I Call Bull.

24 01 2019

Guest post by Puggg

About this business of the Trump shirt at that gym in Troy.

The owner said that a few Black and Hispanic gym members complained that it made them feel uncomfortable.

Blacks and Hispanics up in Troy and in Lincoln County?  Where?

The shirt made the owner feel uncomfortable, it triggered her, so she hid behind some pretend Black and Hispanic gym members.  It’s like when you say “I’m asking such and such for a friend” when you really mean you’re asking for yourself.

Lincoln County voted Trump, 72%, Hillary Clinton 22%.  So if you hate Trump for any kind of reason, Lincoln County and Troy is a real bad place to be.




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25 01 2019

Once upon a time, Lincoln County was one of the few counties that were national bellwethers. But, like the state as a whole, the divergence both in terms of binary result and marginal percentages started to show in 2008 and has been getting larger since then.

25 01 2019
Hard Right

Haitian Arrested for Muh-Dikking Vegetable


Phoenix police arrest nurse Nathan Sutherland in Hacienda HealthCare rape case

This one was hard to figure out….

25 01 2019
Hard Right

Genius 5D Chess Wiz Re-Opens Gooberment. Media Declares Victory.


Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

25 01 2019

I just put up a new post relevant.

26 01 2019
Hard Right

lame cuck

25 01 2019
Hard Right

You Junatics should enjoy this….

27 01 2019
Alex the Goon

Embrace the “and”. 22,000,001.

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