Nature Calls

2 07 2015


Good news:

Another one who had a pile of garbage memorial still out in the open.  The thing was there since October.



30 06 2015


DOJ still can’t unhook its jaw from the Ferguson PD:

A U.S. Department of Justice report summary obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says police responded to unrest in Ferguson in a way that antagonized crowds, violated free-speech rights and made it difficult to hold officers accountable.

One could look at it that way.  Or, one could look at it as the Ferguson PD and various cooperating agencies tried to prevent further rioting and looting.


This Article Was About Something

30 06 2015


The words in the URL suggest that there’s a wanted poster out there for the alleged CVS arsonist.

The title is about the witnesses that may be called to testify on behalf of the prosecution in the upcoming trial of the Baltimore Six.

Most of the story is about the title.

Then you get to the end of the story, and it tells you about the alleged arsonist.

But toward the top of the article, we get this previous mugshot of the alleged arsonist, which means he’s well known to the Baltimore criminal justice system.

St. Louis’s Finest

24 06 2015

Lewis Place


Found with a whole bunch of happy fun stuff.

City leaders said they hope the charges will give residents faith in the justice system.”

The charges?  Feh.  The real scandal here is that she and the other affirmative action blacks mentioned in this article were even on the SLPD.

Put Your Hand Down

24 06 2015



“Gunnar Myrdal.”

Meaning, a waste of money.

The real Ferguson Report you should spend $10 to read, right here.

“I Ain’t Harboring No Fugitive”

24 06 2015



“I’m not going to throw him to the wolves.”

She probably thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

H/T True News USA.

Get Used to It

23 06 2015


She called the po-leeceseseses, six times, and it took them hours to show up.

This might not be shocking if “Brooklyn” in this case meant the New York City borough, 2.6 million people, 71 square miles of land.  But it doesn’t; it refers to Brooklyn, Illinois, population 700, less than one square mile.  And yes, it borders East St. Louis to the north, and it’s a ratchet bell curve city.

That said, why is she calling the evil white (*) cops?  I thought cops caused black crime.  If she really wanted to be social justicey, she would have called conflict mediators and restorative justice social workers, and then blamed it all on the Confederate Battle Flag.

(*) – Of course we know they’re not white cops.  Brooklyn’s PD is as black as many think the Ferguson PD ought to be.  Which explains a lot, including this story.



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