Semi-Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

31 03 2015

Chocolate City St. Louis


I didn’t read beyond there.

I bet that if you read far enough, you’ll find someone begging for a state or Federal grant or private donations.

Cardinal Fan

31 03 2015

West End


That’s why he uses the MetroLink, because it gives him easy access to Busch Stadium.

And It Will Have a Disparate Impact On Black Men

31 03 2015



Attorney General announces task force to boost rape prosecutions

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Tuesday announced the creation of a task force to improve investigations and prosecutions of rape.

There is a “systemic structural breakdown” in the way sex crimes are investigated and prosecuted, Madigan said. “We have a legal and moral obligation to fix this system.”

Expect stuck pig squealing from the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus very shortly.

The main reason gun laws in Illinois aren’t worse isn’t because of the ISRA, but the ILBC.

Thou Shalt Not Want

31 03 2015


She wanted a babysitter.


He wanted to get married.


They wanted a laptop.


He wanted…well…I better not snark about this.


She wanted to munch on carpet.

Nice and easy way to clear out my hopper.

That’s Bold, Again

30 03 2015

LaSalle Park

10th and Park, two kills and one other shot.

This is close to another shooting one week ago, and even closer to the Hickory Street Murders of 2009, and closer still to the end of the rolling battle of March 18.

I’m sure the local eyeball news will keep us updated, including showing us the Bulgarians that are arrested.


In passing, this says that the park very close to the scene of yesterday’s shooting is named Ray Leisure.  As in the mobster?  Does anyone even remember 1980-81 around here?

Fourth and Inches

30 03 2015

Downtown West

Five ooks in one car?  Yes, I guess they are being green.

Anyway, this hot ghetto mess started in Downtown West and the chase ended with the green car getting in an accident on 70 in Jennings.  Just think, just one more exit, then a bit northeast, then a bit northwest, and they would have made it all the way to the Fergaza Strip.  Home sweet hell.

Yeah. But.

30 03 2015

West End.

1.  Yes it was.

2.  But I doubt hate crime enhancements could be bought under current law.

3.  Even so, it’s St. Louis City.  They’ll get slapped on the hand.


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