David Perdue 1, Chamber Pot of Commerce 0

23 07 2014


How David Perdue eked it out:

Except I don’t know how dependable David Perdue, a first cousin to former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, really is.

All we can take from this is that when immigration and the Chamber Pot of Commerce’s fanatical support for open borders are brought out into the open, people generally stick to to the Chamber Pot.

Why She Left the Left

23 07 2014


Her ten reasons.

It’s a fairly long read, so give yourself some time.  I could knit pick with this or that part, but the the good and juicy parts of this far outweigh my crankiness.

Darth For President

23 07 2014



has a higher net favorability rating than any of the presumed 2016 Presidential candidates.

Amusing?  Yes.  Important or relevant?  No.  Someone will be President after noon on January 20, 2017.  And it’s not going to be Darth Vader.

The Pruitt-Igoe Canard

23 07 2014


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency leaving the old arsenal at the foot of Arsenal Street after all.

There are six finalists for its new home.  I think we can already vote Mehlville and Fenton off the island, because there’s no strategic advantage to going there, that and there’s an outside chance that the land where Chrysler used to be in Fenton is being saved for a new Rams stadium.  Weldon Spring would put it next to the St. Louis NOAA office, and that’s somewhat intriguing though not structurally relevant, but it also puts it in Ann Wagner’s Congressional district, so Obama no likey.  The Airport would put it next to the Airport (obviously) and Boeing, but I don’t see the huge advantage in having the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency next to a military jet factory.

I think that the political steam is pushing heavily in either Scott, a military base would be a very good fit for an agency that is in the Department of Defense, and remember Dick Durbin is Assistant Senate Majority Leader, the state’s other Senator is a RINO  that votes the way Obama wants quite a bit, and Scott’s Congressman, Bill Enyart, is a Democrat from Belleville, or, the location the P-D wants, the old Pruitt-Igoe.  Putting it there would make Francis Slay, Lazy Clay and Claire McCaskill happy, and would close the loop in what is now widely interpreted to be a progressive-left policy failure, with “Pruitt-Igoe” being a punchline.


Midweek Wrap-Up

23 07 2014


The 1870s was a decade that made St. Louis; unfortunately, in a roundabout way, the 1860s was a decade that would unmake St. Louis.

I’m waiting for the first shooting over this.

This is in a room in the basement at central stacks, and the building has the names of noted authors carved near the top of the building going around all four sides.  If this is the way the public library system in St. Louis is going, it will have to sandblast them out and carve in the names of famous rappers.

Sorry, fail.  St. Louis’s old money is heavily WASP.

The toast burns some more.  Normandy out-transfers can continue going to the districts they went to last school year, but those destination districts don’t have to enroll any more Normandy transfers.

Expect this to change several more times before the start of the school year.

Does anyone really expect this to work?  They’ll have too many online distractions, such as WSHH.

“They won’t let the break-in change how they feel about St. Louis.”

Probably because they didn’t think much of St. Louis before they came.  That and Crown Point, Indiana is close to Gary and Chicago, which means they’re probably used to these kinds of antics from the left tail of the bell curve.


When Lake Shore Drive was a lot less busy.

Oh I get it now.  Shamiya Adams was killed for a lack of basketball and math.




Not grokking.  The race lobbies for Bellcurvius are worried that low turnout from the left tail of the bell curve which is a given in midterm cycles will eventually lead to more photo voter ID laws which will do exceedingly little by themselves to squelch voter fraud?  Of course, I am grokking:  It’s agitprop to turn out the elderly black women.

Something I’ve always thought.  It doesn’t mean I want any of these people in my country, though.  Because, mine and ours.

*  Like I’ve been saying, there are very few true environmentalists.  What passes for the environmental movement is little more than the NIMBYism and BANANAism of rich people that donate to politicians, or a neo-Marxist ideological cultist crusade, or big corporations trying to get the historic American nation adapted to a lower standard of living, or your run of the mill elitist hypocrites looking to avoid all the vibrant diversity they want to inflict upon the rest of us.

And that would be fine by me.

The troop leader compared this to the situation at our other international border.

Looks like someone else is finally catching onto Anarcho-Tyranny.


What’s so offensive about this?

Yeah, well, demography is destiny.


I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

*  To paraphrase Chief Keef:  Fake Army officers, that’s that shit I don’t like:

New to the Blogroll

22 07 2014

Vox Day.  Apparently I’ve been missing out on something good.

“Delta Zone”

22 07 2014


How wild and out of control is the black undertow in Detroit?

This should answer.



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