Some Time Today, The Smartest Woman in the World Will Declare War on a Frog

25 08 2016

Reno, Nevada

Open thread about the matter.

I’m surprised there isn’t a lot more media and social networking buzz about the matter.  Which indicates to me that the Hillary camp and the media (though I repeat myself), even before the fact, have determined that it’s going to be a big flop in terms of what they want out of it.  Meanwhile, it will be a big boon for us.  I just hope she spells “Countenance Blog” correctly.  However, they’re past the point of no return — Even if they are suddenly getting cold feet, the fact that they’re going to pwn the alt-right and try to hook it to Trump is too well known by enough people for Team Rodham to back out suddenly without getting egg in their faces.  Another possibility, again, assuming they’re getting cold feet, is that the speech is being reworked to read like a generic screed against *-ism and *-phobia, while not mentioning any movement or any Presidential candidate in particular.

If this does turn out to be what it has been advertised, I predict that Hillary will make special emphasis on the none too favorable attitude that many in the alt-right have about Jews.  For the same reason why the media peddled the non-troversy about the six-pointed sheriff star for a week, in order to dog whistle Trump Hitler Trump Hitler to try to dissuade Jews from writing checks to Trump.  If I’m right about that, Hillary will kvetch about the Schlomo Shekelstein memes and the parentheses.

Head Games

24 08 2016


About this supposed Trump softening and pivot on immigration:

It’s far more a matter of the media playing head games with and trying to drive a wedge between Trump and his most loyal supporters than it is reality and substance.

I think the media and the Hillary campaign (though I repeat myself) have figured out that their most potent weapon is to try to convince Trump supporters that he’s not the populist and nationalist he purports to be.  Uplifting Hillary doesn’t work well, and bashing Trump on the usual grounds doesn’t either.  Which leaves trying to dissolve the bounds which attracted Trump supporters to Trump to begin with.

Which is why one of two Hillary TV buys in Missouri has been about, “see see see, his clothes aren’t made in the USA, so he ain’t no economic nationalist.”

Let’s concede for the sake of discussion that Trump was actually softening on immigration.  It would mean that even his softened immigration policy is worlds stronger than what we have now and even more so than what Hillary would give us, and she’s promising to throw the borders open even wider than Obama has.  When you’re stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert, and you’re presented with a cup of water, you don’t care about the precise fraction of cup that is filled.

National Campaign Manager

23 08 2016

Reno, Nevada

Now I’ve figured out why the media were spilling so much ink over the alt-right over the last few days.

They were telling Hillary what her next line of attack should be.

All Is Fair in Elections and War

23 08 2016


Yeah, I know it’s wrong.

But it happened to Rickroller Wilson, Liz Mair and Cheri Jacobus.

Couldn’t we look the other way, just this once?  Please please please?  Pretty please?  If you give me this, I’ll never ask for anything ever again for as long as I live.

Early Adopters

17 08 2016

Fairfax, Virginia

That sound you hear is the ground moving underneath all of us.

My contentions:

(1) This is written is that it is written with the soap opera mentality of “what does this mean for the official Republican Party” in mind.  Ace calls it the MacGuffinization of politics.  Nobody seems to care about what is being done or how it will positively or negatively affect individuals, groups or the society as a whole.  All that seems to matter is the bitchy circle jerk soap opera.  For reasons that most of you know because you’re smart enough to have been one of my readers for a long time, I don’t much care about the official Republican party, definitely not now, and mostly not any time in the past.

(2) The writer focuses on the potential base of a potential nationalist (or -type) party as the frustrated base of the Republican Party.  Alt-right political theorists who aren’t this blogmeister have speculated for some time that the charter adopters of such a party wouldn’t be them, but instead be otherwise apathetic working to middle class whites outside the South.  With the way Trump rolled up very easy wins on Acela Tuesday and in other Acela states, I use that as evidence of that theory being correct.  In an ordinary Republican Presidential year, the party establishment favorite would win Massachusetts and a doctrinaire and also usually social conservative would win Alabama.  Meanwhile, this year, Trump wins both Massachusetts and Alabama.  Meaning that we were reading the politics of the Republican or potential Republican voting universe wrong.  The working and middle class whites in Acela states have been driven away from Democrats but don’t much like right-libertarian economic orthodoxy, and even if they have social conservative inclinations, they’re too scared to manifest it politically because of their neighbors.  The only reason WMCWs in the South were loyal Republican voters is because of racial reactionism, and because social conservatism has no political penalty in Alabama while it does in Massachusetts.  Trump coming along meant that Acela WMCWs had a reason to turnout, and Dixie WMCWs had a better option.  That doesn’t mean that all the other things have disappeared, it’s that a message of pedal to the metal populism and nationalism, combined with a careful needle-threading agenda on racial and non-racial social issues is what unites Massachusetts and Alabama, and actually goes as far as to expose an otherwise unknown schism in American politics, between the hardened bitter East (both Union and Confederate) on one side, and Midwestern and Intermountain Western nice and congenial on the other side.  The hardened bitter East voted Trump, and the congenial Midwestern/IM-Western voted either Cruz or Rubio.

Blow the Man(afort) Down

17 08 2016


Bannon pushes the up button on the Trump Tower elevators, Manafort pushes the down button.

I’m hearing the words “populism and nationalism” a lot in regards to what Bannon is thinking.  Which is fine by me.  Trump is a hell of a lot better when he operates from a combination of raw instinct and scripted polish than any other mode.  If he didn’t feel pressure just from the fact that he is running as a Republican, I think he’d be doing even better than he is.  Being mindful of the fact that privately, a lot of people, the HRC campaign included, admit that there’s a Duke Effect at work.

Corey L. has to be pulling what little hair he has out of his head today.  Trump showed him to door to elevate Manafort, and now he’s swapping out Manafort (but not firing him) to elevate Steven Bannon, who is a lot like Corey.  It’s even worse for Corey, because now that Manafort has been knocked down a few floors, Corey’s sour grapes stink bombs lobbed at Manafort are suddenly less valuable to CNN and less relevant to anyone; I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN cans Corey within a matter of days.  That’s why CNN hired him, just because of all the baby mamma drama that Corey would create from throwing around sour grapes.  They certainly didn’t hire him for his telegenic personality or his articulation skills or (straight women and gay men, help me out here) his good looks.

Ten Ton Wedge Factory

16 08 2016

Youngstown, Ohio


It all makes sense.  Trump gives his vaunted, anticipated, major address yesterday, foreign policy, ISIS, this kind of stuff.  You’d never know it, but Trump’s speech contained a whole bunch of profundities.  Trump’s speech contained some amazing things, but you’re not hearing about that.  All you’re hearing about it was typical Trump bigotry, typical Trump ignorance, typical Trump demonstrating he’s unfit and unqualified for the office.

Just typical coverage by the Drive-Bys.  And then after that they’re ignoring it, and they’re ignoring it because there’s things in there, in Trump’s speech, that I’m convinced that they do not want certain people to know that he said.

Easy.  Trump once again dropped ten ton wedges between gay donors and the blue team war chest.  That scares the hell out of them.  That’s why they went on this gun gun gun gun gun diversion warpath after Orlando, because Trump did the same thing, and they’re trying to keep gay donors from thinking about Democrat immigration policy.


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