anti-police activism of white urban leftist men is just a function of these lower T gammas engaging in passive-aggressive snack pack throwing at cops, whose men tend to be higher T alphas.

Footnote #4:  This also partially explains why white residents of Washington, D.C. approve of erecting a statue of Marion Barry in front of D.C. City Hall.  But with them, there’s something else at work:  It won’t be long until the black undertow will be totally purged out of D.C. by gentrification.  The psychology of D.C. whites is that if they praise the Barry statue and wave BLM placards at the unveiling ceremony, that will distract the black undertow and make them incapable of understanding what these very same white liberals are doing to them, running them out of the District with gentrification.

FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report

14 11 2017


It came out during my involuntary sojourn, and it showed that Detroit is the worst city for violent crime, with St. Louis being in second.

I wonder if anyone in Detroit started kvetching about “ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!!1” after the data were released.

Of course, they didn’t, because they can’t. Not only can Detroit annex, but in recent years, there was talk that Detroit would go the other way, that is, disincorporate some of its empty fringe parched out pretty much unoccupied territory.

Which means there will NOT be a Steve and Lyda Show in Detroit.

Speaking of the Steve and Lyda Show, while the “ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!!1” parrots around here were quieted during the crime stats release, second isn’t the same kind of PR headache as first, and they were also initially mum during the CDC’s release of per-county STD data, which happened at just about the same time as the FBI’s crime stats came out, they got a mulligan at the noisemaking, when, as I see Norm wrote about here, that the excessively high STD rate reported by the county that contains Gadsden, Alabama was indeed too good (bad?) to be true, and initially, St. Louis (i.e. the technical “county” of the independent city of St. Louis), was in second, but got bumped up to first when the obvious corrections were made. Which meant we got treated to another cacophony of “ZOMG WE CAN’T ANNEX LOL~!!!!!1.”


Then there’s this.

You know, I’m flummoxed.

They’re trying to hand out this high and mighty and frankly racist boo sheet that black people and black hair barbers either have something to do with high STD rates, and/or can help in the effort to make them lower.  I know this is wrong, because I have it on good authority, i.e. the five PR firms that ride herd for the Convention and Visitors Commission / Civic Progress / the local archons of civic pride, that the proximate causation for St. Louis’s high and in fact nation-topping STD rate is  that the city of St. Louis is not legally allowed to annex territory; same goes for the violent crime rate.


If St. Louis does not land Amazon HQ2, (and I see that one of you in the peanut gallery wrote here as a comment during my involuntary sojourn that you think that a city with a major airport that is a Delta hub will land it, because Sea-Tac in Seattle, where Amazon’s HQ1 is based, is also a Delta hub, which would make it much more affordable to fly suits between HQ1 and HQ2, a very good analysis), and the odds of St. Louis getting HQ2 are pretty long even under ideal or neutral circumstances, then the local archons of civic pride are going to presume, even without having any affirmative evidence, that Amazon passed on St. Louis because of the bad violent crime PR, at which time they’ll really hit the gas on city-county merger (“The Steve and Lyda Show”).


Detroit and its mostly black electorate must be so desperate that, during my sojourn, they wound up re-electing their incumbent white mayor over the son of Detroit’s first black mayor.