Reparations 2.0

30 06 2015


Everyone has been wondering how LGBTQetc is going to stay marginalized now that they’re no longer marginalized.

Turns out there was the answer to that hiding in plain sight:  Demanding reparations.

And of course the Stupid Party is going to be dumb enough to let their debates be moderated by people who are going to goose their questions in this fashion.

How Was Your Weekend?

28 06 2015


Notice who wasn’t there.

He was too busy handing Univision its ass.

I take this and the news that at least in Iowa his campaign is pursuing non-traditional caucus goers that Trump isn’t going to waste his time with the beautiful losers and pitiful failures that constitute the official conservative bowel movement.


Trump’s Trumps

27 06 2015


WaPo on Trump’s guy in Iowa, who was Santorum’s guy in Iowa back in ’12.

This is why I get paid the big bucks, to see the key crucial parts of news that everyone else glosses over:

To Laudner, that means running what he calls a “parallel campaign.” While the 15 or so other Republican candidates fight over the 120,000 regular GOP caucusgoers who turn out every four years to spend hours in school gymnasiums or church basements for the grueling voting process, Laudner is seeking out “people who wouldn’t be caught dead at a Republican event.”

I wrote in this space after Trump’s announcement that Trump was going to start a demolition derby in the Republican field for two main reasons:  One, his cultural power means that he can define the others but they can’t define him, and/or two, the votes he’ll take from other candidates will mean that a lot of serious contenders have to give up way earlier than they thought and a lot of vanity candidates will have more staying power, and may well throw the nomination to a vanity candidate.  Even then, I figured Trump would get votes from the universe of non-voters, but I just assumed that he would get most of his votes from the zero-sum game of the Republican voter universe.

Well, at least in Iowa, it turns out I was wrong about that.  It looks like the strategy there is going to be to focus mostly on noobs.  And I think that’s a clue to what The Donald and his brain trust are thinking with other states.

If that’s the case, it blows out of the water the theory that the Republican establishment is having Trump run just to create another candidate dividing up the anti-Jeb! vote just to make life easier for Jeb!.  Besides, Trump doesn’t seem to be the type, with his ego, cultural power, name rec, and money, just to totey along and play games on behalf of the Republican establishment.

Iowa is a tale of two states.  East of Des Moines is basically an extension of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and whose founding whites were New Englanders, and those counties are mostly blue in Presidential elections, while west of Des Moines are Great Plains Republicans, those counties are red in Presidential elections.  The Hawkeye Cauci are mainly contested west of Des Moines, as you can figure, and were the driving energy for Rick Santorum’s upset win in 2012 and Pat Robertson’s surprising second place finish in 1988.  If Chuck Laudner is as smart as I think he is, he’s going to focus on east of Des Moines.  If Trump wins or does well in the Hawkeye Cauci, and his success is bolstered in eastern Iowa, then we’ll know what Laudner was up to and that his strategy worked.

The Other Desi

24 06 2015

Columbia, South Carolina

I thought from the moment she did it that she’s thinking about being the running mate.

180 on the dartboard.

The Hill:

Haley’s stock rises amid flag furor

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) is attracting widespread praise for leading the bipartisan effort to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the Statehouse.

Haley’s swift response has put her back in the national spotlight, stoking speculation that she could be the vice presidential nominee on the GOP’s 2016 presidential ticket. The 43-year-old governor saved her party from divisive bickering and damaging headlines that could have lingered for months.

While other prominent Republicans hemmed and hawed, Haley was clear  at her press conference Monday that the flag must come down. Defenders of the flag, meanwhile, largely remained silent.

The long-term political impact of Haley’s new stance — which is much different than her position last year — is unclear. But the short-term effect is obvious.

“It’s been her finest hour as governor,” said David Woodard, a Clemson University professor who also serves as a Republican consultant in the state. Woodard noted that he had worked for one of Haley’s rivals in the GOP primary when she was first elected in 2010 and has never been particularly enthused about her.


Republican consultant Ford O’Connell also extolled Haley’s performance and, asked about the broader political implications, suggested that “her VP stock is probably on the rise again at the moment.”

Who thinks this was so brilliant?  The Republican oriented consultant class, the cabal of barnacles and parasites.

Everyone else thinks it’s pandering and opportunism.

The more I think about it, the more I think Jeb! might actually pick one of the Desi governors.  Why would Jeb! need a Hispanic running mate when he is already Hispanic himself?

Magic Desi

24 06 2015


On the eve of Piyush Jindal’s Presidential campaign announcement today, the WaPo went and visited some of the Jindal family back on the subcontinent, and found out that that the golden boy in the promised land hasn’t come back or doesn’t much care about the old country.

Why should he?  Nothing will come of it for him by doing so.  He’s got a good enough hustle going here being a magic desi.  Sure, it won’t be enough for him to win the nomination, but if the Stupid Party wasn’t so obsessed with the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1, you know that Jeb! would have him on his running mate short list because he is non-white.

HRC Platform

23 06 2015


P-D on HRC in town today.

Noteworthy to me:

1.  That she was most vociferous about Confederate flags but barely mentioned GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS.  This probably means that HRC is going to be 24-7-365 “I’m a woman Confederate flags” throughout the campaign.

2.  Where she went after that speech.  Money talks, and I take it from this one Busch heiress showering HRC with money and from the fact that the British books still have HRC as the significant favorite to win the whole shebang, at about even money, when the second highest odds goes to JEB! who is anywhere between 3-1 and 4-1, that the “smart” money thinks she’s going to weather the Clinton Crime Family Foundation scandal.

Useless Number Three

21 06 2015

Fairfax County, Virginia

Carly be like: I’ll be so great in the debates.

Just as I have already told you why straw polls and candidate pledges are useless, I’m now here to remind you that the political graveyard is full of the figurative corpses of great debaters.

Political debating is overrated.  All one has to do is display basic competence and coherence and reasonability and likability while advocating an agenda which connects with either enough voters or enough interests which can motivate enough voters.  People who are outstanding debaters on the part of an agenda that has limited appeal wind up taking the L.

One other thing to remember is that political debating is way different from academic debating.  If these upcoming Republican debates would be judged like an academic debate on Aristotelian terms, the candidate who already has lots of debating trophies from his school days would be the going away and lapping the field a couple of times over winner, that being Ted Cruz.  Unfortunately for him, that’s not how political debating works.  And even then, the winner of the political debate and the winner of the election often don’t end up being the same person.


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