Dotson: Still on the Excuse Train

1 09 2015


Dotson on Jake Tapper’s CNN show this afternoon.

BAWK GUNS AND GUN SHOWS LOL.  Because that’s all he can do, he certainly can’t blame the black undertow, especially not now that City Hall controls his job.

BAWK AMENDMENT 5.  Even though SCOMO denuded him of that excuse two weeks ago, he’s still not giving it a rest.

As long as the black undertow is too sacred to hold accountable, someone will always be able to find an excuse, even if there are none to be found.  It’s a derivative of the Metallica Doctrine.

Boiling Over

1 09 2015


I don’t think this is a hard riddle at all. Obama/Democrat/left/media, starting around April 2012, hyped up L’Affaire d’Skittles and other things to hype up black turnout for the election that year, and per middle aged and elderly black women, it worked. Throw GENTILIVUS GIANTVIUS in August 2014 into the pot of stew, and it boiled over. They got the black undertow so amped up that they’re being even more TNB-ey than usual with each other.

Steve Sailer has more.

This part of the NYT article interests me:

The police superintendent in Chicago, Garry McCarthy, said he thought an abundance of guns was a major factor in his city’s homicide spike. Even as officials in both parties are calling for reducing the prison population, he insisted that gun offenders should face stiffer penalties.

“Across the country, we’ve all found it’s not the individual who never committed a crime before suddenly killing somebody,” Mr. McCarthy said on Monday. “It’s the repeat offenders. It’s the same people over and over again.”

And it is precisely that kind of person who will be let out of prison in mass numbers as part of the recent hoopla about the supposed overincarceration of black men.  The only reason it won’t boil the Bell Curve City pot any more than it already is, is because almost all of those that will be let out are being released around the time they turn 50 years old, and prisons are not well equipped to handle the inevitable chronic medical conditions of upper middle aged and elderly people.  And it’s just the way of all flesh, even in the low IQ high testosterone set, 50 year old men don’t commit violent crimes at the same break neck rate that 20 year old men do.  That’s what I think is really going on here with the long sentence commutation trend — It really has nothing to do with anybody’s Twitter hashtags or trendy hobby horses or #BlackLiesMatter — It has to do with getting long bid non-murder one inmates out of prison by age 50 for two reasons:  One, so the Bureau of Federal Prisons or the states’ prison agencies don’t have to deal with their health care problems, and two, to create new space for the young ‘ens, to warehouse them until they turn 50.  Lather, rinse, repeat.   Especially in the Federal system, as the U.S. Attorneys are getting more and more creative in finding ways to apply Federal criminal laws and interstate commerce jurisdiction to ordinary black street crime, that of course has been one of this space’s recurring themes.

Also, as time goes on, I’m starting to chill to the “Ferguson Effect” in terms of law enforcement being too leery to do its job being a major factor.  A lot of TNB-ey black crime is such that you could have a cop in every square yard of the ghetto and it wouldn’t make one bit of difference.  There was some research done in Kansas City in the 1970s that showed that controlling for all the known factors, even the taboo ones, (the taboo factors were given non-taboo appellations), police saturation makes no difference in violent and category crime rates, provided that civilians don’t know ahead of time that cops are going to be over and under patrolling certain areas and which areas in particular.  Now, this might not be relevant here, because it is probably well known on the street that cops are in retreat mode.  It also explains why SLPD Whack-a-Mole doesn’t do much good, because they announce the hotspot neighborhoods in advance (giving the hard core thugs enough forewarning to stay away until the heat is off and take their antics to non-hotspot areas), and even in a hotspot area during the hotspot period, it doesn’t do much good.  But its evidence enough that “more cops” might do some marginal good, but it’s nowhere near a panacea much less an ideal solution.  The “Ferguson Effect” is still very relevant in terms of it referring to the amped up ghetto black undertow.

Bell Curve City Chronicles

1 09 2015

St. Louis City

* The crime, the suspect.  Martie Aboussie once lived on that very block, who was the alderman for that ward for a long time.  In 1998 or so, he got then mayor Clarence Harmon (Harmon’s son is the only real competition that Mary Pat Carl has to replace Jennifer Joyce as Circuit Attorney) to appoint him to be the city’s public safety director, mainly because Aboussie didn’t want to live on that block anymore, he wanted to move to a better part of the city, and as his ward was configured at the time, he didn’t have much wiggle room to both do that and stay in his own ward.  This is why he needed a citywide job, to be able to move anywhere else in the city.

* Holly Hills?  Yes, expensive, but it’s also right next to increasingly problematic Carondelet.

* This is actually LaSalle, not Downtown.  But there has already been a lot of funny business very close to that corner both this year and recently.

* Only 4th place, so there won’t be much of a hurry to bash the survey’s methodology.  But it’s based on 2013 data, and by comparison to last year and so far this year, 2013’s days were Halcyon Days.  Around the the time the Cardinals win the World Series this year, CQ Press (formerly Morgan Quitno) will release its own rankings, though I don’t know which year’s crime data it will be based upon.  Just as the Cardinals beat Detroit to win the World Series in 2006, and then a few days later, we beat Detroit again in the Morgan Quitno ratings.

* Steve Patterson, of Urban Review STL, one of my very favorite blogs, (in spite of its political leanings), gets some love from the local media.

For Social Justice’s Sake

31 08 2015

Champaign, Illinois

To net this out:

People notice things, and that’s wrong.  So they should hesitate and let the ooks kill them, because social justice.

There was a study of cops that showed just the opposite, that ceteris paribus they’re less trigger happy with black civilians, because they see the lawsuits, prosecutions, protests, riots, looting and the end of their careers dancing in their heads in the split second of decision.

This part needs a response:

On an additional finding: a correlation between such bias and permissive gun laws

[We] coded the cities in which the data was collected by how permissive the gun laws were. And we used the Brady Law campaign, which gives basically states a score … being very permissive, this means that, you know, they didn’t require background checks in the same way that other, more strict states might or have other limitations on who’s allowed to purchase a gun. …

Basically, what we found was that in states that had relatively permissive gun laws, the shooting threshold for black targets was lower than for white targets.

That’s most likely a correlation without causation.  I think it goes like this:  More permissive gun law states are states whose whites are conservative but also states with a high black population percentage, think:  Dixie.  Meaning Patterson’s First Axiom.

“Some Viewers May Find This Disturbing”

29 08 2015


Translation: You can watch if you want, just don’t notice anything.

To me, it’s diversity, not disturbing.

The video has audio of the judge’s commentary, because this was being played in her court during the sentencing of one of Milwaukee’s many vibrant citizens.  To listen to her talk, I was waiting for her to cry in anguish, pleading with them to quit flossing guns, money and dope on social media and get back to their astrophysics classes at Caltech.  “What about the children?”  When they have fathers like that and mothers like the kind of women who hang around men like that, don’t expect much from the children.

Don’t Notice

29 08 2015



Luckily for the media and narrative peddlers, this happened on a Friday night.  The weekend will tend to rabbitholeize this story all by itself.

Now, back to the real news:  Donald Trump is a Nazi.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

28 08 2015


Drudge link right now:

COPS: 4 Men Ambush, Rob 96-Year-Old Woman, Take Emergency Alarm From Walker…

Do I even?


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