We’ll See What We’ll See

25 10 2016


American Interest:

Is Black Lives Matter Backfiring?

If Colin Kaepernick’s protest strategy is working, it hasn’t showed up yet in public opinion polling. Respect for local law enforcement soared over the last year to its highest level since 1968, according to a new survey from Gallup.


Interestingly, changing opinions among Democrats and independents drove most of the increase. Republican respect for police, already overwhelming, ticked up only slightly, from 82 to 86 percent. Meanwhile, Democratic support surged from 54 to 68 percent; among independents, from 60 to 75. The uptick was more pronounced among nonwhites than whites.

Two weeks from tonight, we’ll find out whether this change actually manifests within the realm of Presidential politics, the only kind of electoral politics that really matter anymore, in terms of more Democrats and non-whites voting for Trump. If not, then it’s a useless meaningless statistic, as politically meaningless as these same people’s favorite kinds of pie.

Do Tell, NYT

25 10 2016

Staten Island

NYT, on deck chair reshuffling on the Feds’ Eric Garner investigation:

Mr. Garner’s death, followed by the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and several other high-profile deadly police encounters across the country, prompted nationwide protests over how and when officers use force, particularly against black men.

Eric Garner happened about two weeks before Ferguson.  Yet, when Ferguson happened, the NYT pretty much shut down its interest in Garner and went all Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson for months.  If a certain urban secession effort back in 1993 had been more successful, the NYT probably would have had more journalistic interest in this matter.

What we don’t read here is that Ofc. Pantaleo’s direct supervisor, who was there at the scene supervising him and all the other cops called to that incident, was a black woman.

What we don’t read is any insinuation that the city’s sky high cigarette tax may have had something to do with it, as it creates an incentive for bootlegging, and since that bootlegging affects the city’s tax revenue collection, the king’s soldiers are the most diligent about collecting the king’s taxes so that the king has the money to pay the king’s soldiers.

Deceptive Headline

25 10 2016

Middletown, New Jersey

Newark Star-Ledger:

Ceremony honoring police before HS game sends ‘frightening message,’ ACLU says

A ceremony honoring law enforcement, military and first responders before a high school football game Friday night drew criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey because of an underlying “frightening message.”

What’s deceptive about this headline?  “ACLU.”  If you read further down, you’ll find out that the ACLU was not the only complainant:

The letter was also signed by the Central Jersey Chapter of National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the Greater Long Branch NAACP.

Okay, it goes more like this:  Those were the groups that were really upset, those are the straws stirring the drink.  But, for propaganda and PR purposes, and to keep the heat off black people, the state chapter of the ACLU fronted the effort for the media, and of course the media were glad to bury the black angle deep down in the paragraph count.  To put it another way:  Letting the ACLU front what was really black anger at law enforcement implicitly peddles the imagery of civil liberties focused white or parenthetical lawyers trying to prevent a public abuse of civil liberties, and also implicitly peddles the incorrect notion that a public abuse of civil liberties is what actually took place, while letting the state chapter of NOBLE and the local chapter of the NAACP take the lead would focus people’s minds on the racial angle, and at least a majority of people will conclude that it’s just a matter of black people not liking cops for the usual mostly-their-fault reasons they don’t.

TALA Doctrine

19 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

NYT, on the need to regulate LEA use of facial recognition databases and software:

The report found that systems relying on police photographs have a greater effect on African-Americans because they are arrested at higher rates.

But the software may be less accurate with images of black people, and there is no independent testing for racially biased errors, it said.

Leave it to the NYT to advocate for a worthy thing but for the most goofy of reasons.

BLM October

14 10 2016


In recent days, we’ve had outbursts of BLM activism twice in the southern California deserts, once in Boston, and now twice in Indianapolis.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

11 10 2016

Lancaster, California

LAT, H/T SBPDL, on the latest outbreak of BLM activism:

Residents of the apartment complex where Owen was killed said Lovell sometimes stayed in one of the units with his sister.


Lovell’s aunt, Deborah Matute, said she hadn’t seen her nephew since he moved out of her Harvard Heights-area apartment in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Lancaster, Calif., in the high desert of northern Los Angeles County, is a designated dumping ground for blacks being forced out of south central Los Angeles.

Officially, we are told that the near-exclusive clients for AFFH and AFFH-style “mobility” (removals) are young-er-ish single black women with children, because they need to be in better suburbs with better schools.  Of course, we’re not allowed to think about the reasons why good schools are good schools and why bad schools are bad schools, and just for the fact that you’re reading that sentence in this medium should tell you what I think about the matter, i.e. the truth, in case you already didn’t know yourself.  So we know that’s bullshit.

The real reasons why younger single black women with children are the near-exclusive AFFH clients are (1) Women of reproductive age are the population and reproductive bottleneck.  Therefore, getting them out of coveted cities is the easiest and cleanest way to result in the population crash of the black population in those cities and parts thereof.  The remaining black men will either waste away, voluntarily or involuntarily, or do something to be sent to prison and when they’re released, they won’t be going back to south central.  (2)  For propaganda purposes and to smooth over the politics with white suburban dwellers, they are made to think that since it is only (supposedly) black women with children coming, that it won’t result in a whole lot of new crime in the area, because most black violent crime comes at the hands of black men, not black women or black children.  Now, we can punch a thousand holes in that conceptual framework, but most people can’t.  Furthermore, we know that black children, esp. black boys, eventually grow up and become black teenage boys and grown black men, and they’ll be doing that in their new suburban AFFH apartment.

The problem is that, as we have just seen, with the Trenton Trevon Lovell case, he was only in Lancaster because he was staying with his sister in her apartment there.  Which probably means his sister is an AFFH case.  What it means is that wherever you send the black women, the black men will follow almost immediately, and will become illicit tenants (*).  Either they’re following their women relatives, or they’re following romantic interests (yeah, I know, hoes).  So we know that the whole “but there won’t be any new violent crime waves in the suburbs” bullshit is just that, bullshit.

AFFH advocates know all this, but they don’t care.  They’ll say whatever they think they need to say and do whatever they think they need to do to get what they really desire from AFFH, the reason they designed it and implemented to begin with:  Shoveling ghetto welfare blacks out of highly desirable areas in central core cities (south central Los Angeles has world-class weather), and unloading them on someone else somewhere else.

And now, we have a documented example of blood spilled in the name of 21st century Negro removal.

(*) – In theory, illicit tenants is a major violation of the terms of lease.  But, considering the circumstances, I get the feeling that the DOJ/HUD is exerting some under-the-table pressure on landlords and property managers of suburban AFFH apartment farms to look the other way.

Why Would I Expect Anything Different From Bell Curve City?

10 10 2016


St. Sandwich of Ham’s supporters held a vigil to commemmorate the second anniversary of his never becoming anything in life like the leaving of it.

And, of course, for some odd strange reason that nobody can make sense of, gunshots rang out.

These people are trying to make the case that St. Sandwich of Ham was a pure innocent angel and the evil white poleeceseseseses just wanted to mow down a black baby’s body for pure sport.  Their actions wind up convincing people of precisely the opposite.