Sad to Mad

3 03 2015


John Danforth turned today’s funeral of his protege into a farce.

I know I said earlier that I wasn’t going to talk about all the craziness being bandied about in the days since Tom Schweich’s suicide, hoping it will go away.  Unfortunately, Danforth just amplified the craziness and sent it to the stratosphere.  This funeral and my having attended it made me way more mad than sad.  So I’m going to have to address the matter, hoping that I can bring some people to their senses.

Tom Schweich committed suicide probably because he was mentally unstable.

He didn’t commit suicide because there was a way too early to matter OBO (“On Behalf Of”) Hanaway negative radio buy out there against him, a buy I only heard about the day before he committed suicide.  I don’t even know if the buy actually made it on-air on any station in the state.  First off, as far as negative buys, it was hardly the most vitriolic, even if it like most political buys played fast and loose with the truth.  Second, if every politician who faced negative ads committed suicide, we would hardly have any politicians.  The hard truth of the matter is that you can’t fit two candidates into one nomination without a massive wreck.

He didn’t commit suicide because there was an anti-Semitic whispering campaign against him.  First off, I, as someone whose job heavily involves Missouri state government, didn’t even know he had Jewish heritage until after his suicide, his father’s father was Jewish.  Tom Schweich, OTOH, was a practicing Episcopalian.  Second, if there was such a whispering campaign, they were echoes in Schweich’s own head.  Third, and most importantly, the reason there was not and never would have been such a whispering campaign is because it would not have been effective.  Who in this state would have thought less of Schweich if it did become public knowledge that his father’s father was Jewish?  Hardly anyone.  Who among the universe of voters in this state that was going to or was seriously considering voting for Schweich for Governor would have not voted for Schweich after finding this out?  If you tallied such individuals, you could count them on two hands.  If anything, Schweich might have come out with a net vote advantage, because there would have been way more evangelical Christians (“Christian Zionists”) in this state who would have changed their votes from Hanaway or non-voting to Schewich than the scant few who would have abandoned him.  Let this be a cautionary tale to some of you reading these words who are hell bent on “naming the Jew,” “exposing the Jews,” “giving the Zionists what-for.”  All that accomplishes is getting whoever you’re “exposing” more votes and more sympathy, especially from high-voting high-activist evangelical Christians, and making you look like a crackpot.  We live in 2015 America, not 1935 Germany.

OTOH, none of this would have made me think less of Schweich, because I didn’t think anything of him to begin with.  For one, his history, for two, that he was a John Danforth sock puppet, which is why until this all happened, I sarcastically referred to him in this space as Tom Danforth, and for three, for something I but few others know.  I was never going to vote for him even if this would have come out and he didn’t commit suicide.  But I never vote for him for anything before, in spite of having two chances to do so.  (2014 Republican primary and 2014 general; in 2010, I was living in Edwardsville.)

But none of this matters to a certain high circulation newspaper in this town.  To read their nutbar editorializing in the last six calendar days, you would think that you hit the Third Reich once you go west of Creve Coeur and it’s Nazi all the way to Independence, with a brief oasis in Columbia.  This particular newspaper, and also a certain Jewish publication that goes backward, in spite of its name, has gone so far as to try to connect Rounder from VNN’s little murderous hissy fit last year (which he did in the state of Kansas, BTW), and Schweich’s suicide.  All the while forgetting to mention that Schweich already won four statewide elections since 2010, two primaries and two generals, beating all goy comers.  Strange behavior from fire-breathing Nazis who hate quarter-Jews.

The very people have have been and continue to be implicitly impugned since last Thursday were nothing but gracious and polite at this morning’s funeral.  John Danforth showed way more ass than class.

It’s Starting

1 03 2015

National Harbor, Maryland

I commented on my own post two days ago:

Something just occurred to me. What if Jeb tries to turn CPAC boos hisses and walkouts to his advantage? We already know he’s pretty much flipping the bird to Iowa, because Iowa is too little like Miami. I expect the Bush propaganda after today that he was so courageous in telling the knuckledraggers what-for.

Yesterday, I tweeted:

It didn’t take long.


Jeb Bush didn’t just survive his journey into the conservative bear pit. By the end, he actually seemed to be enjoying it.


In the short term, braving the audience at CPAC may allow Bush to argue that he can at least have a respectful dialogue with the conservative movement — and may suggest to more mainstream audiences that he will not be a hostage of the more extreme elements of his party.


Walk Right In, Walk Right Out

27 02 2015

National Harbor, Maryland

Washington Times:

CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush

So far, so good.

Mr. Temple, meanwhile, is a familiar face at CPAC and other conservative events. Sporting a colonial solider private suit and carrying a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, he said the Republican party and the mainstream media are underestimating the conservative anger over illegal immigration.

Getting better.

He also said he wants a presidential candidate who will reduce the national debt.

“We want new faces. We want younger faces,” Mr. Temple said.

He said the party should nominate the like of Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, describing them as “true conservatives.” He called Ben Carson a “good guy.”

Donk.  I knew this article would fail me at some point.

Actually, those CPAC attendees most concerned about immigration shouldn’t have even bothered walking into CPAC this year, or any of the previous CPACs held at National Harbor, or any in the foreseeable future.  That’s because the open borders lobby and the Republican donor class have pretty much taken over CPAC and its parent organization, the American Conservative Union, using some open borders Hispanic hack by the name of Al Cardenas as their weapon.  One hint is CPAC’s new location:  The anything but cheap Gaylord National Harbor resort.

Instead, try “Beyond Conservatism,” hosted by Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow and Richard Spencer, being held this weekend at the National Press Club.

So Much For That

26 02 2015


If the radio buy I was wondering about this morning exists at all, I probably won’t hear it now, because it will probably be withdrawn.  And it won’t be necessary anyway after you read this news:

Tom Schweich (I better use his real last name, because this is serious news) is now in the hospital after shooting himself, literally, shooting himself.




Obviously I wasn’t his biggest fan, not only for his politics alone and his resume, but for the fact that he was the one who the state party was going to slide in Todd Akin’s place if he actually dropped out.  And I’ve only seen him in passing at the Capitol, never talked to him.  But just from what I can glean, he’s the last person who I would have thought would have committed suicide or even tried.  Then again, it’s always the ones you least expect.

Rumor Mill

26 02 2015

Jefferson City

There’s supposed to be a new radio buy out there purchased by friends of Catherine Hanaway, that’s a parody of House of Cards, insinuating that Tom Danforth is a Claire McCaskill tool.  Evidently, it’s got Danforth so mad that he called a press conference yesterday at the Capitol to summon up the energy to say something slightly negative about somebody.

Has anyone heard it?

It’s dumb to do media buys this far out (17 months and change) before the actual primary day.  Even FUD/smear/negative buys this far out, if the intent is to throw buckets of tar and feathers in Danforth’s face to tank his reputation among Republican voters, is a waste of time this far out.  And that would still be the case if today was February 26, 2016, and not 2015.  Even the high information voters of a given political party won’t start paying really close attention to intraparty primary campaigns and politics until three months before the vote, meaning round about May 1, 2016 in the case of MO-GOV-R.


Here is, or was, the buy.

After yesterday, it won’t be needed.

Walker’s Wiggle

24 02 2015

Madison, Wisconsin

At NR.

As far as Scott Walker is concerned, this “vagueness” is a feature, not a bug.  He’s riding a wave, and doesn’t want to mess that up by getting too close either to the base or the donors on the matter.  He’s going to equivocate and doublespeak and bafflegab as long as he can to try to placate both sides.  His supposed stated position here is meant to do just that, because it’s not a real substantive tenable policy position or proposal.  However, it can’t last, and he’s going to be made to come down on either our side or Sheldon Adelson’s side openly.  And that’s when his poll numbers will come back down to Earth; he won’t be able to sell himself as the singular anti-Jeb when we discover that he has the same immigration policies as Jeb.


Kander Do Attitude

19 02 2015

Jefferson City

Buzz is that Jason Kander is going to challenge Roy Blunt next year for Senate.

I wonder what Kander is thinking.  He’s coming off his first term as SoS, a term so far where he hasn’t had much of a public profile or accomplishments.  I think Blunt is in a pretty strong position, so I don’t see him being defeated at all.  So why is Kander giving up SoS to challenge Blunt in a race that he’ll probably lose?  The easy answer is that there must be some secret polling out there that shows that Blunt is vulnerable, but like I said, I don’t think he is, and I’ve certainly heard no gossip about such polling data existing.  Does Kander think that he’s not a cinch to win reelection as SoS, and is going to throw his hat in the Senate ring just for the hell of it?  That’s the only theory that fits.

If Blunt was vulnerable, you’d have a lot more big name Democrats lined up already other than Jason Kander.  For instance, Jay Nixon himself wouldn’t bother with his joke of a Presidential campaign and challenge Blunt.  Remember, Nixon has run twice before for the Senate and lost, the first time as the sacrificial lamb to John Danforth in 1988, and the second time as a serious challenger to Kit Bond in 1998.


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