It’s All Good

4 05 2016

South Florida


It may be comforting to some, to others just a thought, that Trump’s not gonna really do this. “When you get to the end of this, it isn’t gonna be Trump,” and now it is.  I mean, I think the number and the types of reactions out there are infinite, and the attitudes about the future are multifaceted as well.  We’re gonna explore here what happened, why it happened, what went wrong, where do we go from here, what does this all mean.  But again, folks, I can’t do this in one show, can’t do it in the opening segment certainly.

Rush always tells us that words mean things, and he just tipped over his hand by using the three words “what went wrong” in relation to what happened yesterday and throughout the season.

It’s all good, though, at least he gave Trump a fair hearing, so much so that #NeverTrump still thinks he was secretly pro-Trump all along, and was only pro-Cruz in as much as one had to listen carefully to pick up on it.  And he’s not going on an unhinged lunatic rampage today.  Unlike someone else in that business.


Do Not Enter, Loyalty Is a One Way Street

4 05 2016

Leesburg, Virginia

Originally, I wanted to roast him.

But I don’t think I need to.

All I need to say is that, four years ago, he was so adamant that Ron Paul needed to be loyal to the eventual Republican nominee, that he pronounced that if Ron Paul ran third party and just got a million votes, even if it didn’t change the two party outcome of the election, that he would do everything he could to get Rand Paul thrown out of the Senate.  And, this is the same Mark Levin who was sort of a Rick Santorum guy in 2012 during the primary season.

He’s another one who is facing straight into the abyss of obsolescence and irrelevance thanks to the surprise events of the last ten months.  When Trump wins in November, Mark Levin’s brand of Constitalmud cargo cult ideology goes straight to the ash heap.

“Constitalmud?  I see what you did there.”

Let That Sink In

3 05 2016


They said it was going to be the strongest most vibrant diverse interesting accomplished Republican Presidential field of this generation.

Donald Trump just beat every last one of ’em.

Draw your own conclusions.

Kings and Queens

3 05 2016


Donald Trump is a Queens native, and we all know he lives in Manhattan.

HRC’s national campaign office is in Brooklyn, and she lives in Chappaqua.

We have our Subway Series.

The conventional wisdom mongers of 2007 said that 2008 would be a HRC-Giuliani Subway Series.

Missed it by that much.

They are, like an overwhelming majority of people with at least some English ancestry, both direct descendants of King Edward III, direct 19th cousins, in fact.

#NeverTrump Makes a PR Gamble On Behalf Of Fox News Channel

3 05 2016


For the first time in a long time, CNN is beating FNC in prime time, and in key demos, and is within very close striking distance in total viewers.  It’s a combination of FNC losing eyeballs and CNN gaining them.

The #NeverTrump crowd is throwing a party, because they think the reason for the hemmhorhage is that FNC has become an arm of the Trump campaign.  When in reality, when the season started, it was really the Jeb! channel, and even now, I think it’s more anti-Trump than pro-Trump.  But, let’s humor them, and play along.

If you advocate a cause, the last thing you want is for people to get it in their minds to associate your cause with losing or not winning.  I’d rather stretch the truth to hook myself to winners than tell the unvarnished truth and wind up associating myself with losers.  When Dave Brat shocked the world to beat Eric Cantor almost two years ago, many libertardians hit the internet to say that Brat’s win had nothing to do with libertardianism.  Now there’s something to make you pull your hair out of your head if you do PR for some libertarian outfit.  As if to say, “if you want to pull off once in a century upsets, don’t have anything to do with us.”

The #NeverTrump gang is making the same PR gamble.  What if people come to accept their version of FNC’s ratings collapse, that it’s the fault of the network being Trump shills, and then Trump goes on to win the whole shootin’ match in November?  What will that tell people?

That Fox News Channel isn’t that important, that the road to the White House for a Republican does not have to run through it.  That FNC, in the times when it was both far more highly rated and even more universally behind Romney and McCain, didn’t do them any good insofar as winning the Presidency, more proof of my first sentence.  It would also knock the #NeverTrump crowd flat on their backs, for it would be the electorate telling them, fuck you, you don’t matter, you’re politically impotent and irrelevant.

Indiana Primary Open Thread

3 05 2016


The media keep talking about how Hoosiers are going to vote today.

Huh?  Lots of hoosiers already did vote back on March 15.  And I’m sure Trump did pretty well among them.

(I’ll give you some time to get all your snickering in.)

Silver Mines handicaps the day’s results based on Indiana’s history.  This is good enough, but it leaves out two crucial things:

(1) Indiana has, or rather, had, plenty of manufacturing, but it never had it of the sorts that surrounding and nearby Great Lakes states had it, and most crucially, it didn’t have it in the 1910-1960 time frame.  Which means that the Great Migration of blacks out of the Deep South affected Indiana’s neighbors, but not much in Indiana itself.  You’ll note the part of Indiana that had the most manufacturing and heavy industry, northwestern Indiana, Gary and surrounding areas, that’s the part of Indiana that’s most like Chicago and Detroit.

(2) Contra this reasoning in the Silver Mines, you have to remember that Trump won Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and would have won Ohio but for John Kasich being its current Governor.  The reasons Trump won the surrounding or neighboring states will be the reason why Trump will have a much harder time winning in Indiana today.  If Trump does win by a healthy margin, it will mainly be because he threw the TKO in the last two weeks, and Cruz voters have just plain given up.

That’s Our Glenn

30 04 2016


I was wondering what happened to him; he was pretty quiet for several weeks.

And with that, the number of people who don’t think he is or has become absolutely batshit crazy has sunk to the single digits.


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