HRC and the Twentieth

30 06 2016


Lots of bzzz bzzz over Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting on the Sky Harbor tarmac.

That got me to thinking.  I think I’ve found a very serious foible in the way Hillary Clinton is going to have to do business if she wins in November that the Obama White House can exploit.

I wrote in this space last year that President Obama is mentally conflicted on whether to pull the trigger on an indictment or not based on the Catch 22 of despising the Clintons and blue team party loyalty.  Even now it’s probably too late to hand down an indictment to slide HRC out of the way so that the DNC can nominate Joe Biden.

I think I have found a time frame window that is idea for the Obama White House to nail HRC with an indictment, but there’s a big but, two big buts, actually.  The time frame window is the month between December 19 and January 20.  The two big buts are:  One, HRC has to win the election, and two, her running mate has to be to Obama’s liking.

Colloquially, whoever wins on November election night, assuming s/he isn’t already President, gets the title “President-Elect” at that time.  Legally, the Presidential election is on the day the Electoral College meets.  This cycle, that will be December 19.  We all know it’s a formality, but legally and constitutionally, “President-Elect” does not apply until after the Electoral College casts its votes.

Section 3 of the 20th Amendment:

If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President.

Let’s say that HRC wins the election informally on November 8 and therefore wins the Electoral College on December 19.  It would also mean that on those same dates, her running mate would informally and formally, respectively, become Vice-President-Elect.  After December 19, Hillary Clinton would be President-Elect and the running mate would be Vice-President-Elect.  Let’s say that Obama likes the running mate (Julian Castro?  Elizabeth Warren?) a lot.  After December 19 and before January 20 would be the perfect time for Obama to drop the indictment hammer.  Then HRC will have to abdicate (“die,” figuratively) from being President-Elect, meaning her running mate will become President- Elect and then will become President on January 20.

During this time frame, Obama will not be constrained by the Catch-22, because, assuming the two big buts, the blue team will have won the Presidency.

Which means HRC better not pick a running mate that Obama likes and would rather see as President than her.

I get the feeling that she or someone in her inner circle has already thought of this. I also get the feeling that the White House has thought of this.




12 responses

30 06 2016

I am in awe of you. And a little frightened.

30 06 2016

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

I actually do quite a bit of this in the day job, finding and identifying foibles either for offensive or defensive purposes.

30 06 2016

Now we know why the tarmac meeting. Lynch was giving the Clintons a heads-up about this:

I now also think that this meeting was meant to send a subtle message to the FBI agents on the case to work slowly.

My speculation about an indictment in between the EC meeting and inauguration day is just that, theoretical speculation. It probably won’t happen then, either, even if the two big buts happen.

30 06 2016

Pretty much my own conspiracy theory re: Preezy-O’s dislike of Lurleen – that is, a post-election indictment…..Sooo…Perhaps he will pledge his time and support to her campaign in order to ensure Cory Booker gets the VP nod…
That is what he’s all about,m isn’t it?

30 06 2016
David In TN

How will it play out if Trump wins? BTW, Rasmussen has Trump up by four.

30 06 2016

None of this will matter if Trump wins. Remember the two big buts are Hillary winning and Obama liking her running mate.

Though if Trump does win, that would also remove the Catch-22 and then Obama will whack her anyway.

30 06 2016

You know who else is constantly seeking tiny little cracks and exploits and weaknesses and choke points? AQ and ISIS. They know they can never beat us conventionally straight-up, but they know the west’s propensity for egalitarianism, social justice and hysteria, and they can pattern their terrorist attacks in a “death by a thousand paper cuts” fashion to kill us. I was thinking about that when I read this earlier today:

The religion of peace’s recent peaceful antics in Brussels and Istanbul, at their airports, means that TSA is going to want to move their molestation to the airport building entrances and maybe as far back as the parking lot and garage entrances. The rest of the developed world to follow suit. A few more AQ/ISIS attacks and official security authorities reacting in earnest, and domestic and international airline travel is going to come pretty much to a screeching halt. Death by a thousand paper cuts. AQ and ISIS can paper cut their way to slowing our entire economy and society to almost a total halt, because they know we’ll never react properly.

30 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Bombhatta is no politician. He has nothing to lose by dropping a bomb on Clinton. His political career is already over. This lame duck won’t be up for another election again. This thin-skinned Queen still hasn’t forgotten Bill’s zinger about fetching coffee. It must stick in his craw that he has to watch Hillary get coronated. I wouldn’t be surprised if the indictment falls the day after the nomination just to make it hurt more. You cannot have two Queen Bees in there. Hillary is the other Queen that old prissy Bombhatta hates as his rival.

30 06 2016

And we know that Obama can let people get in his head. Trump is certainly living in his head rent free. I think you’re right, because I don’t buy the notion that Obama’s going to be much seen or heard from after January 20; he’s gonna run straight for the golf course. I’ve said it myself that if Trump wins, he won’t be in DC for the formal dog and pony Presidential handoff theatrics, he’ll be on a golf course at the moment Trump is being sworn in. I also think that he’d do that even if it was Hillary and he doesn’t whack her with an indictment. This means that Obama isn’t really going to do anything to help the Democrat Party in his last few months, b/e HDGAF.

1 07 2016
Hard Right

He’ll have to give a half million dollar speech once a month or so. Mooch will keep spending money like she’s the Queen of Sheba.

14 07 2016
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