What Difference Does It Make?

24 05 2015



Cleveland’s Police Chief and Mayor.  Black, and mixed-race black.

The Cleveland PD is 44% black.

Almost a carbon copy of Baltimore.

Thank God for Bread and Circuses

23 05 2015


That city would be rioting, except LeBron is still in the playoffs.


22 05 2015


This happened in one of the neighborhoods where the SLPD is currently playing whack-a-mole.

Life Until Parole

22 05 2015


He’s smiling because he knows that some judge will eventually spring him loose and/or some crackpot professors or activists will turn him into the new Mumia, including streets named after him in Paris.

TALA Doctrine

22 05 2015

Olympia, Washington

Developing situation for the #BlackLivesMatter crowd and @deray.

TALA Doctrine at work:

Both women said they believe the men were shot because of mistaken identity.

Crystal Chaplin said she doesn’t believe her sons would shoplift.

“There are a lot of black men around,” Crystal Chaplin said. “It could have been anybody.”

An implicit admission that black men like to give themselves a five finger discount?

SJWs vs Fredbird

22 05 2015


Will #BlackLivesMatter and @deray protest outside of Fredbird’s house?

Spot the Irony

19 05 2015

Washington, D.C.

Baltimore Sun:

Obama signs Cardin’s ‘Blue alert’ bill to protect police officers

President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed legislation drafted by Sen. Ben Cardin to create a nationwide alert system to help capture anyone who harms a police officer or makes a credible threat to do so.

The measure is named for Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, the New York City police officers who were killed last year by a man with Maryland ties. Police say Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley killed the officers in December after shooting a former girlfriend in Owings Mills.

Okay, you read the title.  This should be easy for most of you.



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