WRPT Made Easy

25 10 2016

North City

The Mercedes was jacked in Affton (hardly Mercedes owner territory, even if it is pretty much all white), the cops spotted it in Jennings, hit the sirens, the driver hit the gas, and the whole thing ended in north city, suspect points gun at cop, cop shoots back and kills suspect.

In related news, there was a carjacking near the Walmart in O’Fallon, and the car was later found in the city.

As AFFH takes hold and spreads, expect more of this.


Rape Culture

20 10 2016

St. Charles


Some time tomorrow, the campus activist feminist presence will out of revenge throw bricks through the windows of white frat houses.

Bell Curve City

18 10 2016

Lexington, Kentucky

ESPN, on the murder of Tyson Gay’s daughter:

Bell set bail at $5,000 each for Chazerae Taylor, 38, and his son, D’Markeo Taylor, 19, on wanton endangerment charges. Dvonta Middlebrooks, 21, is charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His bail was set at $12,500.

Little noticed and discussed is that the young late Miss Gay, 15 years old, was out cavorting around the wrong side of town (hence, Chazerae, D’Markeo and Dvonta), at 3 AM.


BLM October

14 10 2016


In recent days, we’ve had outbursts of BLM activism twice in the southern California deserts, once in Boston, and now twice in Indianapolis.

Speaking of Working Both Sides

12 10 2016


Working both sides isn’t just for Louise Mensch.

“Sad that he lost his life in the manner which he fought to end,” Edwards said.

Well, not so much.  The cottage industry of “former” a little bit older “ex” gang bangers is full of these types — Men who are clever enough to project a fake image of being removed from or aged out of or regretful about “that life” and ever having lived it, just long enough to worm their way into jobs, contracts, Federal grants, (notice that this one was on the pay of the DOJ), this that and the third, on the pretense of preventing younger men from being about that life, while at the same time they’re still about that life themselves.

Eventually, hot lead exposes the contradiction and the conflict of interest.

None of this would be happening if we weren’t fool enough to keep on parroting the bromide of gangs gangs gangs gangs gangs.  Most black crime has nothing to do with gangs, or even drugs.

Oh No Not Much

11 10 2016


You need to do a little reading between the lines, but not much.


Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

11 10 2016

Lancaster, California

LAT, H/T SBPDL, on the latest outbreak of BLM activism:

Residents of the apartment complex where Owen was killed said Lovell sometimes stayed in one of the units with his sister.


Lovell’s aunt, Deborah Matute, said she hadn’t seen her nephew since he moved out of her Harvard Heights-area apartment in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Lancaster, Calif., in the high desert of northern Los Angeles County, is a designated dumping ground for blacks being forced out of south central Los Angeles.

Officially, we are told that the near-exclusive clients for AFFH and AFFH-style “mobility” (removals) are young-er-ish single black women with children, because they need to be in better suburbs with better schools.  Of course, we’re not allowed to think about the reasons why good schools are good schools and why bad schools are bad schools, and just for the fact that you’re reading that sentence in this medium should tell you what I think about the matter, i.e. the truth, in case you already didn’t know yourself.  So we know that’s bullshit.

The real reasons why younger single black women with children are the near-exclusive AFFH clients are (1) Women of reproductive age are the population and reproductive bottleneck.  Therefore, getting them out of coveted cities is the easiest and cleanest way to result in the population crash of the black population in those cities and parts thereof.  The remaining black men will either waste away, voluntarily or involuntarily, or do something to be sent to prison and when they’re released, they won’t be going back to south central.  (2)  For propaganda purposes and to smooth over the politics with white suburban dwellers, they are made to think that since it is only (supposedly) black women with children coming, that it won’t result in a whole lot of new crime in the area, because most black violent crime comes at the hands of black men, not black women or black children.  Now, we can punch a thousand holes in that conceptual framework, but most people can’t.  Furthermore, we know that black children, esp. black boys, eventually grow up and become black teenage boys and grown black men, and they’ll be doing that in their new suburban AFFH apartment.

The problem is that, as we have just seen, with the Trenton Trevon Lovell case, he was only in Lancaster because he was staying with his sister in her apartment there.  Which probably means his sister is an AFFH case.  What it means is that wherever you send the black women, the black men will follow almost immediately, and will become illicit tenants (*).  Either they’re following their women relatives, or they’re following romantic interests (yeah, I know, hoes).  So we know that the whole “but there won’t be any new violent crime waves in the suburbs” bullshit is just that, bullshit.

AFFH advocates know all this, but they don’t care.  They’ll say whatever they think they need to say and do whatever they think they need to do to get what they really desire from AFFH, the reason they designed it and implemented to begin with:  Shoveling ghetto welfare blacks out of highly desirable areas in central core cities (south central Los Angeles has world-class weather), and unloading them on someone else somewhere else.

And now, we have a documented example of blood spilled in the name of 21st century Negro removal.

(*) – In theory, illicit tenants is a major violation of the terms of lease.  But, considering the circumstances, I get the feeling that the DOJ/HUD is exerting some under-the-table pressure on landlords and property managers of suburban AFFH apartment farms to look the other way.