Raising Kane County

20 04 2014

Montgomery, Illinois

This made my ghettodar go off.

Then I hit the NYT Census Explorer, and while there are some significantly black census tracts in the Montgomery-Aurora area, there are some heavily Hispanic tracts.

Which means my ghettodar was wrong.  It really should have been my barriodar.

Then I found this — “A gold SUV with gold and black rims.”  Usually, the ghetto crowd likes black Escalades with chrome spinners.  So that kinda ruled out Bellcurvius.

Finally, I hit paydirt.  “Male Hispanic.”  Incidentally, that article lists the address, and that census tract is 39% Hispanic, compared to 11% black and 46% white.  North of it, in Aurora, is big time Taco City.

Easter Sunday Wrap-Up

20 04 2014


Turns out you didn’t need an armed offender docket (“gun court”) to have the only positive consequence of a gun court. Robert Dierker, FTW.

The state’s defense?  “But they were voting in Chicago, so we just assumed they were alive.”

We know who did it from where they took him.

And this happened on base.  Though since the military is becoming more and more diverse by the year, that shouldn’t surprise me.

Sure, the idea of black pimps or other kinds of miscreants luring white girls into sex slavery is abhorrent.  But the bigger tragedy would be losing diversity.


UFO school-to-prison pipeline sighting in Chicago.


*  Mitch McConnell voted against Gang Bangers of Eight, but one clue that he would have easily voted for it was that he did nothing in his power as leader of the Republicans in the Senate to get any of the 14 Senate Republicans that voted for it to change their votes.

Here’s another clue — There’s a transparent revolving door between his hacks and the cheap labor lobby.

I presume he was a DREAMer?

He won, today.  But what is “weird” today will be “normal” tomorrow, at which time opposition to or disgust towards the formerly weird aka the new normal will become hate.

Because, demography is destiny.

Southern California Edison getting on board the H-1B train.

Should quit calling it Edison and start calling it Patel.


I don’t know why anyone is shocked.  It’s a pretty open secret that young men in Hollywood who are seriously aspiring to a movie and film career are going to have to do a lot of pillow biting on their way up the ladder of success.

I’ll give the NCA an A for effort, but it’s all to no avail.  Because they’re responding to a President that believes in the nutty doctrine of disparate impact. If fire departments have to junk standards in order to hire more blacks, then I don’t see why dry cleaners should charge more to hand iron shirts than they charge to press iron shirts.

Worries about billionaires unduly exercising outsize influence on politics?  Mr. Reid?


No thank you.  First off, go soft on crime and zillions of white people stay home.  Second, I wouldn’t want as much as one vote from a racial constituency that’s interested in thug coddling or one that is said to need to be pandered to on that front to get their votes.

I would take Kathleen Belew a little more, but not much more, seriously.  Except here is yet another instance where the MSM has gone all white elephant naked emperor on the very words and names “Alex Linder” and “Vanguard News Network.”  She won’t name where Miller actually hung out for most of his political life in recent years, digesting all of Linder’s anti-Semitic eliminationist-exterminationist rhetoric and contributing to the swamp himself, but she’s all hot and ready to indict the United States Armed Forces.

Segue to this:  In the aftermath of Glenn Miller, and with other terrorist masterminds in mind, an Obama White House hack who does homeland security thinks that their children are susceptible to becoming terrorists if they exhibit “sudden personality changes” and become “confrontational.”

Other concomitant symptoms of these sorts of potential terrorists are:  The onset of facial, underarm, chest and pubic hair, a deepening voice, more massive and lower hanging testicles, broader shoulders, more muscle mass, sticky bed sheets.

*  “Food stamp crime wave.”  Check out the names.

BTW, “Iranistan” Avenue?

She’s hurt an angry now?  I wonder what she’ll feel if one day some Federal or state prosecutor wants to string her up for fraud, for her Dime Store Indian credentials getting her jobs and other consideration she would not have gotten without them.

She got off easy.  (Even though in the process of that, he got off.)  The last story I read about a black Memphis cop abusing his power for sexual favors, he made a man he accosted suck him off.

If only these Muslim cab drivers were white conservative Christian cake bakers or wedding photographers, official LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH would be outraged.  But they don’t seem to be outraged.

Because, must not create a car wreck at an intersectionality in left wing wackoville.

Won’t work.  All he has to do is point to the other side of his bed to prove his commitment to diversity.


The war cabinet waging World War T meets, they worry about a counteroffensive.

Horrifying medical mixup?  Maybe, but to me, it’s as simple as “Dr. Al-Abed.”

BTW, “Maria De Jesus” giving birth in London?

New African country, old African problems.


I am not surprised that he tried to commit suicide after he cut off part of his dick.  You know how the muh dikkers are, life’s just not worth living without a big dick, because without that, they have nothing to brag about.

Sure it’s parody.  But it might not be that much of a parody.  There is a theory that AQ’s purpose in 9/11 was to do just enough terrorism to lure us into expensive overseas wars and occupations that would bankrupt us, AQ’s real aim.  However, I think the problem with that theory is that it’s painting the dartboard around the dart sticking in the wall.


Bell Curve High

20 04 2014


These were uploaded within the last few weeks on Vice News’s own YouTube channel.

Here’s what jumped out at me:

1.  Both of the young men featured prominently in these two videos, the medium height skinny one and the short obese one, have fathers that are or were in prison for murder.  Apples not rolling far from the trees, n’est pas?

2.  The skinny one, 14 years old, was told that he could go to prison for 60 years if he murders someone.  The teacher or principal asked him to say how old he would be when he got out of prison if he got a 60 year bid right now.  The dumb ook couldn’t even add 14 and 60.  Then the teacher made it easier for him to tell him to add 10 and 60, then if he got that right, and he didn’t even try, he would have been told the other four onto that.

No future time orientation, and on top of that, no math.

Yet, one of the teachers was trying to teach them algebra.  Good luck with that.

3.  Notice the demideification (apparently, I just coined a new term) of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Harold Washington.  Some might find that ironic, I find it apropos.

Empty Threat

18 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

Why do I think that Boehner and Co. constantly promising to “get immigration done some time this year” is nothing more than begging the donors to keep the money spigot open?  All I can say if that he was really serious about this, and if there were enough votes, almost all Democrats and just enough Republicans, he would have broken the Hastert Rule by now and passed either the Gang Bangers of Eight bill as written, or something else.

It’s an election year, and each passing day gets us closer to election day.  So each day that goes on means that the House passing its own bill then doing conference with the Senate is less likely, simply for the time restraints.  Which means that every day that passes and that doesn’t happen, if anything does happen, it will be the Gang Bangers of Eight bill.  And after the end of this Congress, on January 3 of next year, if the Senate Gang Bangers of Eight bill dies in the House, it will die period because that day is the end of the current 113th Congress.  And I don’t think the votes are there in the House to pass GB8 as written without amendment.

Leave the Light On

18 04 2014


Haven’t you heard the ads lately from the great faceless wonder?  You can now book advance room reservations at Motel 6 online.

I guess now we’re supposed to say “Motel 6″ in the same breath as “Waldorf Astoria,” lodging that is so in demand that one must RSVP.  I imagine people all over the country are saying things like, “Hurry up, I hope to God the Motel 6 in Oompaloompa still has rooms.”

BTW, what was Tom Bodett famous for before Motel 6?

Nail Salons

18 04 2014


A couple of sponsored Tweets on my Twitter timeline this morning.

Aside from the contradictory nature of these two tweets, I think we’re not hurting for a lack of nail salons, no-name corner ghetto quickie marts, tattoo parlors.


Tempting God

17 04 2014


Black preacher holds a prayer vigil against “gun violence,” most of the attendees were Jewish women.  As far as I can tell, the only actual victim of “gun violence” there was the preacher’s own son.

I doubt there were any perpetrators of “gun violence” there.

Funny, I was always taught not to tempt God, not to do His thinking for Him.  Don’t run out in the middle of a busy street thinking God’s going to intervene and stop all the cars, just because God wants to keep you from getting hit and hurt and maybe even killed.  In other words, when you have as options to explain something that are worldly and Godly, people of faith have to go with the worldly explanations.  So why ask God to do something you know how to do yourself?


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