Chimp In

21 10 2014

New York

They say that if you give a million chimps a million typewriters and a million years, you’ll get Shakespeare.

It appears that if you give one chimp one keyboard, you’ll get a FNC chyron.


21 10 2014


George Wallace once said that he would rather hear someone tell him that s/he thinks he’s going to win rather than s/he is going to vote for him.

What he meant is that the perception/bandwagon effect creates political momentum on its own, in that the side that seems like it’s going to win will have more people show up to vote for it and the side that seems like it’s going to lose will see its people stay home.

I thought of George Wallace when I read this.

Why Ain’t You Mad Bro?

21 10 2014


WaT notices that it’s not easy being green.

Three points:

1.  Several weeks ago, Obama announced that he was putting off whatever he was going to do until after all possible voting was done, which means not until after a hypothetical (and at this rate, probable), runoff in Louisiana in early December.  I always thought that that was dumb PR.  If he’s not going to do anything, just don’t do it and don’t say anything.  Don’t say that you’re not going to do it, and certainly don’t say that you’re not going to do it until a politically advantageous time.  If you don’t want people thinking about the color pink, don’t say anything.  If you tell them not to think pink, guess what color they’re going to think about.  Obama running around saying that he’s not going to do it until December only serves to remind people that he’s going to do it, and keeps the issue on the table and in the public consciousness.

2.  The WaT Ed Board is right to oppose it, they oppose it for most of the right reasons.  (Though they’re not right enough, if you ask me.)  What they don’t seem to understand, at least from their political demands that Obama lays all the cards on the table before election day, the implication being that it will mean more wins for team red on election day, is that if and when Obama does whatever he’s going to do, the Republican establishment is going to throw a big party in a soundproof room.  Meaning that they’ll pretend to be upset about it in public but celebrate in private.  For thirty-four million new green cards and work permits is the cheap labor lobby’s dream come true.

3.  As far as this business about the newly green carded not being able to vote, which the WaT Ed Board rightly recognizes that the “scheme portends,” my problem is that even the WaT Ed Board doesn’t realize how sooner rather than later it will happen.  While people holding green cards technically aren’t allowed to register to vote and actually vote, our fraud prevention and prosecution mechanisms are so insanely weak to non-existent (hint:  A certain political party wants it that way) that they can easily register to vote and actually vote if they want, with almost no chance of being caught.  Hell, if blatantly illegal aliens are voting, what’s to prevent quasi-legalized aliens from doing so?


Blabber On

21 10 2014


Nixon:  Pretty soon, a bunch of people, whose names will be released next month, will get together to blabber on about a bunch of stuff, because Ferguson, but not because Ferguson.

Knockout Martin Luther King Strikes Again

21 10 2014


Very near the P-D building.

Kill Switch

21 10 2014

The Loop


Lots of politicians want sail foams to have kill switches as a theft deterrent.

OTOH, if you kill your phone after it’s stolen, the thieves won’t be able to self-incriminate.

Race Culture

21 10 2014

Salisbury, Maryland

You think it’s about guns.

But start with this paragraph under the pic of the Sheriff at his desk:

He is Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County, Maryland, and he has piles of letters from his constituents thanking him for standing up for their Second Amendment rights. He told me, “State police and highway patrol get their orders from the governor. I get my orders from the citizens in this county.”

And then read from there to the end.

NYT Census Explorer shows that in central Salisbury, there is one census tract that is 85% black and 7% Hispanic, and another that is 52% black and 10% Hispanic.  In between them is one that is 80% white.  The article discusses the geographically close contrast, so it’s somewhere around there.

The second to the last paragraph of this article:

After visiting a while we leave. Mike is quiet. He showed me what he didn’t have the words to explain. Right there, just two miles apart, are two very different gun cultures. They’re so close to each other it’s hard to fathom a future where these two can long live side by side. The thing is both are misunderstood and misrepresented by many in popular culture and politics. This misunderstanding doesn’t differentiate the good from the bad, and instead condemns the good with the bad. That isn’t helping solve the problems.

They really can’t live together without repressive force here in the “land of the free.”  And the root cause of the “misunderstanding and misrepresentation” is that honest dialogue about race is taboo.


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