Seven Years Early

16 11 2017

Washington, D.C.

Me, February 10, 2015:

Police body cams expose black perfidy. Or rather, it provides what might as well be bonus footage for that movie released 100 years ago this month. Or, more WSHH material.

Just as blacks demanded harsh crack penalties because racism then demanded that we get rid of them because racism, I predict that in spite of all of today’s black hoopla about cops needing body cams because racism, ten years from now, blacks will demand that cops get rid of body cams because racism.

I come back to coherence to find out that my prediction has already all but come true, more than seven years ahead of schedule:

Police Body Cameras Can Threaten Civil Rights of Black and Brown People, New Report Says

The number of U.S. police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras increases each year, but the cameras can pose a threat to civil rights if the departments fail to set rules that govern when officers review footage from their cameras, according to a new report.

The vast majority of the nation’s biggest police departments allow officers to watch footage from body cameras whenever they want, including before they write their incident reports or make statements, said the report, which was released Tuesday by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

“Unrestricted footage review places civil rights at risk and undermines the goals of transparency and accountability,” said Vanita Gupta, former head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and current head of the Leadership Conference, in the report’s introduction.

Because an officer’s memory of an event may be altered by watching body camera footage, doing so will likely alter what officers write in their reports. That, in turn, can make it more difficult for investigators or courts to assess whether the officer’s actions were reasonable based on what he or she perceived at the time of the incident, states the report, “The Illusion of Accuracy: How Body-Worn Camera Footage Can Distort Evidence.”

Body camera programs are in place at 62 of the 69 largest U.S. police departments, according to a scorecard released Tuesday by the Leadership Conference. Most of those departments—55, or almost 80 percent—allow officers to view their footage whenever they want.

The Leadership Conference report advises that police departments institute a “clean reporting” policy, under which officers write an initial incident report before reviewing any footage. Only afterward would they watch the footage and write a second, supplementary report.

And then, blah blah blah.

This doesn’t sound half bad on its face, if one isn’t cynical enough not to think that this is all grease skidding and manufacturing a social justice-y excuse to predicate the civil rights industry/BLM/SJW suddenly doing a 180 on cop body cams.  This group is lead by one Vanita Gupta, and as you read, she was in the Obama Administration, and therefore, was part of the milieu which demanded cop body cams.

We all know the real reason why the social justice industry will soon start demanding that cops get rid of their body cams:  Because they show too much dindu misbehavior, and they show the cops are in the right almost all the time.  The total opposite of what they were hoping for back in the days when they were all in on them, though I knew all this would happen even back then.


My Unique Take on the Jason Stockley Verdict and Aftermath (Plus the Denouement of This Evening’s Posting Storm)

14 11 2017


I know something you don’t know, nanny nanny boo boo.

And with my addled and hobbled brain, it’s rare these days that I can brag about that.

During my involuntary sojourn, in fact, right during my second hospitalization stint in the middle of September, our town got a little too exuberant. It’s very much a stretch to call what happened riots; at best, they were minor civil disturbances. A bunch of BLM types, local white/(((white))) far lefties, and your usual band of professional protestors that schlep from town to town, running around in the middle of streets showing their asses off during the day, and then a few undertow goons kicking in windows during the night. This all could have developed into something much more like the Fergaza Strip, but the cops did a pretty good job keeping a lid on the pot. In fact, the cops did such a good job that I see now that some of the protesters and activist groups are crying uncle to the DOJ, (Jeff Sessions’s DOJ!!!!!), to the Federal courts, and in general, which must mean the cops actually did a great job rather than a good one. Otherwise, to those of you who called these things “riots,” then I bid thee cut out the melodramatic drama queenism.

There’s another thing which kept the exuberance from becoming full blown riots.

Something about how I know something you don’t know. Because, nanny nanny boo boo.

If that which I know would have been discovered and made widespread public knowledge either during the run up to the issuance of the verdict or the height of the exuberance after the verdict, it would have made the disturbances much worse. In fact, I’m very surprised that that which I know wasn’t figured out and made public; I would have thought that the left’s volunteer doxxing army would have unearthed it. That it was not most likely means that very very very few people know this particular secret, and the few people that do know it aren’t telling, and in fact, we’ll all take this dark dastardly secret to our graves with us. Of course, I shouldn’t be talking about “grave” in my condition, considering I almost ended up in one. Doesn’t matter, I’ll wind up in one eventually, and the secret is going with me.

If you don’t know this secret, I should already warn you: DADT.

Another angle that I’m surprised nobody else has picked up on in the whole Stockley matter is the Angela Corey Syndrome. There is a school of thought out there, some of you reading these words believe it, that Angela Corey didn’t really want to try to prosecute George Zimmerman, but succumbed to public pressure, so to reconcile, she deliberately overcharged Zimmerman knowing full well that no jury would convict him. That way, she would get her cake of no conviction for Zimmerman and eat it too by appearing to have “cared” enough to try to prosecute. I think some of that went on with Stockley. Remember, during the trial phase of this case, the Circuit Attorney transitioned from Jennifer Joyce to Kim Gardner. While Gardner was the public face of the Circuit Attorney’s office during the Waiting for Godot of the verdict and the aftermath of the verdict, it was actually Joyce’s CA’s office that started the prosecution. I think Jennifer Joyce was our Angela Corey, in that she didn’t want to prosecute Stockley, but she yielded to public pressure, so she overcharged Stockley, with Murder One, knowing full well that she’d never get a jury (or judge, since Stockley opted for a bench trial) to convict on Murder One. Kim Gardner, OTOH, probably would have started out with the lesser kind of charges that actually had a chance of ending with guilty verdicts.

To end this post, I want to reiterate a theory I came up with so long ago that I was still technically in my twenties when I did. I reverse engineered the hard-to-far left, (at the time, I was only concerned about anarchists, but it’s also true of pretty much the entire universe of hard-to-far left public activism, blacks included), and its most vociferous demands and the straws that stirs its drinks, what gets it out on the streets. I came to the conclusion that it all points back to dope, the desire for a plentiful and legal consequence free supply of what are now considered illicit street drugs. A lot of what transpired in this town post-verdict only served as evidence, not the least of which is that Anthony Lamar Smith was a heroin dealer. Just pay close attention to the news and to the hard and far left, and even some of the more mainstream left (*), and you’ll be amazed not only how often and how intensely they go to the mat and go to the wall on behalf of dope dealers and dope users, but you’ll be angry at yourself for not seeing this obvious correlation which was hiding in plain sight five feet in front of your nose.

I’m going to conclude with the denouement of this evening’s post storm, in light of the fact that I am going to upload this post the latest so that it appears first, and in light of the common theme of many of this evening’s post, which is dope.  The real reason Jason Stockley was prosecuted was NOT necessarily because the Circuit Attorney (either Joyce or Gardner) deliberately wanted explicitly either a guilty verdict or a not guilty verdict.  The point in bringing charges against him was that the process was the punishment, and a signal to all the other cops:  Leave the thug dindu dope dealers alone as long as they stay on the wrong side of the tracks and keep their shit among people who are with the shits, let them have their thug honeypots in the wrong part of town, and do just enough enforcement on the dope crime front to create enough risk in the game to drive the risk-reward continuum to the reward side to create enough profitability to attract the wrong people.  Because, as long as the wrong people are victimizing each other and bing-banging each other, it means they’re NOT victimizing the important people in this town.  N’Deshawntavious mowing down Ooktavious over dope money in Walnut Park means that neither N’Deshawntavious nor Ooktavious are burglarizing houses in Ladue.  If cops get the idea that they can kill dope dealers because they got into questionable conflagrations with them because they didn’t just drive on by and hear-no-see-no-speak-no, then the wrong side of town won’t find staying in the wrong side of town very comfortable, and instead, they’ll start crossing the tracks over into the right side of town where important people live.  I now think, in light of finding out that GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS was a small time dealer with those “shocking new revelations” that came out on that documentary screened and unveiled at SXSW earlier this year, that this kind of thing was the real subversive reason why the system went after Darren Wilson.


SHOT: St. Louis City Department of Health, the executive level municipal agency that has responsibility over public health concerns in the city, has billboards and bus stop advertisements up all over the city about the opiate epidemic and what to do about it.

CHASER: The St. Louis City Board of Aldermen, the city’s legislative branch, passed a resolution back in September honoring a heroin dealer.

(*) – K-Sue Park thinks she’s so clever in cloaking her concerns behind the notion that a “…black kid who gets thrown in jail for possessing a small amount of marijuana will face consequences that will directly affect his ability to have a voice in public life,” but in reality, what she’s really worried about is that she’s a user and/or her kids are users, and she doesn’t want the cops picking on her or her kids, so she hides her selfish concerns behind the very social justicey cause of “black kids.”

My Unique Take on St. Louis City Proposition P (The “P” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means)

14 11 2017


Back in February and March leading up to the April election in St. Louis City, city voters were told to vote yes on Proposition 1, an extra half cent on the sales tax, because:

Cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops MetroLink cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops MetroLink cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops MetroLink cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops cops.

Predictably, city voters approved Prop 1, because, well, because cops.

It wasn’t until after Prop 1 was safely in the bag that the media around here admitted the truth, which I don’t think even I grasped before the fact, that most of Prop 1 was going to be used for the MissingLink and really none of it for cops.  The dough it generates is by no means enough to pay for the entire cost of the North-South line, because they’re figuring that it’ll run somewhere close to $2 billion.  What Prop 1 funds provides is everything in the pre-construction phrase, the engineering work, the design work, the environmental studies, the right-of-way acquisition (if any is needed), sundries, and most importantly, money to pay people to lobby the Feds to open up Uncle Sam’s wallet for the $2 billion it will take to start turning dirt.  But, again, none for cops.

Unfortunately, on the same day Prop 1 passed in the city, St. Louis County voters passed Proposition P, also an extra half cent on the sales tax, and that money actually was used for cops, and almost entirely to raise the pay scales for the County Browns (St. Louis County Police Department).  City officials were hoping (Or were they?  See below) that Prop P wouldn’t pass in the county, for two main reasons:  One, they knew they were feeding city voters a line of boo sheet that Prop 1 was going to be used for cops, but two and more crucially, because they knew that Prop 1 wouldn’t benefit cops, a successful Prop P in the county would mean that the already existing and noticeable pay scale gap between County Browns and SLPD would grow much wider, and that it did.  Which now only serves as a magnet for SLPD to make the move across the county line and defect to the better paid County Browns.  Or so we’re told, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

Which means City Hall had to come back again and ask city voters for another half cent nut, (Proposition P, not to be confused with the aforementioned April proposition in the county), on the November ballot, (thereby giving enough time for people of short memory not to remember that Prop 1 back in April was supposed to be for the cops), and according to the pro-P mailers, lit and media buys, specifically to fund pay scale increases for both SLPD and SLFD to keep “good, experienced first responders” from defecting to the County Browns and county fire departments.  Even more than that, pro-P propaganda said that with the recent spike in violent crime in the city, Prop P was needed more than ever to keep good experienced SLPD cops in the city so they can help combat the crime.

And of course you can probably figure out how it turned out on voting day, if you aren’t here and don’t already know the answer.

The official reasoning in support of Prop P raises more questions than answers, and when you mash up that boat load of question marks with the political skulduggery around here from back in the spring, and then do a little subversive thinking, you’ll figure out what’s really going on, you’ll find the real answer. Consider:

(1) Even if Prop P funds do wind up absolutely equalizing SLPD and County Browns pay scales, that still won’t stop the city-to-county cop bleeding, (provided it is actually occurring, and, once again, I’ll get to that), because in order to do that, the SLPD pay scales would need to be not just the same as County Browns, but in fact, much higher.  Simply because, for the most part, St. Louis City is riskier policing work than most of unincorporated St. Louis County and St. Louis County munis without their own police department, in spite of the fact that County Browns have to deal with most of the worst of North County.  Remember this thing called the risk-reward continuum?  That concept makes another appearance in today’s post storm.  Who wants to run the risk of being the next Jason Stockley (whose saga can also be found elsewhere in today’s post storm) on the SLPD unless SLPD pay is much higher (“hazard pay”) than everywhere else?  Prop P “at best” only equalizes city with county, there’s nowhere near the kind of money to do the kind of hazard pay that is honestly necessary to stop all this supposed bleeding.

(2) But I don’t think there is really a whole lot of bleeding.  The pro-P propagandists insisted that there’s this constant steady massive barrage of cops leaving the city for the county.  The problem with that is this:  I hardly think the County Browns can just on a whim hire any ole SLPD officer who wants to make the move.  Sure, they might be able to take in a few such “refugees,” but no more than that.  Clayton has budgetary pressures just as much as Downtown.  Besides, most County Browns officers came there from a path other than starting out with the SLPD; It’s not as if that prerequisite exists to get on with the St. Louis County PD.  If there was, there would be political hell to pay in the county.

(3) I don’t actually think the important people in the city were “hoping” that the April Prop P in the county would fail, I think they knew it would pass, (first responder ballot measures rarely fail, owning to the high public approval of first responders, which is a segue to my BLM commentary of today’s post storm), thereby giving them their next move to do what they really wanted to do and do it for the reason they really wanted to do it.  I’m about to get to that.

(4) Then there’s the biggie.  I know the qualitative difference between a good experienced cop and a not-so-good inexperienced cop, and what difference it makes in terms of job performance.  However, I am not convinced that even if every SLPD officer was of the former variety rather than the latter, that it would make a significant difference in the violent crime rate.  Back in May, I wrote a post here wherein I quoted my own AR comment about the questionable notion that increasing the number of beat cops in a given department within the relevant range of reality can necessarily result in a proportional and commensurate reduction in the violent crime rate.  I think a lot of the same reasoning I present there applies to the question of the good-experienced vs bad-inexperienced spectrum when it comes to street level enforcers.  Just for the fact that all the cops are book smart and street smart and long tenured as opposed to the polar opposites isn’t going to prevent N’Deshawntavious from murking Ooktavious over the last slug of malt liquor on the corner of Natural Bridge and Newstead.  I am of the opinion that violent crime is going to be what it’s going to be regardless of the relevant range of the number of cops or the professional acuity of the cops, because things other than those are the driving forces behind it.

Believe me, if I’ve game theorized through these things, then the city’s power elite have thought of this, or if not, some brainiac apparatchik very similar to your brain-damaged Blogmeister, the sort that works in some corner office in some suite halfway up Met Square, has thought of it and told them all.  The connections between myself and the metro area’s power elites were tenuous at best even back in the days when I was professionally closest to them, and now, thanks to being so rudely interrupted back in July, they’re next to nonexistent.  In spite of that, I have a good enough “feel” on the really important people in the area and how they think and what they think, and I can triangulate what they’re up to.  (Because, when you have a good enough read on human nature, and you let yourself think subversively, you wind up seeing right through the opaque smokescreens of official pronouncements in order to discover the truth.)  The real movers and shakers in the city already realize all the Doubting Thomas factors you just read, but they wanted Prop P anyway.

I’m about to tell you the real reason why, doing more of my world-renowned subversive thinking.  Translated into Ebonics, I’m finna spit the real.

Try to think of a reason why a city government of significant size would need more revenue to spend on first responders, police and fire, but a purpose that’s tangential to the purpose rather than the things themselves.  Hint:  The P in Proposition P does stand for a word that starts with P, but it’s not “police.”

All you need is one word:


The Ferguson Effect black violent crime spike around here provided City Hall and certain attached civic movers and shakers the perfect excuse/opportunity/cover to extort already nervous city voters for another half cent sales tax to cover partially if not completely the coming first responder pension fund financial pressures on City Hall that are about to become real big problems in the coming years, even more so than they have been in, say, the last ten years.  (Recall that FRS, Firefighter Retirement System, was one of Francis Slay’s big political headaches during his third and fourth terms as mayor.)   To put it another way, while the rubes are all worried about N’Deshawntavious and Ooktavious, we can manipulate their anxiety and fleece them to solve the future pension crisis, feeding them a bunch of tripe and boo sheet and excuses and politically easy answers to get them to go along.  Get while the gettin’s good.

If my cynicism is correct, then I think the SLPD (and SLFD) pay scales will be raised some, but not to equalization levels with the county, but it won’t really make a difference in any way shape or fashion, as I just explained in this epic post, and the city power brokers already know the same things.  Most of the money will be used for pensions.  Because a lot of other cities and states are facing future pension problems that are even worse than St. Louis’s, I expect other places to run this scam.  Baltimore, for example, also experiencing a Ferguson Effect black violent crime spike, will probably try this.


Postmortem after P passed.  Even if you take the pro-P propaganda totally at face value, and I just spent over 1,800 words to explain that and why I don’t, then even these hopes don’t make sense.  At face value, Prop P will merely result in the cops already on the SLPD being paid more, which means CWE residents (“the smartest people in town”) must believe that the same cops that somehow couldn’t prevent CWE residents from being violent crime victims before November 7 will somehow magically be able to start doing so just because they’re being paid more.  Brain damaged local Alt-Right blogger figures it out but a neighborhood full of professors and geniuses and high cognitive functioning professionals can’t?

The Foamer’s Dilemma (My Somewhat Unique Take on the Psychology Beind the Anti-Cop Activism of Urban White Leftists)

14 11 2017

Benton Park West

I also see during my involuntary sojourn, Norm showed you the story of a SLPD detective being shot on the corner where the coffee house called Foam can be found, Foam of course is one of the big hubs and nodes for white leftist anti-police activism in the city, similar to Mokabe. Just to be perfectly clear , I don’t think Norm was insinuating that Foam, its owners, employees or patrons, had anything to do with it; Just wanted to get that out of the way for legal reasons.  And, as it turned out, at least in terms of the suspect, and, again with the disclaimer, innocent until proven guilty, it was indeed the black undertow just dinduing on.

As you read here in another one of the items in today’s post storm, the Jason Stockley post, and it has made cameo appearances in other posts, the desire for legal consequence-free illicit dope is one of the things that really motivates and informs the hard left and far left (of all races). But I think there’s also something else going on psychologically to explain the urban whites among them, in particular.

A protection racket.

Begging the wolf to eat him last.

Pretend you either own Foam, or work for Foam, or regularly patronize Foam. Pretend you’re the typical kind of person who is in Foam’s socio-economic-political-cultural wheelhouse. Considering the neighborhood, (Cherokee and Jefferson), you realize there are two chronic threats of bodily violence against your person: Either the (usually) legal, above board, official violence of the SLPD, or the (usually) illegal, illicit violence from the black undertow. Way more the latter than the former.

So, let’s look at Libra’s Scales. On the one side is an official law enforcement agency that is majority white in terms of employee and agent constitution, that has rules of engagement, a use of force policy, a high speed pursuit razor, an internal review and affairs bureaucracy, and people from the state and Feds gazing down on them from on high like the Eye of Sauron (Soros). Now, they also have to worry about the anti-police Soros whore that St. Louis City has for a Circuit Attorney. Even looking past all that, most cops and most law enforcement officers act professionally most of the time. On the other side, you have the bloods and the crips, or whatever black gangs, crews or sets exist in those neighborhoods these days. They don’t have a use of force policy, and they don’t have an internal affairs board, and they don’t have evolved institutionally ingrained precepts of professionalism.

Put it all together, and what do you have?

You can hate the cops all you want as a matter of official business policy, and sell all the “I Hate the Police” books you can out of your business with the official imprimatur of the business, but you can do all that with the comfort of the full knowledge of the fact that the cops you hate so much won’t treat you any differently than they would if you were not anti-cop, because of the cops’ professionalism. Meanwhile, if you promulgate the notion that your business doesn’t like black crime or black gangs, well then, N’Deshawntavious from down the block is coming to see you, and he won’t be coming by to buy an $8 cup of espresso-grade Costa Rican Tarrazu Dota.

Faced with that dilemma, what’s the best thing to do? Right, pretend to side with the local promulgators of unofficial, wanton, impulsive violence and against those folks’ enemies of the local promulgators of official, reasoned, restrained, purposeful violence. Meaning, “Black Lives Matter” signs in your windows and anti-police books for sale inside the joint. Especially since, because you’re a white leftist, you already have a built-in predilection against the cops, because they interfere with the dope you love so much.  And if you happen to be a gay man on top of all that, you have extra added motivations. Which is why, for example, Foam Coffee and Beer on the corner of Cherokee and Jefferson will have “Black Lives Matter” signs in their windows, but Marx Hardware and Paint on the corner of 14th and Benton in the Old North neighborhood won’t, even though Marx faces the same SLPD vs black undertow dilemma that Foam faces, and even though Marx is right there in the middle of an even worse black undertow than what one finds in the areas around Cherokee Street, and even though Marx’s owner-employee-patron demographics are just as white as Foam’s, because Marx’s owners’/employees’/patrons’ socio-political proclivities (not interested in dope) are the polar opposite of that of Foam’s (interested in dope).

Scale this kind of thing up to an entire continent, this is why Official Europe hearts Islam and hates Christianity.

Protection racket, begging the wolf to eat you last.

And also, dope is the fundamental determinant of modern American sociopolitical life.

Footnote #1: While doing all that, Foam owner, make sure you also put one of those “We Pay the Fair Wage” signs in your window, next to the “Black Lives Matter” sign, so that you show the world you support the movement to set the local city-enforced wage floor above the wage equilibrium for the local lower class black labor market, so that it forces those black lives that you think matter so much out of your city. Also don’t forget that “No Human Being Is Illegal” sign, because you want to import Mexicans (St. Louis City’s small Mexican patch is on and along Cherokee Street), to act as a buffer/blind side offensive lineman between yourselves and the violent black undertow. Oh yeah, there I go again with all that subversive thinking.

Footnote #2: If the North-South MissingLink ever happens, it may well have a stop on the corner of Jefferson and Cherokee. It will do for Foam what the 2006 ML extension did for the Galleria.

Footnote #3:  Another probable determinant is testosterone.  The white men of Foam C&B tend to be lower T gammas, whilst the white men of Marx H&P tend to be higher T alphas.  Another sociological theory of social justice warriorism is that it’s a matter of low rent people in the dating and sex market getting their revenge on their high rent counterparts, lower T gamma males lashing out at the higher T alpha males and the hot women who want higher T alphas instead of lower T gammas, homely obese women lashing out at the hot women and the higher T alpha males who want hot women instead of homely obese women.  Likewise, it’s very possible that the anti-police activism of white urban leftist men is just a function of these lower T gammas engaging in passive-aggressive snack pack throwing at cops, whose men tend to be higher T alphas.

Footnote #4:  This also partially explains why white residents of Washington, D.C. approve of erecting a statue of Marion Barry in front of D.C. City Hall.  But with them, there’s something else at work:  It won’t be long until the black undertow will be totally purged out of D.C. by gentrification.  The psychology of D.C. whites is that if they praise the Barry statue and wave BLM placards at the unveiling ceremony, that will distract the black undertow and make them incapable of understanding what these very same white liberals are doing to them, running them out of the District with gentrification.

My Unique Take on This NFL Season’s Kneeling Hoopla

14 11 2017



Simple. Yet, only yours truly, so it seems.

“Huh? What’s with the cryptic gibberish? That must have been a really bad hit you took in the noggin, normal host.”

Yeah, well, it was. But that’s beside the point.

The league, the commissioner and the team owners are trying to buy political capital among and with the left wing and the Democrat Party, so that they in turn will tell one of the blue party’s major constituent lobbying groups, the trial lawyer lobby, to go really easy on the NFL when it comes to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) lawsuits. CTE, speaking of taking bad hits in the noggin.  The oncoming storm of CTE lawsuits is not only a severe threat to the NFL’s finances, but it’s also an existential threat to the whole game of football.

Likewise, you’ll see that the common denominator of many of the league’s seemingly contradictory measures in the recent handful of months is that it sides with the sociopolitical gripes of the black undertow, which of course spawns a majority of its players, and of course all those players belong to a union, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). The league and its owners fear that if the players are mad, they’ll be more demanding when the next collective bargaining agreement (CBA, i.e. union contract) negotiations are up in a few years. Which means in order not to make the black kids angry, (Roger Goodell is being all Colin Flaherty up in here), the league and (most of its)(*) owners want to act like they’re woke and down with BLM.

Like I wrote here often before my own involuntary sojourn, social justice warriorism is often a front/diversion for economic concerns, especially big money, corporate, ((())), and plutocratic concerns.  (And something happened over the last few months which proved me right, in spades). If my unique theories are right here, then it’s just the league and owners doing the CYA thing purely as a front to head off the threat of big judgments in CTE lawsuits and a potentially player-friendly CBA deal in a few years hurting bottom lines.

Remember, Occam’s Razor, Generation X Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

A sidenote to all this is that a few weeks back, to try to placate the players ergo the NFLPA, Roger Goodell offered them the deal of the players giving up on the PR clusterfuck of the kneeling in exchange for the league throwing its weight behind political agitation to make the legal system go easy on drug crime defendants. Which, once again, is one of the running themes of today’s post storm, that dope is the straw that stirs the drink for the hard left, far left, SJWs, BLM. Of course, we here in red pill city know that the system already goes easy on drug crime defendants, and if it seems like it doesn’t, it’s only because the harsh sentences for the “drug crimes” are the end result of plea bargaining, or that the system really does slam the hammer hard on drug dealers. Which is the dirty little secret: If there was any way to find out officially, we’d all be surprised to find out the very high percentage of the gross domestic product of the black American ghetto undertow that comes from dealing dope, combined with the multiplier effects (Escalades, mama’s weave and bling, other discretionary conspicuous consumption, are often purchased with dope dealing profits). That’s what they really mean when they want “criminal justice reform” or “drug law reform” — Go easy on the (black undertow) dealers.  Of course, you can’t tell the thick skulled dumbass dindus about this thing called the risk-reward continuum, meaning the risk of law enforcement getting interested in your hobby is precisely what makes the illicit dope trade lucrative to begin with.  If dope was de jure or de facto legal, it would become just another low margin agricultural commodity.

Back to the subject, the league and the owners just presumed that normie middle American white bread white people were too socially thrown in to feetzball ever to be upset enough to hit the power button on the TV during Sunday afternoons. And they presumed wrong. I already explained to you more than a year ago why marginal ratings decreases are way more serious than their face percentage terms suggest, and why they carry yuge marginal leverage.

Speaking of yuge, as for Trump’s part, why he cranked the engine on the Tweeter and otherwise, I thought of the theory that he did all this to get revenge against the NFL for the whole USFL affair in the 1980s, but I see now a few others have thought of that angle, which means I can’t claim it as a personal exclusive.

One more thing about the NFL’s problems this season, that I think isn’t a unique take: The league’s California problem, its low attendance for its four current California teams, can largely be explained by demographics. The NFL’s two big wheel house demographics are: White bread white normies of anywhere between working class and near upper middle class, and black Americans. Both groups have been on the wane in California in terms of population demographics for a long time. The ascendant population demographics in the state, billionaires, Chicanos, East Asians, just aren’t that into football.


I don’t care about football that much, but I’ll speak on behalf of all the people that patronize Caste Football, and say that if Jesse Jackson really does think that the NFL is slavery, then he should be Moses and lead his people out of bondage.

That said, if you think the NFL is slavery, then you can’t turn right around and get mad at an NFL owner for comparing players to inmates.

(*) – Jerry Jones being a yuge notable exception, but NOT because of some sense of magnanimity or patriotism or loyalty.  Papa John’s, a big NFL sponsor, is thinking about jumping off the boat, and not coincidentally, Jerry Jones is heavily invested in a bevy of Papa John’s franchises.  It’s all about his precious pocketbook. 

Up the Lazy River

17 07 2017


Mohamed Noor once lived and worked in St. Louis.

Remember the last controversial police-involved shooting in the Twin Cities?  Philando Castile was a St. Louis native, and he is in fact buried at Calvary.  This means that anything goes wrong with cops in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, it’s going to have a St. Louis connection.

One more thing:  I wonder if this Mohamed Noor is related to Mohamud Noor (note the different first name spelling) that tried to become the first Somalian elected to the Minnesota state legislature, the long time Jewish incumbent beat him back on several challenges.

This Should Be Interesting

10 07 2017


Greitens is in town today for a newser about his and the state’s plan to intervene in St. Louis City’s Ferguson Effect-fueled violent crime wave.  A combination of the gossip I’m hearing and my intelligence/intuition/experience tell me that it’s mostly going to be deploying even more Bears to the city for relatively mundane duties to free up real SLPD cops to chase after violent dindus, (remember, the Bears are already patrolling city interstates for that purpose), and that Hawley’s office will intervene in certain prosecutions, (the real reason for that, you already know), and that Greitens is going to give Pence a call who will then lean on the OCGE to start in on using Federal resources as much as possible to haul as much garden variety street crime in the city into Federal jurisdiction as possible.