Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

29 07 2016

Brenham, Texas

KHOU-CBS-11 Houston:

McDonald’s worker fired for refusing service to Brenham police officer


Goodman says the female worker’s son was already in custody and facing serious charges. He believes that may be part of the fuel that sparked her negative feelings towards police.

I bet most of these other “cop refused service” stories we’re reading and seeing lately are the same way: Ghetto or near-ghetto black women circa mid-30s with curly-q weave are mad that the cops had the temerity to arrest their 18-year old dindu sons.

Truly Inevitable

27 07 2016


Mosby dropping all remaining charges; this should not be surprising after the Cesar Goodman acquittal.

Ordinarily, there would be a shit storm raining on her head for her malicious prosecution.  We know she’d lose her law license and somehow be deposed as State’s Attorney.  There would also be a chance at a Federal civil rights prosecution.  But we know why none of that will happen, because black woman, because of the racial nature of the case on which she filed the spurious charges.  She may be light skinned, but at the same time, she’s too black to fail.

Rest of the DNC Open Thread

26 07 2016


While there was plenty of action yesterday, it wasn’t on par with 1968.  Sure, there are three more days to go, but I get the feeling that there won’t be any ’68-style confrontations.

My assessment of yesterday is that we got a lot of blatantly contradictory mish mash, the most obvious of which is that we were told that the country is already great because Baraq Obama made it that way, and the country is a dystopian hellhole of social injustice, income and wealth inequality and Republicans winning elections on occasion.

Michelle Obama used the occasion of her speech last night to note that “big men with guns” take their daughters to school.  These people all want us to hate cops, but they want their protection.  Remember, Baraq and Michelle Obama deliberately bought in a Chicago neighborhood that had two layers of police protection, CPD and UCPD.  They want wafer thin dainty transgenders armed with restraining orders to be your cops, but they want big men with guns to protect them.  They want affirmative action for the military and law enforcement, but when he wanted to pull off the keynote accomplishment of his first term, he turned to the whitest part of the military, the Navy SEALs.

Revealed preferences sho’ dooz beez revealing, knowatimsayin?

Living By the Sword

25 07 2016


Michael Jordan is donating $2 million in total, half to the International Association of the Chiefs of Police, and the other half to the NAACP-LDF, to bridge the gap and build trust between cops and dindus.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if he took the $2 million out of his Nike endorsement deal and the shoe royalties he makes?

“Ironic?  Why?”

Because dindus murder each other over Nike Jordan shoes.

I can’t wait to see how Crying Jordan deals with this.

Tick Tock Cycle

19 07 2016


I knew a black cop killing was next.  We go from Religion of Peace to black cop killing then back and forth.  Since the last incident was yesterday’s Afghani yoot-refugee acting all Afghanistany on a train in Germany, I figured that BLM/black undertow was up to bat.  They did not disappoint.

The area where this all started is an apartment farm pretty close to where the Kansas River ends and drains into the Missouri River.

Whose Side Are You On?

18 07 2016

Washington, D.C.


Translation:  The cops deserved it.

A high class way of pissing on their graves and then going ook ook eek eek.

Mosby Holds Another L

18 07 2016


The highest ranking Baltimore PD officer of the Baltimore Six is found not guilty of all charges in his bench trial.

Zero for four, that’s not a bad batting average.

Or, to look at it another way, four down, two to go, so she can’t even get back to .500.  She’s way behind in the standings.


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