Low Hanging Slurpee

10 01 2018


4:  Immigration agents descend on dozens of 7-Eleven stores

If you’re looking for immigration violations, 7-Eleven is a good place to start.


At the Intersectionality

9 01 2018

St. Charles

At the intersectionality of two of this medium’s favorite themes, immigration (especially of those of bribery-heavy cultures) and police body worn cameras, we find:

Grating Expectations

6 01 2018

Greenville, North Carolina

Campus Reform:

Mandatory diversity course not effective, prof discovers


After assessing the bias of students before and after the course—using prompts such as “a woman should worry less about their rights and more about becoming good wives and mothers” and “if blacks would only try harder they could be just as well off as whites”—Stacey found that the course hadn’t altered students’ attitudes towards race or gender.

That’s because she has a flawed understanding of “bias.” What most people call “common sense” and “truth,” she calls “bias.” And she wonders why her semester-long propaganda can’t disabuse students of it.

You’ll note that the purpose of all this is that the course is a requirement for the school’s criminal justice major, because:

Although the course was ineffective, Stacey hopes that “given the importance of reducing bias in policing,” future courses will chart a new path, proposing that “future research should examine the content of such courses to determine if there is a formula that works.”

That’s because of another piece of common sense and truth that a few people call bias, a truth that I just wrote about in my last post about St. Louis’s dindu box, that the cops go (or are sent) where the crime is, and the crime is where the dindus are.

Dindu Box

6 01 2018

North City


Officials create plan aimed to tackle violent crime in St. Louis City

Officials are rallying together to implement a plan to address the violent crime occurring in St. Louis City.

New St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden said many of the shootings happen in the ‘crime rectangle,’ high crime neighborhoods in North City that stretches from Goodfellow Blvd to Vandeventer Ave and ends just north of Martin Luther King Blvd.

Police, prosecutors and local leaders plan to provide extra resources to certain neighborhood including increasing the number of officers, special drug units and police cameras in the area.

In addition, the plan will utilize eight federal prosecutors to solely focus on high crime neighborhoods.

In 2017, St. Louis City Police investigated 205 homicides— the most in 25 years.

“Crime rectangle,” huh? “Increasing the number of officers.” Which means the dindu box on the north side will be where the SLPD plays a game of whack-a-mole writ large.

Accusations of MUH WAYSHUL PWOFYWING in three, two, one…

In related news:

Carjackings up sharply throughout the St. Louis region

Police in the St. Louis area are battling a rising number of carjackings.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that St. Louis police recorded 190 carjacking calls from January through November of 2017, more than double the number for all of 2014. St. Louis County had 57 carjackings last year, compared to 50 in 2016 and 39 in 2015.

St. Louis police Major Kenneth Kegel says carjackers typically go out in groups of three, and often commit several carjackings in one night. Many are between the ages of 15 and 24.

Kegel says carjackers sometimes follow a vehicle with a single occupant, waiting for that person to park.

I’ve heard that “groups of three” warning many times before. Which means, in the true Jesse Jackson spirit, here’s how to think about it:

Where there’s three, you better not be.


Knockout Emperor

5 01 2018

San Bernardino, California

As you can understand, both Norm and I are taking this story somewhat personally, considering the circumstances.  Like I wrote here awhile back, one of the factors that worked out in my favor that meant that it was not for me what it was for Falce, that being fatal, is age:  I’m at the old end of the optimal age range (25-40) for the prospects of recovery should this kind of thing happen, whilst this is a very bad thing to happen to children and the elderly.

It all started because:

The crash occurred when Falce slowed down and swerved to avoid several loose dogs running in the street.

“Loose dogs running in the street” — That’s a sure fire sign that you’re in Bell Curve City.  Dindus just don’t grok animal husbandry, which is why the ghetto is really bad for packs of stray dogs.  Especially since dindus love vicious breeds, they’re dangerous packs.

Script’s In the Works

1 01 2018


Oh, my bad.  You want to know how my week as playing Jeff to Norm’s Mutt went.

Well, you’re all just going to have to wait.  Because I’m going to turn it into a script, and Tom Selleck has already agreed to star.

Really, it was good to see something different for awhile.  And I think the pugs are getting used to me; they’re resigning themselves to the fact that I just may be a periodic even if infrequent presence in Chateau Puggg.

Hail to the Chief

28 12 2017

City Hall

Now all he needs to hope for is that the Ferguson Effect soon peters out, which means he’ll get the credit for reducing crime, even though he’ll have had nothing to do with it.

Otherwise, you already know why I think he’s no better or worse than the last or next one.