Frankfurt Train Station Murder, Explained

30 07 2019


Note:  This will likely be a frequently updated post.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, while I officially live in Cologne, I am temporarily living in Wiesbaden for the summer to do leg rehab.

Yesterday, just over the rise from me toward the east, an Eritrean migrant threw an eight-year old child off a balcony at the Frankfurt Central Station, into the path of an oncoming train.  Killing the child.  He also tried to do the same to the child’s 40-year old mother, but she was able to resist his force and prevent herself from being so hurled.

Officially, “no motive.”

To that, I say:


The key to understanding yesterday is what happened early last week, also close to Frankfurt, also involving an Eritrean migrant, in the small town of Wächtersbach.  It is a bit northeast of Frankfurt, in the direct path toward the historically strategically crucial Fulda Gap.

A man, yet to be identified, motive yet to be officially indicated, 55 years old, murdered (UPDATE:  Shot but not killed, see update below) an Eritrean migrant, I know the victim was is much younger than the suspect, but I can’t remember the vic’s exact age.  All we know about the suspect other than his chronological age is that he had recently joined a local shooting club, most likely to learn how to get good aim to do what he was about to do.

However, the mysterious non-barking dog in that case is the relative lack of official and media preening about Rechtsextremismus.  That tells me that the doer is non-white.  What might speak to that not being true is his age, 55, and if he is non-white, he’s almost likely not part of Merkel’s Boner;  Those tend to be young men.  If he is non-white, and 55, it probably adds up to Turk.

Now, back to today.

When I first read that yesterday’s perp is “of African appearance,” I thought of Wächtersbach.  When it was later specified that he’s Eritrean, that’s what clinched it for me.

We found out today that he’s 40 years old, married with three kids, and lives in Zürich, and has legal residence in Switzerland and thus can legally travel throughout the EU.

Here’s more evidence pointing to co-ethnic revenge as the motivation for yesterday:

(1) We now know that, some time late last week, he, without his wife or kids, hopped a train from Basel to Frankfurt.  Now, why would an Eritrean living in Zürich with a whole wife and three whole kids just all of a sudden get on a train by himself and go to a metropolitan area where another Eritrean was the victim of a murder just several days prior?

(2) The relative silence of the Einzelfall Brigade.  “Einzelfall” literally translates to “individual cases,” but in context, the German media use it the same way that the American media use “isolated incident.”  That is to say, when they’re trying to keep native born white people from noticing patterns when vibrant people behave vibrantly.

(3) However, there has been a lot of political condemnation of what happened yesterday, even from the left half of the German political spectrum and its three significant political parties, the Greens, Die Linke and the SPD.  Ordinarily, they would be silent in the face of vibrant violence, or if they say anything, they would be part of the Einzelfall Brigade.

(4) Angela Merkel’s Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, (who you read about in this space last fall in relation to the whole BfV-Maaßen-Merkel soap opera, and then the Bavarian elections), cut his vacation short yesterday to go to the Interior Ministry’s secondary national office in Bonn.  Note that “Interior” as a German Federal cabinet department does not mean the same as “Interior” in the American Interior Department sense.  The Interior Ministry in Germany is a rollup of what Americans would think of as Homeland Security and Justice Department.  Meaning he controls a whole bunch of cops and investigators, and can leverage the crucial state police agencies.

(5) One day after Germany’s Top Cop cut his vacation short and planted himself in Bonn, that day being today, there were a bunch of raids on various 1488-type groups all over western Germany.  The media went out of their way to state that these raids were not for specific complaints or offenses.

Mash up (4) and (5), and you have to conclude that Seehofer knows that yesterday was a revenge attack, and he ordered the cops to thump a bunch of 1488er heads, so they don’t get the idea to pull further revenge attacks of their own.  Even though we still don’t know who did Wächtersbach, that an Eritrean-African refugee is all over the news for murdering a child (race-ethnicity unknown) probably gives TPTB in this country fear that it will be the 1488 crowd that would want the next violent revenge.

A few other random thoughts:

(1) Yesterday was not a good day to have to use trains in Frankfurt.  In addition to this, there was what was termed a “suspicious fire” at Frankfurt’s other train station, the one inside the international airport.  That fire forced the evacuation of the whole station.

(2) Prediction:  The two Eritreans involved in this tale will be found to be closely related.

(3)  I wrote above that Wächtersbach is along the direct path toward the Fulda Gap.  During the Wall and Curtain days, defending and fortifying the Fulda Gap was the Pentagon’s obsession. Turns out in the long run the problem wasn’t Soviets marching through Wächtersbach, it was Eritreans loitering about.

7/30 @ 10 PM

Evening developments:  Our Boy Eritrea illegally entered Switzerland some time before 2006, but was given legal status in 2006, and was said to be “a model of successful immigration.”  His children are currently ages 1, 3 and 4.

He also threatened a neighbor of his with a knife twelve days ago.

7/31 @ 4 PM

Nothing drastic in terms of development through the business day today.

The official German political preening today is what you might expect in the United States: Constant parroting of “bawk more cameras bawk more cops at train stations bawk.” The problem with those “solutions” are that The Successful Model of Integration (TM) wanted to be seen doing what he did, because he did it around a lot of eyeballs. It’s not as if the Frankfurt Central Train Station during a business weekday is a ghost town.

We also found out today that the mother and son were headed out of Frankfurt Central on their way to Austria for a vacation. The mother’s other child, the son’s older sister, a 12-year old girl, already went separately to Austria in a car, driven by the mother’s best friend who was along for the same vacation there. The older sister learned of her younger brother being murdered while at an Autobahn rest stop on the way to Austria, the police called the mother’s friend.

7/31 @ 10 PM

The only thing new to me this evening, and this was probably already stated somewhere in the German media, is that TSMOI (TM) was currently under a court-ordered psychiatric treatment regime in Zürich.

8/1 @ 2 PM

The official GFM.

8/1 @ 10 PM

The two afternoon and evening developments:  (1)  There is a photo floating around the internet and social media supposedly of the late victim, but it’s not him.  The family has not yet officially released any photos or even gone public.  (2)  TSMOI‘s (TM) general practitioner referred him to psych months ago because he had delusions and persecution fantasies about being harassed by train passengers and colleagues at his job.

8/2 @ 2 PM

Nothing of substance through Friday morning and mid-afternoon.  Horst Seehofer has proposed yet another plastic banana ineffectual solution, (he led the bawk more cameras and police noise machine two days ago), reintroducing border controls between Germany and Switzerland.  Except TSMOI (TM) already had legal status in Switzerland, and thus could legally travel through the entire European Union.  That, and he was a Successful Model of Integration (TM), so nobody of official import would have been suspicious of him.

I don’t anticipate much if any in the way of new substantial developments until next week.  As the case may be, I’ll have my attention on “other things” all weekend;  The g/f is coming into town, when she thought she wouldn’t be able to do so.  The spa day I was going to do by myself last Saturday, but punted because it was so hot last week, (who wants to do heat and steam intensive activities after 100 degree days?), we’ll do together tomorrow.  As well as other activities, let’s just call them such.

Through all this, yesterday, there was a sword murder down in Stuttgart that is now shocking the country and has almost demoted Frankfurt from the top of the news cycle.  There, the vic was a 36-year old actual German, (though some reports indicate he was mixed German-Kazakh), and the suspect, first said to be a 28-year old Syrian, actually turns out to be a 30-year old Palestinian.  (Like, okay, that makes it all better.)  The source of that discrepancy is that he probably lied about both his nationality and his age in order to be able to stay, as he was part of Merkel’s Boner.  Also yesterday, indicative of the world’s worst possible timing, and also in Stuttgart, the CEO of Daimler denounced “white racism” and “right-wing extremism,” mainly because there turns out to be a lot of patriotic activity in the unions representing Daimler assembly line and blue collar employees.

8/4 @ 6 PM

As I figured, no new substantive developments over the weekend.

But just to add insult to injury, on Friday, a gang tried to invade and bust open the vault at a bank inside the same train station.  Poor ole Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof can get it.

8/5 @ 5 PM

Nothing new today, and I think substance-wise, it’s going to be only a trickle going forward.  I think we already know all we can know;  The only official loose end is the motive, and like I’ve been writing here, it’s Wächtersbach revenge.

Someone asked me in a PM on Twitter if any names have been released, relating to vic or perp.  The answer is no, because German laws relating to media and criminal justice jurisprudence prevent it.  If we ever get any official release of names, it will be at most the entire first name and the first initial of the last name.

And this loops back to what happened twice in the United States this past weekend.  Backing out the seventh century death cult of peace, which has its own set of motivations, which can’t be deterred by not naming the nutbar, these kinds of mass public shootings are pretty rare in this country, precisely because the sort of publicity-seeking nutbar who would want to pull such an event knows that he won’t gain instant fame or even deferred fame.

8/7 @ 3 PM

The camera at the train station which would have shown all of the crime most closely and with the most detail was deliberately damaged some time before the event.

Comma, Horst.

Also, I forgot to mention here, relating to Wächtersbach, that the week before Wächtersbach happened, I remember reading that someone was adjudicated into a mental hospital, relating to a violent attack involving a Syrian and an Eritrean at refugee housing close to Frankfurt back in September.

I mentioned here back on Friday that, to add insult to injury, there was an attempt at a bank robbery, a gang tried to invade and bust open the bank vault.  Now we find out today that the doers are an “Arab clan” from Berlin.  Which means both problems at Ffm-Hbf last week were mystery meat-caused.

8/8 @ 10 PM

The Wächtersbach victim, the 26-year old Eritrean, did not die.  He was shot in the stomach, but survived.  He was released from the hospital, today.  The doer, 55 years old, committed suicide after he shot the Eritrean.

Yet and still, we don’t have any hard relevant facts about the doer, of the sort that we’re interested in.  And we don’t have any official linkage between Wächtersbach and Ffm-Hbf, per my theory.


Two weeks after the fact, people are still bringing flowers to Ffm-Hbf, and the GFM has netted 110K €.


The suspect’s drug and tox screen came back totally clean for illicit and street drugs, even though the results on other substances have yet to come back.

For the first time officially, and surprisingly, based on German laws relating to the confidentiality of criminal suspects and victims, the suspect’s full name is being officially promulgated:  Habte Araya.


Three new developments:

(1) Habte Araya, the suspect, was checked into court-ordered pre-trial psychiatric care today.

(2) We found out today that along with the child he killed and the mother he tried to push onto the tracks, he also tried to push an unrelated 78-year old woman there, too, but did not succeed.

(3) Here’s the most disturbing part: If he’s officially diagnosed as being some kind of schizo, it could mean that he does not get a life sentence of incarceration or forced infirmary, which is the legal maximum in Germany.


On my way out of Wiesbaden a few weeks ago, I passed through Ffm-Hbf and saw the stop and the memorial.  Now, as of today, the impromptu memorial and all the flowers and teddy bears deposited there has been taken down.  Meaning that when I pass through Ffm-Hbf again to go back to Wiesbaden on Thursday, there will be no memorial.

There is talk of a permanent memorial fixture.


It’s official:  The solution is more police and more cameras.

In reaction to a crime where the perp did what he did explicitly to be seen doing it.



It looks like there will be no criminal charges, because of the suspect’s mental illness.





14 responses

30 07 2019
Alright Dan

I remember when you used to do this kind of in depth coverage about big stories that happened here.

31 07 2019

yeah, those were great

31 07 2019

Big stories seem to find me wherever I am.

Though there’s nothing otherworldly about that. It’s just the law of averages.

30 07 2019

I was wondering why no uproar about Rightists, dog that doesn’t bark and all that.

30 07 2019
Nicholas Stix

“Officially, ‘no motive.’”

In 1970, California State Police began the tradition of hiding racially-motivated, black-on-white murders behind the phrase, “motiveless murders.” Today, they’re called, ‘random.” Coppers don’t seem to grasp that the phrase functions as a tell. Anytime a copper says, “random,” he has given away that we’re dealing with a racially-motivated, black-on-white murder.

30 07 2019
31 07 2019

Wächtersbach literally translates to “Watcher’s Brook,” or “Guardian’s Brook.” A little irony, because, like I already wrote above, the town was along the Fulda Gap route.

31 07 2019
David In TN

I have a friend who was in the U.S. Army stationed in West Germany circa 1965, He was at a nuclear rocket base. The orders were if the Russians came through the Fulda Gap to grab your weapon and join the nearest NATO unit.

My friend had his own plan. A local German family agreed to take him (he has a German surname) in and he would dress as a German peasant in the event of a Russian assault.

1 08 2019
2 08 2019

Hey, about that link you sent me. I may never be able to enjoy anything ever again.

26 08 2019

Four weeks after the fact, this happened this morning at the same station.

8 10 2019
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