Two and a Half Noahs

28 07 2015

Los Angeles

Read it, but do Ctrl+F, and search for either “black” or “African” (as in the start of “African-American”), and you get zero results.

They do link to the GFM page for the late “KP,” and anyone can search for any Tweets that use the #100Days100Nights hashtag.

I guess it’s time to kick AFFH into full gear.



28 07 2015

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Aquavious.  I wonder if he knows how to swim.

Didn’t Aquavious and Co. get the memo?  The Confederate Battle Flag is gone now, which means black crime should no longer exist, because the evil totem is no longer casting malicious spells and aspersions from the state capital grounds.

It’s His Vehicle Baby

28 07 2015

Jefferson City

The key word is “Kurt Schaefer.”  Who is running for AG.  This committee was more or less his vehicle for free publicity.

In principle, I think this committee is a good thing.  In reality, I don’t think it was really necessary because anyone with both a brain and a shred of intellectual honesty why Nixon’s response to Ferguson in both August and November was so weak.  Because we’re living in BRA, the black undertow can do whatever the hell it wants, because #BlackLivesMatter and racism.  We’re talking about the same Jay Nixon who hypocritically pre-declared a state of emergency for Ferguson before the announcement of the grand jury decision and then held back on any state resources, NG and otherwise, to enforce it.

No Shit Sherlock

28 07 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis

Groundbreaking research by Dr. Richard Rosenfeld at UMSL shows that:

…the killings have not been as random as some might think.

“Fifty percent of all the violent crime in St. Louis occurs on just five percent of the street blocks in the city,” he explains. “And those blocks tend to be concentrated in very, very disadvantaged neighborhoods, typically on the city’s north side.”

As for why they’re occurring, Rosenfeld says there’s no single reason but he’s been told that street prices for heroin are running at historic lows right now.

It goes on to semi-justify whack-a-mole then to doubt the Ferguson Effect.

There is such a revolving door between the SLPD and UMSL’s Criminology Department (*) that I tend to be a little skeptical about some of the politically loaded conclusions from their research, in this case, research that is way more duh than wow.  I bet if they looked harder, they would find that almost all of the violent crime occurs within one race of people.

It also looks like we have a newly minted excuse that we’ll hear over and over, so that public officials make sure we don’t blame public officials and everyone important can use to make sure we don’t notice things — Record low heroin prices.  Though that doesn’t make sense to me — It would seem to me that illicit dope prices would have to be sky high in order to fuel violence between those in rival dope gangs and other associated kinds of violence, because the stakes would be much higher.  Lower dope prices should mean less violence.  And even if heroin prices were higher, you have to wonder how much difference by itself it would actually make — After the very violent post-riot May in Baltimore, we heard the excuse that it was all the pills that rioters looted from pharmacies, except someone did the math and that was no more than a drop in the bucket.  Furthermore, if heroin prices are low, could it possibly be because supply is at a record high due to non-existent southern border enforcement and the Camp of the Saints at that same border that has been going on for more than a year?

But still, get ready to hear it non-stop with every new fresh body on the pavement:   BAWK AMENDMENT 5!  BAWK LOW HEROIN PRICES!

(*) – Dan Isom, who was SLPD Chief before Dotson, left to head UMSL’s Criminology Department, and he left that to run the State DPS as Nixon was throwing #BlackLiesMatter a bone in the Ferguson aftermath, and after awhile, Isom left DPS to go back to running UMSL Criminology.  The proposed armed offender docket for the 22nd, aka “gun court,” would heavily involve and would mean special grants and contracts to UMSL Criminology for research and analysis, which is one of the reasons why Larry Dierker was able to convince the other judges on the 22nd not to adopt it.

Bedtime Is a Lost Art

27 07 2015

Marine Villa

Three-year old awake and running around outside just before 4 AM?

There were also two murders overnight in North City, which means the overall weekend tally was four, and that the annual odometer is now at 111.


Scratch that. The detectives must have gotten suspicious, started pumping everyone, and the mother recanted. She made up the drive-by part of the story to cover for the fact that her own 21-year old boyfriend was in bed with both her and her daughter, he was playing with the gun like a damned toy, he shot it, and struck both of them.

While it is a bit of good news that the girl was in bed at almost 4 AM, we still have the fact that she was in the same bed as her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

Antonio French For Mayor?

27 07 2015

City Hall

This and his recent release of this city’s 87,000th comprehensive plan to combat violent crime indicates to me that he’s thinking Room 200.

One slight hitch in this is that he represents the 21st Ward, an odd-numbered ward, and if I remember correctly, odd-numbered wards go during Mayoral cycles, while even-numbered wards go during the Mayoral midterm which is also the Aldermanic President cycle.  Which means if he did run for Mayor, he’d have to give up the 21st.

With the black percentage of the city population slowly declining, I think the prospects for Freeman Bosley Jr style race men to be a black Mayor of St. Louis is gone; the only kinds of blacks that can win now are Clarence Harmon style racially transcendent coalition and consensus builders.  Of course, I think French knows this, and may be constructing a latter image of himself; after all, he engineered the upset of Lewis Reed over long time incumbent Jim Shrewsbury in AldPrez-D back in 2007 by casting the almost black as coal Reed as a coalition-consensus man and not a race man, winning enough white votes in the process, along with not including pics or images of Reed on mailers to white south side neighborhoods.

Crabs Won’t Climb Out of the Bucket

24 07 2015


Strolling Bone spread on Chiraq.  Of course, this is the publication of Jackie Coakley, Haven Monahan, catfishing, shattered glass and Sabrina Rubin Erdely.  So, tread skeptically.

The first part deals with a murder three years ago on the South Side, the “wild hundreds,” ghetto areas with numbered streets in the hundreds.

Luckily, I already heard about that case:

This was a matter of a crab who got himself right to the top of the bucket but then decided to climb back down into the bucket.

The whole thing is worth reading, but I zoned out on this paragraph:

But Mikey’s career at George Washington was cut short halfway through his junior year. “Mike did himself in because he didn’t go to class,” says George Washington’s former athletic director, Harold Stevens. “He’d be in school all day, but he wouldn’t do nothing.” One of his former teammates, Paris Paramore, remembers helping him through a fractions assignment typically given to fifth graders. He was failing multiple courses and should have been deemed academically ineligible to play under league rules. But school officials are thought to have looked the other way. “Somebody had to tell [Mikey], ‘Don’t worry about it,'” Stevens says.





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