I Bet You It Will Work

31 01 2016

San Francisco

H/T True News USA.

SFPD will soon have to take an anti-racism pledge, in response to questionable use-of-force incidents relating to SFPD officers and black men.

I predict it will work, or it will be said to have worked.  We will see that in the coming years after they start taking this pledge, the number of such incidents will decrease.


Let’s get it, peanut gallery.  The race to the gold star starts…NOW.


Like Every Other North County Municipality

27 01 2016


P-D, on Ferguson’s proposed consent decree with the DOJ:

The report said that the city used its police officers as collection agents and issued a staggering number of arrest warrants — a tactic that disproportionately affected African-Americans.

The only differences between Ferguson and every other North County municipality in that regard are that:  (1) Ferguson’s city government is still majority white, and (2) Ferguson’s average ticket fine for ticket-worthy offenses was way higher than the others.  Other than that, same as it ever was.


Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

23 01 2016

Downtown; Washington, D.C.

Dotson to D.C. to moap about not enough black cops and also about guns.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:

“We are $9000 behind in starting salary compared to Saint Louis County. If you are a young person looking for a career in law enforcement, it’s a math problem.  You go to where it pays more. We have to increase our salaries,” he says.

And remember, Ferguson pays even less than St. Louis City.

You’ll also notice the SLPD is 36% black, in a 49% black city.  When you think of it, when you factor in age (minimum SLPD age is 21, while the age distribution curve for blacks skews younger compared to whites), and for the fact that felons can’t be cops, there probably is no real disparity between SLPD black-white officer demographics and the otherwise eligible general population.

Fife and Friday

19 01 2016


First off, that an incumbent alderman is running for Sheriff must mean that Jim Murphy must finally be retiring.  His becoming Sheriff of the “county” of the City of St. Louis I think can be found in the early parts of the book of Genesis.

As for Vaccaro’s idea, sure, it would help the actual cops respond to violent crime scenes marginally faster, but it would not deter those violent crimes from happening.  In fairness, the same thing would be the result of merely hiring more real cops.

Finger Lickin’ Good

17 01 2016

Tower Grove South

How many stereotypes?  Let me count the ways.


Robbery suspect fatally shot by officer at St. Louis fast food restaurant

A St. Louis police sergeant shot and killed a robbery suspect at a fast food restaurant Sunday night after a witness flagged him down and reported the holdup, authorities said.

The officer had been assigned to a special detail working a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial march in the area, sources said. Someone waved him over and told him about a robbery at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Grand Boulevard near Gravois Avenue about 6 p.m.


A large area, including both directions of Grand Boulevard, was blocked off by police tape after the shooting. A crowd of about 40 onlookers gathered for about two hours at a gas station across the street. Some had been part of the King memorial march earlier in the evening. Marchers had blocked the intersection at Grand and Gravois for about 12 minutes before filing into the Metro Christian Worship Center for a King memorial, and to reflect on the future of the Black Lives Matter movement, which gained momentum following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

The worship center is about 1½ blocks east of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Dawn Jones, of the group Faith for Justice, said she was inside the church when someone announced a police shooting had just happened.

“It’s sad,” she said in an interview at the church following the shooting. “We’re getting people to take a stand for justice and then this happens. It’s a devastating reminder of why we need to come together.”

The Rev. Starsky Wilson delivered the keynote address at the King service.

“For a lot of people, this triggers all kinds of emotions from before,” Wilson said of the officer-involved shooting.

Debra Kennedy had also been at the worship center for the King event. She went to the gas station with other concerned onlookers.

Kennedy said the police department recently promised to brief protesters at police shootings about the circumstances.

“The protesters outside need to be told by the police,” she said. “And they haven’t done that.”

Of the fact that the shooting came during a weekend of King memorials, Kennedy said: “I think it’s a message.”

She did not elaborate.

Some protesters at the scene were chanting, “Police are the enemy,” and “No justice, no peace.”

So many houses in that area don’t have Black Lives Matter signs, but We Must Stop Killing Each Other signs, on their lawns.

That area, the Grand-Gravois-Chippewa area, is where all of the city’s literal diversity converges.  And, even if you didn’t know anything, and you stood around that area, you’d get a weird something’s-not-quite-right vibe about the place.

White Meat

15 01 2016



Sorry, I don’t think humans taste like chicken.

He took a bite into crime.

Proximate Causation

9 01 2016



Even though the ISIS thing is from the horse’s own mouth, I still think TNB and race hatred is a far better explanation than Islam/religion/terrorism.

To put it another way, I think he still could have done this even if he was never exposed to Islam, but if he wasn’t black, he probably would never have done it.

I also think a lot of people (cuck-a-doodle-doo) are happy to talk about this from a religious/terrorist angle, so they don’t have to talk about the racial angle.


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