Yay Magenta Team!

15 09 2014

Jersey City, New Jersey

Magenta is what you get when you mix red and blue.



Big Tough Brave Men

15 09 2014

Summit, New Jersey

Says all:

The North Plainfield players said they were so traumatized that their coach had to console them.

“There’s a few tears shed in the locker room,” Valley said.

Poor babies.  This will scar them for life, sort of like PTSD.  They’re going to need lifetime therapy and counseling.

Bet on a ghetto lottery lawsuit.

Voter ID Laws’ Disparate Impact on Demiqueers

15 09 2014

BURBANK, Calif. (FNN) — The Law School at the University of California at Burbank issued a report today detailing how photo voter ID laws adopted in many states will disproportionately impact the voting rights of demiqueers.

“As lawmakers consider enacting stricter voter ID laws and contemplate their potential impact in the upcoming November elections, the consequences of these laws for demiqueer voters should not be overlooked,” said the study’s author, Loadie L. Berman, Ph.D.

Strict photo ID states require voters to present government-issued photo identification in order to vote. Without the required ID, eligible voters may vote on a provisional ballot and must provide an acceptable form of ID to election officials within a limited timeframe in order for their vote to count.

Demiqueer voters face unique challenges to obtaining accurate government-issued identification. According to the new report, 41 percent of demiqueer citizens havereported not having an updated driver’s license and 74 percent did not have an updated U.S. passport.  Moreover, 27 percent of demiqueer citizens have no identity documents or records that list their current semistatus.  People of color, youth, yoots, prison inmates, students, illegal immigrants, LGBTQMIAPD, victims of environmental racism, medical marijuana patients, womyn, the homeless, the unbanked, community activists and organizers, those with low incomes, those in the school-to-prison pipeline and respondents with disabilities are also likely to be disproportionately impacted.

“As election officials in these states begin planning for their fall elections, this research highlights the importance of educating poll workers in order to ensure that demiqueer voters in their states have fair access to the ballot, and that these laws are not implemented in and enforced with the spirit of hemihomophobia.” said Berman.


Blogmeister’s note:  This is a parody.  But this isn’t.

Proposition Nation P.D.

15 09 2014

Maryland Heights

The northwestern St. Louis County suburb serves as an introductory backdrop to an AP story about too few non-white cops.  Some of this confirms what I’ve said here over and over.

Really now, the only way any of these undesirable goals are going to be achieved is if police and law enforcement hiring standards for non-whites are dropped down to the rock bottom, including letting people with adult felony convictions become cops, if departments and agencies are massively consolidated to eliminate the pay and salary gap, and if blacks and other non-whites are given near-total exemption from criminal law.


15 09 2014

New Orleans


No, they want you not to shoot them.  It doesn’t work the other way around, dawg.

“Hands up, I want a chest full of tats.”

Django Unpantsed

15 09 2014

Los Angeles

She’s black, he’s white.

I thought that was supposed to be naughty, an allusion to slave days, when white plantation owners raped their black woman slaves.

Otherwise, what happened to “down with the struggle?”

Answer:  There is no struggle anymore, it’s now just a hustle.  You make movies like this and Twelve Years a Skin Game to fleece angry paranoid blacks and white liberals and hipsters.

That and there are a lot of black women who derive a lot of self-worth from white men liking them.  The reason Bill deBlasio got above the runoff-avoidance threshold in New York City’s Democrat primary for mayor about a year ago is because black women turned out in droves and voted almost monolithically for him.  Why?  Because he married a black woman.

The Anti-White Conga Line Marches On

15 09 2014


Richard Dumbka is in St. Louis today, gushing all over Michael Brown, and fuming against racism.  I’ll get you a URL for corroboration later.

The Bob Whitaker people say that anti-racism is code language for anti-white, and they’re right.  I now also think that AFL-CIO is code for anti-white.  Or if they’re not that, they’re just YAY BLUE TEAM partisan cultists.


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