So It’s Not Gonna Be Oprah

26 05 2016


Glad to see that Trump’s not in the affirmative action mood.

When Trump declared, almost a year ago now, (tempus fugit), he joked that The Oprah could be his running mate.

Pens and Phones

26 05 2016

South Florida


And we still have — with all of this, we have all of these NeverTrump people out there claiming to be afraid of Trump ’cause he’s gonna be a dictator.  And here is Hillary Clinton promising to be one from day one and through the first 100 days.

That’s because #NeverTrump doesn’t care if Trump is a pen-and-phoner or not, and they don’t care if Hillary is a pen-and-phoner or not.  All they care about is for what purposes the power of the pen and phone are or are not used.  Since #NeverTrump wants zero immigration enforcement, zero immigration law, open immigration, and effectively if not actually no borders, they’re going to be perfectly happy with the way Hillary would use the pen and phone, and unhappy with the way Trump uses it.

Living in the Differential

26 05 2016


Like I said, margins and differentials really interest me, in fact, it’s partially how I make a living.  If you want to ferret out the lesson of a thing or a moral of the story, you’ll often find it hiding in margins and differentials.

Trump’s RCP composite polling average today is 43%.  Yet, only 4% of likely voters in the Harvard Class of 2016 are going to vote for him.

This differential between Trump’s support from the general public and his minuscule support from the current graduating class of a school that is more than any other the choke point to the real clipper ships of power should be scandal in and of itself, and a lot of people should be trying to figure out what lessons can be gleaned from the differential.  Someone should be screaming about this matter.  Corey?  Manafort?  Are you listening?

West Bank, New Mexico

25 05 2016


Watching the vid, and I could be forgiven for mistaking it for video out of the West Bank.

Then again, in this space in the past, I have compared Palestinians to Mexicans, both groups have irredentist axes to grind against its geographical neighbors.


Bern Wants Recount

24 05 2016


Officially requested.

The geographical point of contention is Jefferson County, aka Louisville, aka the elderly black church ladies.  And that is the very constituency in the very city in the very county that provided the margin of difference.

Clickbait black/left website uploads screed accusing Bern of stealing the votes of and appropriating the will of POC in three, two, one…

Another One About to Bite the Dust

24 05 2016


On Trump being allergic to data.

Like I’ve been saying, overrated.  Especially in big turnout mass appeal elections.  In lower turnout downballot races, data done right can be effective, and the Republicans’ 2014 data game was both clever and effective.  But their lack of a data game was not the reason for Romney not ousting Obama two years prior.

Trump’s campaign has and will continue to send a lot of people, ideologies, institutions and conventional wisdom to the ash heap of irrelevance, and now he’s about to show up the naked emperor that is the political data game.

It’s a Spelling Error

23 05 2016


I wouldn’t if I was you.

Here’s why.


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