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24 05 2016


Rush, today:

“The following is a statement from Ebonie Riley, Washington DC Bureau Chief of the National Action Network: ‘We are disappointed in the decision of the court but unfortunately not surprised. As we have seen throughout the years, when officers opt for a trial by judge rather than by a jury, acquittal is the result.  We have been through this with Sean Bell and far too many other cases in the past. This is exactly the reason we are calling for lowering the bar for federal prosecution, and greater involvement of the federal government in cases like this. In federal court, a jury trial cannot be waived without the consent of the prosecution — and we believe that is a fairer, more just process. We continue to stand with the Gray family,” blah, blah, blah.

However, what she doesn’t realize about Federal court cases is that their jury pools draw from more than just the immediate jurisdiction of the location of the Federal court house.  A Federal criminal trial in Baltimore, because there is only one Federal trial level circuit for the whole state of Maryland, draws its prospective jury pool from the whole state.  It means that a Federal jury at the Federal court house in Baltimore would not be as black as a state criminal trial in Baltimore, whose jury pool can only come from the “county” of Baltimore City.  Sure, the advantage, in the mind of Ebonie Riley, would come from the fact that the U.S. Attorneys would not sign off on a bench trial, but the disadvantage is that there would be white people from the Eastern Shore and the Appalachian panhandle on the jury.

He Stole It a Little Bit At a Time

24 05 2016

Tower Grove East

WRPT in full effect.


…I realized that a smart crook would’ve just covered the distinctive yellow-to-orange paint job with a $5 can of black spray paint. That’s all it would’ve taken to finish the job. I called A&M Bicycle about how to order the same ride.

Instead, the thief kept riding my bike, in all its obnoxious glory…

Must avoid the temptation to engage in racial profiling, must avoid the temptation to engage in racial profiling, because the right side of history, it’s the current year…

Minority Report = Reporting Minorities

24 05 2016


Sure, the cops themselves could compile this list, but then that would be racial profiling.  Because Jesse Jackson.

As you can read at the end, the algorithm is specifically written in such a way to avoid discriminatory variables.

Remember my contention, that data is how we do racial profiling without actually doing racial profiling, giving ourselves plausible deniability, and in this case, legal immunity.  Sure, this algorithm studiously avoids discrimination, so it will be just a coincidence when the names it pops out are names like Shitavious, Shaniqua, L’Booshondria, N’D’Mario, Boo, Shuntrice, NuKeese and Euphemiette.

Also, while these cops are on the way to visit the people that this algorithm generates, bet on the HUD people riding shotgun in the cop car to bring the big mama of the house an AFFH application.

Needs One More Button

23 05 2016


SLPD’s new app.

The developer’s website.

The app appears to be less than ideal because it is lacking one critical piece of functionality:

A “Name the Ook” icon.

You know it won’t and will never have that, but it probably does or eventually will have an icon that one presses when one is a victim of (“black”) crime in the city, just in case the perpetrator is a yoot; when the victim taps it, an AFFH application will automatically be sent to the suspect’s mama’s sail foam.  Yes, I’m halfway kidding, but I’m also halfway not; I can easily see data that this app collects being cross-referenced with HUD in some computer to yield ideal AFFH clients, and then some social worker will pay a visit to Mama Weavie with the AFFH paper application in hand.

Let the Riots Begin

23 05 2016



Rain today, but partly sunny and 80s for the next three days, so it’ll be perfect riot weather for the ideal riot time frame.

So far, there has not been a guilty verdict in the Baltimore Six cases, just a hung jury and a bench trial not guilty.

Frown, You’re On Candid Camera

19 05 2016

Cambridge, England

They are leaving the “why” to debate, and I’ll be glad to break the ice.

I can think of two possibilities right away:

(1) If the cops know they are on camera all the time, then they will restrain themselves in such a way, when they are up against hostile and belligerent civilians, that will make themselves more vulnerable to assault and battery by the civilian against the cop.  Just as it has been proven that white cops are really trigger shy vis-a-vis black civilians because they don’t want to be Darren Wilsoned.

(2) Geographical bias.  The sort of agencies and jurisdictions which implement cop body cameras tend to be ones that implement them because of race-based political pressure, because the citizens think that the evil white po-leeceseseseseses have declared war on black babies’ bodies, and the they think the cameras will catch them in the act.  Therefore, of course cops that wear cams are more likely to be assaulted and battered than cops than don’t, simply as a function of the fact that the places where cops are made to wear cameras are dinduistans, and there are more civilian-on-cop A&Bs in black areas than white areas simply because there’s more crime overall in black areas than white areas.  The A&Bs would happen anyway even if the cops didn’t wear cameras, once again, because dindu.

First World Third World Problems

18 05 2016



News today is that black people aren’t becoming city cops and firefighters fast enough, and St. Louis-area legal immigrant aspiring citizen Muslims aren’t becoming citizens fast enough.

You want I should say something about Sgt. Heather Taylor and World War T?  Naaah, I’ll skip it.


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