Marathon, Not Sprint

7 10 2015


I wrote in this space awhile back that in the era of Iowa and New Hampshire going first, no Republican has ever won both in a non-incumbent year.  Currently, Trump is leading in most polls in both states.

But what if he doesn’t win either?

Here’s the answer.

In 1992, Bill Clinton didn’t win either IA or NH, and Georgia was his only win in the eleven contests before March 7.

Bill Clinton’s wife is running for President in 2016.

There Goes Another Theory

7 10 2015


If you thought Trump was in it just to goose a better contract with NBC for The Apprentice, you can forget about that theory:

Trump’s campaign headquarters is on the fifth floor of Trump Tower here, in an industrial space that previously had been a construction area and hangout for the crew of NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

Also from this:

The strife in Syria has become a staple of Trump’s stump speech and it is an area where he has begun to differentiate himself from others in his party with a stance that sounds decidedly more cautious. In the interview, he questioned those who are advocating more direct military intervention by the United States.

The good news is that at least on some level, Trump realizes that he needs to install a brain-mouth filter on foreign policy.


Libertarian Party of Florida Jettisons Libertarian Senate Candidate Because He Acted Libertarianly.

7 10 2015


Sacrificed a goat, drank its blood.

Well, he was running in Florida.  Who could have blamed him for trying to appeal to Haitian voters?

Brunner Is In, Officially

5 10 2015


For GOV-R.

He better have a platform beyond “Muh Handwipe” and “I’m against ObamaCare” if he wants to win this primary, otherwise, for me, it will feel like that I’m partying like it’s very early August 2012.

Of course, I have to say again, neither he nor any of the other Republicans have a chance versus Koster November next unless they openly disavow RTW.

Trump Wants to Win Virginia, So It Seems

5 10 2015

Landover, Maryland

Trump hearts Redskins.

It’s how one of the very very very worst RINOs alive, Special Ed Gillespie, damned near pulled off what would have been the biggest upset of 2014, even more than Hogan-Brown for MD-GOV, by riding the Redskins hobby horse.

The Smart Bush, Part II

5 10 2015

South Carolina

Just as Joaquin is flooding parts of South Carolina with millennial grade rain deluges, Jeb! wants to flood the state with his brother to help him rescue his own sagging poll numbers.

That would be George W. Bush, who ended his Presidency with around a 30% approval rating.

He’s Supposed to Be the “Smart” Bush

1 10 2015

Manchester, New Hampshire


Why Jeb Bush Sees Himself as the John McCain of 2016

As polls show Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush slipping, and though his donors may be worried, he’s certainly not, at least visibly.

Speaking to ABC News today, Bush offered an anecdote about a previous GOP candidate whose chances seemed slim.

“This time, eight years ago, John McCain was traveling through the Atlanta airport. I saw him and he had no aide, no person, [he was] by himself because his campaign was supposed to be ended,” Bush said of the Arizona senator. “He won the Republican primary that year. This is how the process works; you have to go earn it.”


Meanwhile, here in the real world, Jeb! is behind Mike Huckabee in North Carolina.

Consider this today’s open thread about the Presidential race, or anything, because I’m burning a two ended candle at three ends today.



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