Two Are Correct

26 03 2015

New York

A HRC aligned Super PAC has a list of words it doesn’t want used about HRC.  Mostly, they won’t want people telling the truth about her.

I do agree that we should not use either “ambitious” or “inevitable,” because she doesn’t impress me as either.


25 03 2015


One thing that is totally flying by everyone but me in this Ted Cruz and ObamaDontCare hoopla today:

His wife is taking a leave of absence from her job at Goldman Sachs to help her husband’s campaign.

Let me write that again with the emphasis on the important words:

His wife is taking a leave of absence from her job at Goldman Sachs to help her husband’s campaign.

“Leave of absence” implies she’s going to go back to the job.  It says “leave of absence,” not “resignation.”

Why would someone who will be FLOTUS when her husband becomes POTUS thinks she has to go back to her Goldman Sachs job?

She’s really showing a lot of confidence in her husband’s chances by taking a leave of absence and not resigning, isn’t she?

The Stuff of Legends

24 03 2015


Yeah, he’s so legendary in this state’s politics that I never even heard of him until May 2012.  And I’ve been paying close attention to state politics for quite some time, even well before then.

He left such a path of destruction that his big accomplishment is a radio buy I never heard on the radio.


Just Sanguine

24 03 2015


Another thing of which I’m already tired even though it has barely started:

All this Ted Cruz birther talk.

The whole irony is that some of you people reading these words who are peddling this are the same people who (rightly) believe in Jus Sanguinis rather than Jus Soli.

Father?  A legal immigrant, per the Cuban Adjustment Act.  Mother?  Native born white American of Irish/Italian ethnic ancestry.  Furthermore, his father seems to be what they call a “Criollo,” that is is, a New World white Spaniard unmixed with any Amerind.  Which means that Ted Cruz is as lily white as a person can be.

Cooke Nails It

24 03 2015


I have written in this space several times recently that while I don’t agree that Ted Cruz comes off as a used car salesman, that I can understand why people think that, why he leaves that impression in the minds of a lot of people.

And finally, Charles C.W. Cooke, writing at NR, solves the whole riddle.

The reason why I don’t think he comes off that way isn’t because he doesn’t, but because I don’t think in those terms.  If I was incapable of seeing the color blue, I would never have a clue that blue jays exist.  But that doesn’t change the reality that blue jays exist.

Ted Cruz could have the rhetorical style of a megachurch preacher, used car salesman, vacuum cleaner salesman, NPR food and recipes editor, R&B crooner, or he could do all of his political rhetoric in sign language and never say a word, and it wouldn’t matter to me one bit.  All that matters to me is substance, and as far as that goes, I’ve had a lot to say lately.  However, in a duhmocrazy, these kind of trivial superficialities matter way more than actual substance, because morons have the franchise.  Even people that agree with Ted Cruz on most of his substance are going to turn away because of his lecturing-preaching-preening rhetorical style.

Debating Is Overrated

23 03 2015

Lynchburg, Virginia

A few bullet points on Ted Cruz’s announcement this morning.

1.  One would get the impression from listening to the issues he’s putting front and center to announce his campaign that Republican Presidential candidates have a lot of trouble winning Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee in recent cycles.  “Stand With Israel?”  Why?  So you can get even more votes in states that are foregone red conclusions anyway?  Most of the white South will vote for any Republican, even the most milquetoast and uninspiring ones, over any Democrat.  To wit:  2008 and 2012.

Electoral College leverage comes from Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania.  And their crucial swing white voters don’t much care about Israel either way.

2.  This point is a segue from the first point.  Cruz noted the tens of millions of evangelical Christians that vote and the tens of millions that don’t.  Yes, that’s true.  The inconvenient truth is that they, both the voters and non-voters, are mostly in states that would be red states anyway.  In a way, it’s like the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!!1 that the Republican establishment fawns over.  First off, it’s more like a pebble pond ripple than a tidal wave.  Second, most Hispanic voters live in states that are already foregone red or foregone blue for reasons other than Hispanics; in contrast, the red states evangelical Christian voters live in are red states largely because of their political energy.  If, as Cruz intimates, the 50% of evangelical Christians that don’t vote actually did vote, all it would mean is that the Republican would win Alabama by a bigger margin.  The point remains; the prize is Electoral College leverage, the crucial swing voters in crucial swing states.  And those aren’t Hispanics in California or white evangelical Christians in Alabama.  They’re people who aren’t swayed by a better more eloquent more articulate version of lamestream conservatism, nor are they interested in Rah Rah Reagan more than 30 years removed from his last campaign, even though the crucial swing voters either were actually Reagan Democrats or one generation removed from Reagan Democrats.

3.  Cruz will win every debate he’s in.  He’ll outargue and outdebate everyone on the stage and everyone not on the stage all day long until the cows come home.  And the ultimate political relevance of that will be?  Virtually nothing.  He’s going to do great debating on behalf of an agenda that is increasingly irrelevant and obsolete, and not that important to the voters that ultimately matter.  On a national scale, debates are overrated; all one has to do is to perform competently in them but do so on an agenda that connects with people and connects with the right kind of people.

4.  The problem with Ted Cruz and immigration in his campaign is that he’s going to try to thread the needle between being Jeff Sessions and being the donors.  That’s been his problem on immigration even before now.  He could get himself on the right side 100% of the time, Jeff Sessions’s side, and that’s how he could make real inroads with the swing voters that matter, working middle class whites outside the South.  But then, the money and the donors.

5.  I wonder why the Republican establishment despises him so much.  After all, Harvard Law is on his resume and his wife works for Goldman Sachs.  Plus, his Spanish surname, and his full legal name is Rafael Edward Cruz, so both his first and last name are Spanish, though for assimilation purposes, he professionally goes by the common nickname of his middle name as his first name.  That’s like a Republican establishmentarian wet dream come true.

6.  This goes to show you how vacuous modern news media are:  Their big grind with Cruz’s announcement is that he did not use a teleprompter.

7.  Ted Cruz is now America’s second official “white Hispanic.”

Larry v Jesse

23 03 2015

Silicon Valley

Orange County Register:

Race, class issues starting to split Silicon Valley alliance of tech, progressives

The rise of today’s progressive-dominated Democratic Party stemmed from a brilliant melding of minorities, the poor, the intelligentsia and, quite surprising, the new ultrarich of Silicon Valley. For the past decade, this alliance has worked for both sides, giving the tech titans politically correct cover while suggesting their support for the progressives’ message can work with business.

Not only did tech overwhelmingly favor President Obama with campaign contributions but Obama also overwhelming won the Silicon Valley electorate, taking the once GOP-leaning Santa Clara County with 70 percent of the vote. After the 2012 election, a host of former top Obama aides – including former campaign manager David Plouffe (Uber) and press spokesman Jay Carney (Amazon) – have signed up to work for tech giants. Perhaps even more revealing was the politically inspired firing last year of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for contributing to California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage.

Yet, despite these ties and PC eruptions, this alliance between the ideologically and the technically advanced shows signs of unraveling. This reflects, over time, what Marxists might have referred to as “contradictions” between two very different worldviews: the disruptive, acquisitive, aggressive spirit inherent in entrepreneurial capitalism and the increasingly egalitarian, property-controlling instincts of the progressive Left. To many progressives, the Silicon Valley elite are no longer scrappy up-and-comers, but increasingly resemble a new oligarchy.

Translation:  KKKrazy Glue is only so sticky for so long.

Hopefully we’ll have seventeen months more of this, and it will all blow up at the the DNC in Philadelphia.  I still want my knock down drag out brawl pitting Randi Weingarten against Davis Guggenheim.  Could we also see Larry Ellison vs Jesse Jackson on the undercard?


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