18 01 2018


Get ready for weeks and weeks of The Steve and Lyda Show.




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18 01 2018
Alright Dan

Back when you were away, I wrote here in a comment that I think it will go in a city that has a major airport that’s a Delta hub, because Seattle is also a Delta hub. That’s why I never thought we’d get it because we’re not any airline’s hub. Atlanta is not only a Delta hub but Delta world HQ. So I would bet on it in this list of finalists.

19 01 2018

OT question for the blogmeister: So we’re having a nasty Senate primary here in Indiana to find out who is going to run against D Joe Donnelly, who tripped into office after his opponent miffed a set up rape question (remember your former employer? yada, yada, yada). Now we have 3 possible candidates to run against Joe, Congresscritter Messer is the establishment hack so he’s out. So I’m down to a current congressman with a A- rating from Numbers USA who often wear’s a MAGA hat, Rokita and a millionaire former state rep. Braun, from the whitest part of the state (Jasper IN makes best places to live lists) who is running a 100% MAGA campaign…but has no national votes to prove his bonafides. Not a huge deal, but Braun stumbled out of the gate by denouncing Roy Moore while his 2 opponents released word salad statements that said nothing. Who would you go with?

21 01 2018

No city with a huge negro population will get that HQ. Sorry, St. Louis.

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