29 07 2014


Mild Category Two in the empty space on the corner of Tucker and Market.

That’s across the street from both City Hall and the Civil Courts, about a block away from the city jail, and until a handful of days ago, two blocks away from the PD HQ.

Because, when you gotta CO, you gotta CO, ya know.

“Welcome to America. You’re Going to Go to School, Get a Job, and Become Americans.”

29 07 2014



Because, where there’s a George Will, there’s a way.

This is the ugly choice Will’s drivel leads us to — 1) open borders, where everyone in the world can move here, or 2) trial by ordeal, where we erect barriers to weed out the feeble and then welcome the survivors. I don’t think Will actually supports either of those options, but that’s where his silly thinking leads.

Why are we not to think that Will supports #1?  I mean, just about everyone inside the beltway does.  Remember, there are 5.7 billion people who live in countries which have an average GDP per capita less than that of Mexico.

Will just might be right, that they are going to come here, get a job, go to school and become “Americans,” i.e. ideological cultist abstraction- and proposition-obsessed squatters on a meaningless piece of real estate who all crowd into big box stores on a weekly basis.  Except he’s wrong about the job part; most of them will be slinging the EBT.

Keep It Simple Stupid Party

29 07 2014


Here’s the only kind of stop gap legislation that should be considered right now:

A bill that at law summarily physically deports illegal aliens who have crossed into the United States since the start of whenever the border surge started, summarily denies them any ability to receive refugee status or revokes it if they’ve received it, and enough money to enforce those provisions.

Then dare the Democrats not to vote for that.

Don’t dick around with changing laws.  If you do that, you open up a can of worms and a bunch of traitors will try to stuff a whole lot of amnesty into those cans.

Bell Curve City Will Get You One Way or Another

28 07 2014


Oh well:

A family who has been leaving their home in the Baden neighborhood at night to avoid random gun violence reports that their home was burglarized over the weekend.

There has to be some way to blame the NRA.

Rahm’s Tongue Twister

28 07 2014


“Free Pre-K.”

I dare you to say that really fast ten times in a row.  You’ll be begging for those pickle peppers.

Pay for it?  Well:

Sneed is told the mayor plans to close this gap with an investment of $6 million “by initiating a new social impact bond, a financial tool designed to invest in social programs saving government money in the long run — and looking for more efficiencies in the city budget,” said the source, who added that capital costs will be paid by the Chicago Public Schools.

How is “free Pre-K” supposed to “save government money in the long run?”  I guess the bond market is supposed to think that the freeprekers won’t commit as many violent crimes or demand as many city services as non-freeprekers.  Except, well, except everything.  The only thing it’s designed to save is Rahm’s political career in the short run.

Taste the Rainbow

28 07 2014

Prince Georges County, Maryland


Some of these are MS-13.  The victim is a homeless black man.

This is what happens when our old vibrant diversity meets our new vibrant diversity.

He Didn’t Need No Ejukashun

28 07 2014

New Orleans

White man a victim of Knockout Martin Luther King, one of his assailants was a former student of his.

A few hours before, the scene of that crime as part of the path of an anti-violence march.


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