Don’t Notice

29 08 2015



Luckily for the media and narrative peddlers, this happened on a Friday night.  The weekend will tend to rabbitholeize this story all by itself.

Now, back to the real news:  Donald Trump is a Nazi.

Sunrise Sunset

24 08 2015


Black Indy preacher: Bring SQF to Indy.

It will work so well that everyone will forget about why it was implemented and who demanded it.  All people will notice is the evil white po-leeceseseseses shaking down innocent black mens for no reason at all except to get their racial profiling jollies off.  Then the black preachers of Indy will demand that the cops stop doing SQF.

Turf Wars

23 08 2015


SLPD Internal Affairs is investigating the Ook-Ook matter.

Joyce has already started a parallel investigation.

SLPOA has a fit, mainly because they’re jealous over turf, and they perceive Joyce’s too-soon investigation as political showboating.

Dotson comes out today and says that he’s cool with Joyce. Who really expected him not to say this, even if he privately thinks Joyce is showboating?

Has anyone heard from Slay on this matter?  He might still be steaming over my tweet.  Unless he’s not.

Here’s what all of them are forgetting:  #BLM won’t be impressed, because they’re going to presume that an investigation on the part of either SLPD Internal or the CA’s Office that exonerates the cop(s) is a result of a backscratching whitewarsh.  The motive for Internal to look the other way is obvious, but Joyce and Co. most heavily rely on evidence that the SLPD provides them.  It is rare that prosecutors go after law enforcement that are at governmental eye level.  If the cops here did anything wrong, it will most likely be the Feds that will prosecute.  But, U.S. Attorneys almost never prosecute Federal LEAs for criminal misconduct.


Murder Suspects

23 08 2015

City Hall

Sam Moore, 4th: Slay and Dotson ought to quit because of all the murders.

Not a bad idea, because Francis Slay and Sam Dotson are suspects in the 130+ city homicides so far this year.

Their Turn

22 08 2015


Hung jury, mistrial.

Protests that could have become riots.

I’ve read the theory that McCulloch should have said damn all and charged Darren Wilson even though he knew there was no case, in order to let a jury do the dirty work of letting him off, thereby precluding riots.  Now we know that wouldn’t have mattered.  Of course, we didn’t need this, because we already knew that thinking is wrong, because the Rodney King riots took place after a jury acquittal.

Defecate Thee Not

21 08 2015


Word out of Ferguson through the day is that the denizens are getting antsy pantsy and anxious about the matter of the Ferguson PD both being unresponsive and taking a long time to bag the suspect(s) in the murder of the 9-yo girl.

“Shot in the Back”

21 08 2015

Lewis Place

Ook-Ook was.

Now it all comes down to Tennessee v Garner.


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