15 05 2018


The story.

It says he’s SLPD and lives in Waterloo.  Quite a few years ago, the SLPD eliminated the residency rule for officers with a certain number of years on the force, as long as they lived within a certain mile range distance from the city.  And while Waterloo seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s not that far away.

Which means that my new favorite SLPD cop has quite a few years of tenure.  Which, of course, you’d also have to deduce from his Lieutenant rank.  And, believe me, anyone, especially white, who is a St. Louis City cop for long enough is going to get that jaded, even if he or she (or xe or it) didn’t start out that way.

Besides, didn’t Raj Chetty tell us that the corn fields between Waterloo and Red Bud are where black kids from the jurisdiction that Lt. Foster patrols should really be raised in order to have better life outcomes?

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15 05 2018
Hard Right

Black people: Call 1-800-TOO-WITE, report ‘suspicious’ white meddlers


I think black people should be allowed to call the police on white people who look like they might call the police on black people.

16 05 2018
Nicholas Stix

From the thing: “Some people are calling the officer a racist after seeing an insensitive social media post about a Mexican restaurant.”

This is a form of fake news we call a reportorial.

The guilty party is KMOV’s Eric Cox.

That people are trying to get a white cop fired for nothing is scary. The “insensitivity” involved keeps getting harder to pinpoint. They can just assert anything.

16 05 2018

Eric Cox claims to be a conservative, too.

16 05 2018
Sebastian Hawks

I went to the Cahokia ruins last year and noticed the area around it seemed to be Mexican. I was wondering what kind of buffer must exist between the post apocalyptic wasteland of black East Saint Louis and the nicer white suburbs further out by the Waffle House and Jack in the Box in the hills. Driving on 55 through East Saint Louis and it looks really really bad, like that town by Chernobyl with bushes growing out of third floor windows. Gary Indiana on the Skyway also looks post apocalyptic, far worse than Flint did in the Netflix series Flint Town. I guess the decline of Flint is more recent with the auto companies abandoning it during the 80s and the whites haven’t fully finished moving out yet. The shady hindu run ghetto liquor store with the revolving, bulletproof carousel for the transactions in that series was a classic. Not to different from the way a zoo passes meat to the lions.

16 05 2018

Fairmont Park and around there has a lot of Mex because of the racetrack. For the same reason Kentucky horse country is importing ’em in big numbers. Apparently horse this or that is one of those jobs we won’t do.

16 05 2018

No one wants to live around spooks. Wow, that’s a revelation.

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