Be Careful Slinging That Excuse

7 10 2015


Slay be like, we need 7% more cops, and that’ll make everything better.  Yes, it means that the cops will have slightly better response times as they arrive at the scene to draw chalk lines.

Dotson be like, heroin, and feuding heroin dealers and traffickers.  Aside from the real reason why he’s leaning on this excuse, it’s an excuse he better not lean on too often.  Because it will undercut Slay’s open borders immigration xenophiliac politics.  People might eventually notice that Mexican gangs help produce and traffic the heroin that is (supposedly) causing all our problems.


7 10 2015

Racine, Wisconsin


H/T True News USA, which ‘Shopped in the rat.

You’ll be taken aback to know that his alleged crime happened along Racine’s Martin Luther King Drive.

With the WRPT, MLK and Tramerquae combined, I was imagining cornrows or dreadlocks, or some wild FFA (Future Felons of America) sort of do.  Just not this puffy Afro that looks like he was just electrocuted.

Another Peek Into the AFFH Future

6 10 2015


carter weeks

Worrisome is that O’Fallon has a payday loan joint at all.

Her Sister’s Name Is L’Myrtlebeach

6 10 2015



Jesse Jackson Wants the Evil Darren Wilsons of the World to Declare War on Black Bodies.

6 10 2015


But wait, wasn’t he saying something different last year at this time?

Of course he was.  But, last year was last year.  This year is this year.

Commonality, Or Something Like That.

6 10 2015



Bloody Baltimore: No end seen to post-Freddie Gray spike in homicides, shootings


For the year, the 246 homicides recorded through Sept. 26 put Baltimore dangerously close to the record pace of 1993, when 353 people were victims of homicide. The fact that the spike occurred after April 19 bodes even worse: Before the unrest following the Gray arrest, Baltimore had recorded 65 homicides for the year. A four-decade high of 42 homicides in May was topped in July when 45 people were killed in homicides, making Baltimore the second deadliest city in America on a per capita basis, trailing only St. Louis.

Baltimore, St. Louis.  I wonder what the common factor is, other than ooks.

Passing Notes Around In Class

5 10 2015

Washington, D.C.

This is just what is going to happen at this summit for outward consumption.

What will really happen?  Fran and Sam will tell Loretta to tell Barry: “Thanks for amping up the blacks for political purposes and revving up their thug engines.”  Later, Loretta will come back with a message from Barry to Fran and Sam:  “Don’t mention it, anytime.”


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