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26 08 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

After a riot-free and largely problem-free overnight in the Fergaza Strip, I think it’s safe to say that the thrill is gone.

Which means I start my blogging vacation now.

So, unless there’s some big drastic news, I will see you in exactly one week.  I am planning on an important post as my first when I return to blogging — It’s something that just about all of you have wanted to know for two years.

And also, thank you all who have driven this blog’s traffic numbers to record levels.


Spotted in the Wild

25 08 2014


SLU and WashU students join a bunch of other schools across the country to stage a walkout today on behalf of the cigarillo robber/cop eye puncher/charging linebacker.


Martin Zaldivar put down a sign saying “Mike won’t be in class today,” as he took the microphone.

He told the crowd that as a white Hispanic, he doesn’t fully understand the dynamics surrounding some black communities and their relationship with police.

Only the second white Hispanic spotting in the wild.

New to the Blogroll

25 08 2014

Norm Matloff.  V-Dare’s expert on legal immigrant visas and CSIT/STEM goes bloggy style.

Time is a Resource (aka Free to Choose)

25 08 2014


Yahoo Sports:

Adam Jones sees obstacles to more blacks playing Major League Baseball

All-Star Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles took notice Saturday when mostly white Wrigley Field erupted in cheers for all-black Jackie Robinson West winning the United States championship at the Little League World Series. Jones said he was happy for the kids from the South Side of Chicago, but he wasn’t all that impressed with the remote cheering section.

“I see people cheering and all of that stuff here in the stadium, but they’re not going down there and supporting Jackie Robinson West,” Jones told Big League Stew. “They’re just doing it because they’re on TV. They see ‘Chicago’ on TV. I want to see more people be a part of it, rather than just say, ‘Oh, they’re from Chicago? Let’s just cheer because they’re from our hometown.’ Be a part of it.

Only black people would be upset that white people are cheering for black kids.

There’s no making these people happy.

Jackie Robinson West fell to South Korea in the international championship Sunday afternoon…

Blacks playing Asians, so I’m glad I didn’t watch one minute of it.

…but their surge at the Little League World Series, along with that of the racially mixed Taney Dragons of Philadelphia featuring Mo’ne Davis, again brought to light a question about Major League Baseball: Why aren’t more African Americans playing it? In 1981, a high of 18.7 percent were black. This season, it’s 8.3 percent. Baseball is the sport of Jackie Robinson, an irreplaceable character in the history of civil rights in the U.S. Why do blacks seem to be getting squeezed out, 67 years later?

There are plenty of blacks in MLB.  It’s just that lots of them were born in the Caribbean, Central America or South America and are native Spanish speakers.

It’s not lost on Jones, who is among the 8.3 percent of African Americans, that MLB also pays lip service to black players. Overall, the league has never been healthier, with revenues topping perhaps $9 billion this season, commissioner Bud Selig has said. Development in foreign countries continues to grow, and while some of those players have black skin, it’s not the same as showing interest in players like Jones, who’s from San Diego.

“I have my own theories as to why as to why those numbers have dwindled,” Jones said. “I’m pretty sure the owners wouldn’t like my comments.”

At home, MLB has put at least $30 million into programs such as R.B.I. — Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities — that helps to build new fields and spruce up old ones, and to put on tournaments for boys and girls from 5 to 18. One of Adam Jones’s teammates, Manny Machado, played in the R.B.I. program. But getting kids to play baseball at a young age — like the Jackie Robinson players, who are 12 or 13 — isn’t necessarily the issue.

The “developments in foreign countries” are basically body shops, but at least American blacks have R.B.I.  If you’re white and interested in baseball and your parents aren’t of at least decent means, you might as well not even exist.

“There’s tons of African American kids playing baseball,” Jones said. “But once they start getting to 14, 15, 16 years old, the high school age, they have to deal with the pressures of playing multiple sports. The individual coaches want them to play just one sport. They might be good in all three sports, but their coaches nowadays want them to be in one sport because they want to win — for their own job security.”

Or, alternatively, time is a limited resource which must be budgeted.  Economics is the study of how individuals and groups reconcile limited resources with infinite desires.  You can’t fit multiple sports into limited one-sport time, just as you can’t fit two Corvettes into a sedan’s monthly payment budget.  Middle aged mid-life crisis white men have to make choices, and so do teenage black boys.

CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees noted in a New York Times article that college baseball scholarships aren’t as numerous as those for college football, leaving athletes good at both sports with an easy decision for college: They go where the scholarship is.

Maybe one reason there aren’t that many college baseball scholarships can be found in the sparse attendance at college baseball games.

Fall Down Go Boom

25 08 2014


What’s the matter, Ferugson?  Did your narrative fall down go boom?

Well, then, come to Uncle Blogmeister, and let him put a band-aid on it and make it all better.

Really, if this is accurate, and what makes me think it is mostly is because it’s in a paper that was loath to admit these things until now, then Michael Brown wasn’t really the best or the worst among the Bellcurvii you find in St. Louis or anywhere.  For the NYT to run with this is more or less the establishmentarians on the left dog whistling a message to the ground troops to retreat from the Fergaza Strip because it’s an unwinnable and counterproductive battle for them.

The big omission in this is that it does not mention the sine qua non, Brown running directly at and then lunging at Officer Wilson.  It’s the proximate causation to explain why he is now in the next world.

Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

25 08 2014

And a few things that are only loosely related to the Fergaza Strip.

The first revenge violence.

The face and name behind one of the iconic photos.  No, not the Great Wine Thief of QT.

A waiter, 25, three kids, still lives at home.

*  “But Emerson Electric could do so much more…

Hiring these kind of people to do what, exactly?  After all, I think Emerson’s HQ in Ferguson has all the janitors it needs.

Remember that as bad as this seems, Emerson’s CEO wants to make it worse.

Another Michael Brown.  But this never went beyond the Lincoln County police blotter.

*  I have my reservations about Ilana Mercer, but she’s right to roast into PCR, whose recent antics have really disappointed me.

In the greater realm of people that call or fashion themselves some sort of libertarian, the last two weeks have really separated the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

“Common?”  Yes, that “Common.”

*  Fred Reed is one resource I should have been paying attention to more over the last two weeks, as he is a former cop.  H/T to Saber Point for pointing out his really good essay of two days ago.

It’s now Notting Hill Carnival time in London, a celebration of West Indian (black) “culture.”  I’m surprised they’re not all running around with their hands up in the air saying “honds up dunt sheet.”  And that reminds me — Three years ago, Tottenham was the Ferguson of the day.


After the Party

25 08 2014


P-D photo gallery, but this doesn’t really tell the story of what happened there.

I was able to watch about ten minutes of it, and I was wondering whether I was watching a funeral or a party if I only paid attention to the video.  As for the audio, well, you get the sense that everyone there thinks that Michael Brown was just about read to head off to Hopkins Med to cure cancer when the Ku Klux Klan assassinated him.

Nigh comes the night.


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