Full Moon Over Jersey

8 12 2016

Moonachie, New Jersey

Burglary victim, the apparent burglars did the whole swastika-KKK-go back to Africa thing on their way out with their loot.

Said the Mrs.:

“It’s about to be 2017,” Nikita Whitlock said. “Oppression, racism, hatred, violence, there’s no need for that.”

We can’t be having any of these *-isms or *-phobias, especially since it’s almost the next current year.

Maybe a fly in the ointment:

“It just re-establishes that no matter where you are, no matter who you are, this can happen to you,” said Whitlock, who is serving a 10-game suspension for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances.


A representative for Whitlock told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that the player’s previous residence was also burglarized.


Whitlock’s 10-game ban was for the same substance that cost him four games in 2014, according to an ESPN source. The second suspension will cost him $204,705 in salary.

So it’s happened to him twice in two residences, and this is his second bit for ‘roids.

I’m sensing that these burglaries have not much to do with Nazis, the Klan or African repatriation as they do with a less-than-legal steroid retailer looking to collect on accounts receivable.  Mr. and Mrs. get home, discover that the debt collectors showed up again, and as cover, so that the team and league don’t get suspicious, he gets out a can of spray paint and does the whole whatchya doin rabbi one neat trick.




6 responses

8 12 2016
Alex the Goon

“It’s about to be the next current year.”

8 12 2016
john jones

You gotta hand it to Mrs. Whitlock, she really knows her Current Years.

8 12 2016
Julius C. Brown

Now I know why all those SJWs in New York celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square so much: their celebrating that their political arguments arguments just got one-year better.

9 12 2016

No green frog of white supremacy, obvious fake.

9 12 2016
john jones

Hold up … Nikita is the *man*. I kid you not…

10 12 2016

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