South Carolina Republican Debate Open Thread

13 02 2016

Greenville, South Carolina

We’ll hear Pool Boy tell us about how we need to invade the world, inside a venue called Peace Center, and all the Republican donors in the stacked audience cheer him on, because terrorism.

Did you know John Kasich’s father was a mailman?

Queen Bee Syndrome

13 02 2016

Chappaqua, New York

“Hillary Clinton Top Six Campaign Staffers Are All White Men”

Of course that perked my ears.

But not for the reason you think.  Most of you would think that I’d jump all over the fact that all six are white.  No, the really interesting part is that all six are men.

Back in 2007, many high level white women elected Democrats, Claire McCaskill was one of them, were very early endorsers of Baraq Obama, as opposed to Hillary Clinton.  It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on.

Queen Bee Syndrome is where a woman in power does her best to keep other women from climbing too close to her on the ladder of power.  Translated literally, it would mean that if HRC actually becomes President, and left to her own devices, she would have no women in the Cabinet, and certainly not have one as a Vice-President.  That manifests here with her top six campaign staffers.  A corollary to Queen Bee Syndrome is the crabs in a bucket syndrome, where women who are on or close to the same rung of the ladder will prevent women from climbing too high above them; that was at work with the Claire McCaskills of the world spurning HRC for Obama.

There is simply not a great desire among enough women to have a woman President for its own sake to lift HRC to victory.  If she wins, it will be for other reasons.


Primaries That Look Like Amurrika

10 02 2016

Concord, New Hampshire

There’s a reason why both Bern’s relatively lethargic victory speech and HRC’s very upbeat concession speech leaned heavily on black, Hispanic and immigration issues:

Now that Iowa and New Hampshire are in the rearview mirror, the next two contests are South Carolina and Nevada, both on the 20th, and those states’ Democrat voter universe are heavily black and Hispanic, respectively.  Both already started campaigning in those states with their speeches last night.

HRC knows that, in spite of being blown out last night (strangely, though, she walked away with 15 delegates compared to 13 for Bern, WTF?), and her eke-out win in Iowa, if she keeps the non-white firewall intact, she’s pretty much home-free.  And Bern knows he has to bust that firewall to have a puncher’s chance to win.

New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

9 02 2016

New Hampshire

Bernie, easily, though I think his margin over HRC will be a bit less than the polls suggest, again because he’s relying on under 30 voters.  I’m going to predict again that Trump wins with a shockingly high margin.

Transcript of Marco Rubio’s Debate Performance

7 02 2016

Goffstown, New Hampshire

Trump Got Schlonged in Iowa

4 02 2016


Of all people, Karl Roverrated is starting to climb on that caboose.

Consider this today’s Trump and campaign open thread.

Rand Paul Postmortem

3 02 2016

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Among other reasons why his campaign never got off the ground:

(1) He tried to triangulate between his own father’s neutralitarianism and the neocons, and it made neither side happy.

(2) Very bad immigration related and cuckservative statements since the start of 2013 hurt him badly.

(3) Trump stole his anti-establishment energy.


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