Mayor Wants Forensic Accounts to Find Out Who Kilt Pookie and Ray-Ray

27 04 2017


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What does Mayor Pugh expect the FBI to be able to do? The FBI does not get involved in what is stereotypically considered garden variety street crime. Even if there’s a Federal law violation to ordinary street crime, the local PD refers the files directly to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the area, and that doesn’t involve the FBI at all. Such as it is, a majority of the FBI’s work involves forensic accounting. I don’t think forensic accountants will be much good in trying to figure out what happened between Ray-Ray, Pookie, Skillet, Hambone and Shitavious.

No way. That city threw a lit match of the pool of gasoline called the black undertow and then turned around and neutered its own beat cops, and, to nobody’s surprise, homicides are way up.

Really, we know what’s going on:  She needs to put on appearances like she’s doing something and she cares, when she knows it’s a meaningless stunt.

Dry Contradiction Well

24 04 2017


Dallas Morning News:

Aspiring rapper convicted in bloody Dallas drug house robbery that left 3 dead

I just thought of something:  Take off the trailing “g” and it would be aspirin. Though “aspirin rapper” doesn’t have the same ring.  Then you’d need “acetaminophen rapper.”

Justin Pharez Smith once wanted to be a famous rapper. Now he’s a convicted killer who could be sentenced to death.

As if that’s a contradiction.  Google “aspiring rapper” and you won’t find many stories about Nobel Prizes.

The day before Smith systematically gunned down four people in a Dallas drug house robbery, he released “Fear,” a song in which he rhymed “body bags” and “toe tags.”

Yes, it’s hard to imagine the artist behind such a sweet romantic ditty going right out the next day and murdering people.

The former University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff student once delivered an anti-drug, anti-violence spoken-word performance in Washington, D.C.

That’s not really a contradiction, either.  I’ve noted in this space several times in the past that the cottage industry of the gang mitigation industrial complex consists in part of a conga line of “former” gang bangers who schlep from school to school, from rec center to rec center, telling lil’ shorties how not to get mixed up in gangs.  Though you’d think that people who never were in gangs would be the kind of people giving out that advice.

The difference is that those kind of people do the thuggy thing first and then start in on the anti-violence hustle.  This one merely got the order reversed.

He could be sentenced to death when the punishment phase of his trial begins Monday.

Don’t worry.  Even if he is, he’ll have plenty of time on death row while all the paperwork and legal hassle is worked out to drop a sheeyt load of mixtapes.

The rampage that may lead Smith to death row was miles removed from his youth in Pine Bluff, where he grew up with his grandparents and regularly attended church. Smith was involved in a college mentorship program at UAPB and was an active member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Many a narrative fall down go boom with that paragraph.

And if you’re in the mood for even more aspiring rapper, call up my oldie but goodie.

Ferris Dindu’s Day Off

24 04 2017


My good buddy (ahem, ahem, cough, cough), doesn’t really seem to say anything in his latest op-ed.

So I guess I’ll have to ride to his rescue, as friends often do.

Murder doesn’t take a day off around here because we can’t seem to get rid of our dindus.   Mind you, our dindus, for some odd reason, have been especially agitated over the last five years, especially over the last three years, for some reason I can’t seem to (cough, cough, Trayvon) put my fingers on (cough, cough, Fergaza Strip).

They won’t even take a Sunday night off.

I do see something a wee bit contradictory here.  Messenger, in a round about way, claims that Dotson is just peddling excuses when, among other things, he leans on the “weak gun laws” crutch, but then, just a few words later, he gushes all over Lyda’s “courage” because she stayed in the city and “started a political career” to combat violence.  Putting the pieces together, most of her anti-violence political energy ever since she first won alderwoman in 1997 was been to caterwaul about guns.

Backing up for a moment, Messenger alludes to Dotson leaning on the crutch of “pointing out that the city’s homicide numbers are skewed compared to most big cities because of the city’s separation from St. Louis County.”  That’s the excuse the CVC cooked up more than three years ago, and it only took me a few moments to blow through it.

One more thing:

Politics won’t fix the city’s murder problem. Neither will a new chief. The challenge is greater than that. Step one is to follow the advice of Dan Isom, the chief who preceded Dotson.

“How much do you care about every person who has lost their life in the city of St. Louis?” Isom asked at a mayoral forum in February. Each of the 47 people who as of Friday had lost their lives in the city has a story. They were utility workers and sportsmen. They were students and basketball players. They were husbands, and wives, who leave behind, perhaps, a spouse who will dedicate her life to solving the violence that has plagued this Midwestern city for decades.

The problem is that Isom is the only person of major public consequence who wants us to think about the victims.  Because if we actually did start thinking about the victims, then we’ll notice things and conclude that most of them are the same kind of thugs that murdered them.  Most of the rest are innocent white people, which then forces us to think about anti-white hate crimes, which of course ((())) and Co. absolutely don’t want.

The World’s Most Dangerous Job Is Cutting Off a Dindu’s Utilities

20 04 2017

Hamilton Heights

I bet that’s what this was about.


No disconnection, they were digging to install a meter.

A little birdie tells me that this was probably an anti-white hate crime.  The two dead workers are white, and of course, the suspect, well, usual suspect.

MissingLink Strikes Again

6 04 2017


Usual suspect.

They said it was over an argument.  Calculus homework?  After all, it happened at one of the UMSL stations.

Also, congratulations, city voters, for voting for the MissingLink tax on Tuesday.  Though as far as that goes, it won’t totally fund any extensions, nowhere close.  All it will do is provide the seed money for engineering, design, ROW acquisition, permits, and political lobbying to get the Feds to fund the real expenses.


Plot thickens.  Victim wasn’t really that much of a victim.  He himself did a violent robbery on the MissingLink in December 2015, that one was a mahogany mob rob with a white man as the victim, and got a slap on the hand SiS for it.

I have officially lost interest in this story.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

5 04 2017

Fort Worth, Texas

This would ordinarily speak all:

But it gets better, if you can believe that:

“I couldn’t understand why Paul was sentenced to death. When you think of the death penalty, you think of serial killers. You don’t think of a robbery-murder, like my son committed,” she said.

Unless the robbery-murder was heinous.  Before that, we read:

Her son, Paul Storey, and an accomplice were convicted in the 2006 shooting death of 28-year-old Jonas Cherry during a robbery. Storey is scheduled to be executed on April 12.

“Jonas.”  Kinda sounds like a white name.

Thankfully, I have access to internet search engines, something that is apparently not available to those that write for the NYDN.  And Mr. Internet Search Engine leads me to this, just to prove that Jonas Cherry was white and the murder was heinous.

Affirmative Action In Law Enforcement

27 03 2017


Even though this gives us the mugshots of the corrupt cops, the body of the text itself downplays the blackness of the cops and softpedals the fact that the “victims” are habitual thugs who aren’t innocent overall even if they just happened to be framed for these particular raps.

To review:  Affirmative action black cops, who weren’t shaking down your 90-year old white grandmother on her way to church.