Every Photo Tells an Incomplete Story

20 04 2015


P-D’s gallery of its Pulitzer Prize winning photos.

Here are some follow-ups, some from the P-D itself.

Photo #1
Photo #15

Photo #4 is interesting, because that photo’s main subject unfortunately fell into a trap later on while wearing that same shirt.  Click to enlarge.


If anything, I like this photo, I don’t know if the P-D took it, but I didn’t see it in their gallery of prize winners.  Again, click to enlarge.


H/T to my biggest fan, who found the gallery a few hours before I would have.

I Spoke Too Soon (Silly Me)

20 04 2015


I said yesterday in the wrap-up that I didn’t cover the Thaddeus McCarroll matter because it was an easy open and shut case.  The cops’ body cams proved that.

Well, I shouldn’t have spoken too soon.  After all, when you’re dealing with Africanus Bellcurvius and his white fellow travelers, evidence doesn’t matter.

To wit:

Several neighbors, who would not give their names, said during the vigil that they didn’t believe officers had to use deadly force, or fired too quickly after using a rubber bullet. Some said McCarroll didn’t have a knife.

Coming from the same people who are today demanding that cops wear body cams (while ten years from now, they’ll be demanding that cops don’t wear body cams).  Why bother when they won’t believe what they record?

In somewhat related news one suburb to the west…a tree was cut in half.

Might I Speculate?

20 04 2015

St. Louis County


St. Louis County police officers are quitting the force in what may be unprecedented numbers, leaving commanders scrambling to fill vacancies.

The region’s largest department, in St. Louis, has long seen an even higher rate of departures. But it’s a new and alarming phenomenon in the county force, the second-largest, which is accustomed to more stability.

And the loss of trained people comes as both agencies face major increases in reported crime, and their chiefs seek significant increases in staffing.

County officers don’t have to explain their resignations. But since 2010, about half have blamed pay, officials said. There was no indication that anti-police sentiments following the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown last summer had a significant effect.

Informally, it appears that many choose private security-oriented jobs or better-compensated positions with federal law enforcement over higher-paid local police forces, according to Sgt. Brian Schellman, spokesman for the county police.

The half that are blaming pay are rationalizing (a charitable way of saying “lying to themselves and others”), while the half that give no reason are smart enough not to state the real reason, that is, if they want to get another LEO job.

And as far as the real reason goes — Never fear, Blogmiester is here.

Hey, it’s me.  You know what you’re about to read.

First off, the picture the P-D provides in this story is a visual hint to the real reason.

The real reason is that the SLCPD service area is getting more and more black by the year.  Not only is the black population in unincorporated areas of St. Louis County, especially North, increasing, but the County Browns are taking over primary LEA jurisdiction in a lot of black municipalities, one big recent example is Jennings, as we saw from a big story around here last week that I only briefly mentioned here yesterday.  Soon, they’ll also get Ferguson.

If you need another hint, note the second paragraph, where it states that City has “an even higher rate of departures.”

So it goes like this:  If you’re white, on County, and you see the demographic trend and the time of day, you’re going to look yourself in the mirror one morning and wonder if you really want to be the next Darren Wilson.

Not helping matters is affirmative action.  If you’re white and you don’t have some sort of “steam,” then you’re going to hit a pretty low vanilla ceiling.

Wrong Choice

18 04 2015



Now we know Ferguson is doomed.  They should have hired some PR people that notice things and know how to do comparative crime stats.

Honestly, there are only two important future stories from Ferguson left to cover:

1.  The elimination of the Ferguson P.D.

2.  The disincorporation of Ferguson

Eye in the Sky

16 04 2015


SLPD getting its very own central nerve center.  “Real Time Crime Center.”

Mayor Slay assures us that:

… law-abiding citizens have nothing to worry about. The cameras will only be in public places; no ‘big brother’ spying. He explains, “This is about making our community safer. And we do have policies in place, which we will make available, in terms of the use of the information.” Dotson adds, “Cameras in public space are a part of everyday life. The case study is there, the examples are there, we’re just getting caught up.”

In this instance, that’s not what I’m worried about.  What bugs me is that it’s going to be even easier to identify and arrest the Bellcurvii who do almost all of the violent crime in the city of St. Louis, so that they can subsequently receive their slap on the hand punishments.  Want an example?  Here’s a case I wrote about in a comment to a YT thread a few weeks ago, and after having done a little further research, I found out something I wish I didn’t know.  Just about eleven years ago, this happened, and it happened pretty close to one of my boyhood homes, and right behind the recreation center where Knockout Martin Luther King was born.  The doer turned out to be then 18-year old Jessie Lee Ivory, who was indeed convicted and sent to prison.

He’s already out (click to enlarge):


He only got 10 years for the Murder Two, and with 85% truth-in-sentencing, he probably only did eight and a half years.  I remember that he was arrested very shortly after the murder, which was in May 2004.  And I doubt he was even given bail.  This means he was released around November 2013.

Meanwhile, Daniel Radke is still dead.

So much for:

Three Quarters Good

16 04 2015

St. Louis County


Ballwin is not internationally accredited.

I’m breathing a big sigh of relief.

If the County Browns were able to get international accreditation, then international accreditation must not mean much.

I’m just wondering why St. Louis City wanted to get itself internationally accredited for.

The New Developments

13 04 2015

North Charleston, South Carolina

A lot of people think that this is proof that Scott was able to steal Slager’s taser and fire it at Slager.  I’m nowhere near convinced of that just from this.

Even if I’m right, it doesn’t matter.   Because getting a conviction on some sort of violent felony against Slager for his act of shooting and killing Scott is going to be all but impossible.

Also, some speculated that there was someone riding shotgun in Scott’s Mercedes, and that someone was a weave wearing woman.  Turns out it was a young man with a substantial sheet.


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