Electoral College Versus Popular Vote

4 02 2017


What’s the Matter With That One State Over from Kansas?

29 01 2017


Thomas Frank does Walt Disney’s home town and north central Missouri in general.

This little spreadsheet may shed some light on the situation.


Your Turn

24 01 2017

Washington, D.C.

Four years ago, the red party got their autopsy wrong.  Mostly due to donor pressure, they deliberately misdiagnosed the cause of death, and promised to double down on that which caused them to lose, that which crucially marginal voters found abhorrent.  Luckily for the red party, an orange crowned spirit descended from the sky and down an escalator to save them from themselves in the time since then.

Now, it’s the blue party’s turn to get their autopsy wrong, and the double down on that which caused them to lose.

Coronal Options

1 01 2017


Me, November 10:

We were lectured in the current year that white evangelical/born-again voters would sour on Trump because of his personal life and his social issue liberalism.

In 2012, Romney carried 78% of them.  That matched the record for that group voting red, with Bush 2004.  That was important, because there was a fashionable theory that white evangelical/born-again voters soured on a Mormon, and this statistic refuted that.

That record is now gone.

Trump got 81% of them.

The Atlantic, three days ago:

Many of those 81 percent are accommodating cultural changes in America that are deeply problematic. Liberals have been trying to convince Americans, and evangelicals in particular, that America is not a Christian nation. The 2016 election was evangelicals saying, “Yeah, you’re right! We can’t expect to have someone who is Christian like us. We can’t expect to have someone with a perfect family life. What we can expect is someone who can look out for us, just like every other group in this country is looking for a candidate who will look out for them.”

An easier way to say this is that when the traditional Evangelical issue base is taken off the table, they won’t stay home, but instead fall back on populism and nationalism in other issues.  And that’s how you get to 81%.  This also means that the very people who have been demanding that these issues are taken off the table can’t turn right around and blame the people they wanted not to have this choice for not thinking about these things when casting their votes.  It was like:  “The social issues shouldn’t matter anymore” on the one hand, but “How could you vote for such a lecher like Trump?” on the other hand.

Medieval Scholastic Nitpicking

21 12 2016

Alexandria, Virginia

Aww, isn’t that cute?  He’s in the same line of work I am, (or at least I am for two more days), and he’s goosing a pseudo-scientific narrative around his and his firm’s ideological-professional interests!  They’re so cherubic when they do that!

The cynic in me (though I repeat myself) senses that this is far more a paid advertisement than a bona fide op-ed.

“But look but look but look!  Trump didn’t do as well as Romney south of Nashville and north of Columbus!”

That’s right, President Romney does have that to his credit.

Wait what?

A Few Screaming Foilheads

19 12 2016

Jefferson City

Couldn’t prevent Missouri’s ten electors from voting for Trump/Pence this morning at the Capitol.

“Respect the will of the people,” it says here that one protester yelled.


That they did.

Turning Georgia Blue

14 12 2016


Or trying to.

Yeah, that’s what that was all about.