While Blogmeister Is Away, Bell Curve City Shall Play

9 08 2014


Almost a riot today in Ferguson, over a cop fatally shooting a Bellcurvius.  This is worth keeping an eye on; big riots almost always start like this, though they take some time to brew.

Meanwhile, if Mr. Brown was instead killed today in Ferguson as a result of a drive-by or a robbery done by another Bellcurvius, nobody would be marching.  Though it’s no great mystery; outgroup on ingroup violence always causes more outrage within the ingroup than ingroup on ingroup violence.

And why is it that something big happens every time I go to the State Fair?  This is my third year in a row going to the Fair, and all three times something big has broken out.  Two years ago, when I was here representing the campaign, the boss was back in St. Louis taping the interview with Charles Jaco.  Last year, it was the Obama rodeo clown here at the fair.  This year, this.  Then again, if things get as bad in St. Louis as they could be if the cops don’t keep a lid on things, I’m glad I’m in Sedalia this week.

Source material:

Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 5 again, P-D, Antonio French, Channel 4, Channel 4 again, UKDM.

 8/9 9:30 PM

Not that we know a whole lot yet for sure, but from what little the local media are telling us, this reads a lot like the Zac Champommier case from southern California.

10 PM

And this takes place three days after this in Dayton, Ohio.

8/10 11 AM

New statements from both the cops and the witnesses, though I doubt we’re getting much if any of the truth from either side.  Therefore, I’m holding off judgment.

12 PM

Twitchy covers, but largely bouncing off of Antonio French.

1 PM

Black man shot and murdered overnight under the northern Kingshighway viaduct, over some triangle between his ex-g/f and her current b/f.  You can tell he was black from his home address.

Two more murders on the North Side overnight in addition to that.

No outrage, no protests, no marches, no riot threats?

10 PM

Here we go, it’s starting.  The vigil this evening has become a little more than a vigil.

Channel 2, Channel 4, Channel 5, P-DTwitchy.

Also follow this Twitter feed.

Al Sharpton is coming to town in a few days.  Oh joy.

Notice this Tweet:

“Beauty supply, check cashing, all the businesses.”  That tells you what kind of area this is.  You can bet the nail salons and package liquor stores and prepaid sail foam stores have also been hit.

10:30 PM

At this same gas station:

This QT is where Mr. Brown was either heading to or heading from when the Ferguson cop accosted him.


10:50 PM

Don’t forget about my Twitter feed.  KMOX comes in fine here in Sedalia at night, and luckily they’re going w2w.

8/11 12 PM

Here are all my relevant Tweets from last night, one of which is in error because a commenter on a later thread informed me that Alton had black race riots in 1969-1970.

1 PM


4 PM

Gone to the great quickie mart in the sky:


The workers at that QT locked themselves in a storeroom, and realized that if they didn’t, they would be dead right now. Great wonderful social justice protesters.

More cut-and-past up-front footage, except this one shows a still shot of the tank transport that’s a fake:

The good guys fight back, a tattoo parlor and an independent quickie mart.

The sun sets tonight in St. Louis at 8:00 PM exactly, at which time I anticipate that the stars will come out.

6 PM

I’ve been able to confirm that at some point yesterday evening, there was almost a Reginald Denny style incident, rioters and looters tried to pry open a truck door to pull a the white man driver out, but men guarding their property with guns (see the 4 PM update above, maybe it was some of them) intervened and broke it up and prevented it.

Also confirmed:  The Wal-Mart near 270 and West Florissant, behind Flo Valley CC, was looted of more than half of its shelf merchandise last night.

8 PM

Look at the photo set from the protest this morning, near the burned out QT.  Notice that where the price was for the premium unleaded, now has a handwritten sign that reads, “SNITCH.”  I now think I know why the mob really took out hard after that QT, including burning it.  As it turns out, Mr. Brown was headed back home from that QT, when the Ferguson cop accosted him.  I guess the undertow in Ferguson assumes that one or more QT clerks thought he was shoplifting and called the cops on him.

Also notice how quickly they ran when it suddenly started raining.

In the comment section of another one of my posts, someone outed a bunch of white people on Twitter pushing the evil narrative, and also raised some insightful questions about Mr. Brown by what can be found on his Facebook page.

8:15 PM

Too late.  A few hours ago, the mob went down to Richmond Heights, they planned it on Twitter, and probably went there on the MissingLink, to hit the Galleria.  That’s this Galleria.

10 PM

Within the danger zone itself, the cops are working really hard to keep a lid on things.  But shit is starting to happen outside of it.  I’ve heard that they’re throwing rocks and bricks off of at least two overpasses over 270 somewhere between 170 and 367, and also that Washington University, well south of the danger zone, but not far from the Galleria, has closed its borders for the night.

Here’s an insightful tweet from your favorite snarky blogmeister:

8/12 7:30 AM

Four reports of attempted minor looting in the city, one of them is unconfirmed successful, two on the south side, two in the central corridor, one shoe store, one beauty supply store, one electronics store, one unspecified.

8 AM

Two things happen today that may well re-fuel the fire:  Al Sharpton comes to town, and the cop’s ID is revealed.

8:30 AM

Interactive map of incidents.  Here’s my caveat:  I think some of the incidents outside of the danger zone, West Florissant Avenue between Goodfellow and 270 through Jennings, Ferguson and Dellwood, are probably things that would have happened anyway but for the latest police-vs-undertow politics.  However, note the averted mahogany mob at Union Station.

10:30 AM

The Ferguson P.D. will not release the name of the cop, and is daring the Brown family attorneys to sue.

My inference is that the cop is not black, because I doubt the undertow would have rioted if the word hit the streets that it was a black cop, and I’m sure the streets already know the racial identity of the cop, even if they don’t know his name identity.

12 PM

The definitive P-D photograph I think from yesterday’s events.

You can find the whole photo gallery at this article, and in that, I notice that you’re seeing more leftist anarchist white people showing up to join in with the fun.

12:05 PM

One thing that doesn’t seem to be understood well enough both by locals and people nationally is that there may be a particular version why when St. Louis’s riot-free winning streak ran out, that it took place in a black suburb rather in the ghetto section of the city proper.

Where there is Washington, D.C., there is Prince Georges County, Maryland. Where there is Chicago, there is south suburban Cook County. They are the dumping grounds where those areas’ civic elites are engaged in an under the radar campaign to relocate their black undertows out of the central core cities. Make the actual cities safe for yuppies, hipsters, gentrification.

North St. Louis County is serving that same purpose for St. Louis.

I have heard, but not been able to confirm, that there are no longer and have not been for awhile any new Section 8 vouchers issued in St. Louis City, while there are and in fact a lot more being issued in St. Louis County, namely North County. If that’s true, then it’s plain to see what’s going on. It’s putting subtle pressure on the worst of the worst undertow to get out of St. Louis City and into North St. Louis County.

What that also means is that North County is where you find the most troublesome and the most ratchet blacks in the area. Combine that with various police departments in North County and the St. Louis County P.D. not being as good as the City P.D. in staying ahead of the undertow, and it’s easy to see how this was more ripe to happen in North County than anywhere. I think that if, ceteris paribus, this happened anywhere in St. Louis City, there would not have been riots.

1 PM

Judging from this, turns out that Mr. Brown was, as a commenter on another thread here suspected, heading to Vatterott for its “E.I. by Nelly” school, not for HVAC.  E.I. by Nelly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vatterott, but it’s not on any of the regular Vatterott campi, it’s in a renovated warehouse on Laclede’s Landing.

2 PM

P-D on the protest in front of the County Jail in Clayton, which happened earlier today and before Sharpton rolled into town:

Anthony Shahid said the marchers would try to enter St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch’s office, but they did not do so, saying they wanted to avoid arrest and wanted to attend a later event featuring The Rev. Al Sharpton.

“I don’t trust Bob McCulloch,” Shahid shouted on the steps of the county police headquarters. “His father was killed by a black man.”

One of the protesters looked at a black [city of] Clayton [P.D.] officer standing in front of a door at the Justice Center and asked, “Who do you serve, officer?”

First off, Anthony Shahid is one of these long time local black loudmouth activists that show up every time something goes wrong.     (That said, I wonder why we haven’t heard from Lizz Brown.) Second, you’ll remember Bob McCulloch from the Truth Squad scandal that involved him, Glenn Boyer and Jennifer Joyce back in September-October 2008 (“we’re going to investigate people who tell lies about Obama”).  Third, I knew McCulloch’s father was a cop who was killed in the line of duty, but this is the first I’m hearing that his killer was black.  Horrible PR and timing to say this, Anthony Shahid.  Fourth, even though LEAs everywhere are falling all over themselves to hire blacks and other minorities, even to the point of having to hire them from outside the municipality (Clayton has very few blacks), this hasn’t placated the undertow.

3 PM

About the no-fly zone over Ferguson:  While on the first night of the rioting, Sunday night, someone shot at but missed a copper chopper (ghetto bird), I think the no-fly zone is being done for the benefit of law enforcement aircraft, and not in any great fear of surface-to-ground weaponry.

5 PM

During his break in between his two rounds of golf today, President Obama chimed in, but did not say that if he had a son, he would look like Michael Brown.

The delegation that came to town with Al Sharpton included a prominent Baltimore reverend named Jamal Bryant.  That’s this Jamal Bryant:

In case you’re allergic to pop culture, “These hoes ain’t loyal” is a reference to those same lyrics in a Chris Brown (the one who beat up Rihanna) song named “Loyal,” so Preacher Bryant here was basically flaunting his knowledge of popular culture by including those words in his sermon.  And wouldn’t you know it — Look at all the black women that got up and cheered after he said it.  (You don’t know who Chris Brown and Rihanna are?  Sorry, I can’t do anything for you.)

7:30 PM

The undertow started a KKK rumor, and then, uncharacteristically for the undertow, walked it back.

Adam Sharp formerly of Sharp Elbows and now at Jim Hoft’s Progressives Today accosted Sharpton when he hit town to pump him about his whole FBI informant past.

The first released mugs of those arrested and charged with various rioting/looting related felonies.  Notice most of them were from areas near Ferguson but not quite Ferguson, and one was from Dallas, Texas.

This is now the third night, and as the axiom goes, these things wear out after three days.  I’ll be curious to see if Sharpton being in town, the services and vigils tonight in and around Ferguson with Sharpton in attendance, and the announcement earlier today that the cop’s ID will not be released, is going to add new matches into the puddles of gasoline.  As I write this, the sun sets in St. Louis in 20 minutes, so buckle up if you’re there.

11 PM

The riot cops have things at ground zero relatively under control tonight so far, but there was a 100+ mahogany mob outburst at the dead carcass of the former Jamestown Mall.

Since Al Sharpton came to town, Jesse Jackson had to find some way to respond, and that he did with this op-ed in McPaper.

8/13 9 AM

Two shootings in Ferguson overnight.  One was your ordinary garden variety drive-by, probably unrelated to the festivities.  The other probably was; someone in a small group that the riot cops were trying to keep under control shot at a cop, the cop fired back and hit him.

I get the feeling that there may be some fun tonight, but I think this is going to be the last night.

1 PM

While Ferguson is 67% black, most of its black population are working to middle class and live in owner occupied suburban housing, most of which was built between 1946 and 1960.  So why is Ferguson erupting?

The doomed QT was about where West Florissant Avenue crosses over the Moline Creek.  The first stoplight north of the creek and the QT is Northwinds Estates Drive,, the first stoplight to the south is Canfield Drive.  Both streets have their western terminus at West Florissant, so you can only go east on them from West Florissant.  If you follow Northwinds Estates Drive, you’ll immediately confront lots and lots and lots of apartments, some medium rise, some duplexes.  If you follow Canfield Drive, once you get past some suburban owner occupied houses, you’ll encounter a whole lot of apartments.  Once Canfield Drive crosses out of the Ferguson city limits and changes name, then it splits off into more streets with more apartments.  The streets are configured in such a way that there is only one way in and out of them, that being Canfield Drive and Northwinds Estates Drive ending at West Florissant, even though it’s probably easy to walk between the two sets of apartment farms.  Taken together, I bet they are in a way the Pruitt-Igoe of the general area.  And I’m also willing to bet that at least a majority of Ferguson P.D. calls are to those apartments, the ones that are in Ferguson, and like I said above, not all of them are.

Interestingly, the ones not in Ferguson, if they are in Dellwood or in an unincorporated area, would be the County P.D.’s responsibility.  I don’t know if it’s the first or the second precinct of the County P.D., but the captains of both precincts are black men.

2 PM

Vid from the looting of the Shoe Carnival on Bamberger in South City (in the strip mall where the K-Mart on Gravois once was).  This is a long way from Ferguson, so this could have been one of those things that would have happened anyway, as these things do even in normal circumstances in the bell curved out parts of St. Louis.  This gang tried to hit the neighboring GameStop and Radio Shack, but their security precluded them.  Notice that maybe half of this gang consists of women.

4 PM

Ferguson P.D. Chief Tom Jackson held a press conference today, in which he said that he did not know why the doomed QT was targeted.

WTF?  I’m about 200 miles away from St. Louis all this week and was able to figure it out.  In fact I figured it out two days ago; just scroll up in this same post.  In addition, someone tagged a side wall of the store with “Snitches Get Stitches,” to further prove my point.

8 PM

Judging from the very heavy hand the cops have been wielding at ground zero, including detaining bloggers and other media people in the area and “encouraging” them to leave, I think there won’t be much happening tonight.

Go back to my 1 PM report today and re-read it.  The biggest presence of both the cops and the proto-rioters after the worst rioting and looting on Sunday night and Monday morning as been right there in that area, where the two streets leading to all the apartment farms end at West Florissant.

9 PM

“Overkill, journalists were arrested.”

Wrong.  Bloggers for left wing websites in the area were briefly detained and encouraged to leave.  They probably smart mouthed and sassed the cops, and it’s not the best idea to do that to people who are amped up on their own adrenaline and heavily armed and heavily geared.  They’re lucky that being briefly detained and then encouraged to scram is all that happened to them.

11 PM

Molotov Cocktail meets tear gas.

I actually take this as a bit of good news; because the cops have the mob so well and so tightly boxed in, this seems like an act of desperation.  I still expect this to be the last night of tensions.

Yesterday, the County Jail in Clayton was put on lockdown while the rinky dink black radical groups including something called Universal African People’s Organization, so universal that it has all of six members, protested in front of McCulloch’s office.  That shows you the caliber of St. Louis County Jail inmate.

11:30 PM

I think I know why the cops were so insistent in driving the media, both traditional and new, out of town before dark.  And this might be an explanation for the no fly zone including news helicopters.  For one, if they’re not there to give the mob any publicity, it might make the mob give up and go home.  These kind of mobs love and feed on publicity, and that publicity in turn encourages more riots in more places, it germinates the rioting and makes it spread.  Cut off the publicity and you cut off the ability for the tension to spread and maybe even make the current tension dissipate.  For another, maybe the cops are getting ready to go in and thump some thick skulls or do something to get this shit to stop that they don’t want the world to see.

That and I get the feeling that these “arrested” reporters (i.e. temporarily detained then released then “encouraged” to beat it) were smart mouthing and sassing the cops.  It’s not a good idea to be doing that to heavily armed heavily geared men who are amped up on their own adrenaline and testosterone.  They’re lucky that all they were was temporarily detained.

8/14 10 AM

Re Antonio French’s arrest:  See my last update from yesterday, which should be immediately above this one.  French made his reputation as a blogger and a photog before he became a St. Louis City alderman.  I think he’s been there in Ferguson to do a little more than just observe and take pics and videos of the situation.  I think he actually wants to stir things up, the shit-disturbing prick that he is.  (This is someone who said that while he was in Cape Girardeau, he wanted to lecture white people who were wearing Confederate Battle Flag shirts on the evils of the Confederate Battle Flag.)  Even if I’m wrong about that, then it was still good that the cops forcefully got him out of there, because at this point, the only good that any media there at night will do is to encourage the mob to act up in order to get on social media, YT, WSHH.

11 AM

There’s a lot of political talk at this hour about “demilitarizing the police.”

At this time and place, demilitarizing the police is the same thing as surrendering to the black undertow.

1 PM

This post is getting too long.  Any new news about the tensions, I’m going to do in smaller daily rundown posts.  This is the last update on this thread.




15 responses

10 08 2014
Hard Right

Don’t worry about being out of the loop. The Negro press is covering it.

10 08 2014

I’m way outside the loop, like about 200 miles outside the loop, gladly so.

10 08 2014
David In TN

Concerning the reaction to outgroup on ingroup violence, I’ve “noticed things” while following and studying trials. White people make a big thing out of murders like Scott and Laci Peterson and Casey Anthony.

Some white people are very outraged over black on white murders,

If Scott and Laci Peterson had both been black middle class people, the black community would not have made much of it. If anything a lot of blacks would have sympathized with the male defendant.

10 08 2014

Here’s my sense of the matter on first glance.

Constantly working around ghetto blacks, bell curve city as you call it, wore down the nerve of the Ferguson black&white (that’s a reference an officer on an incorporated municipality police department, not a reference to race), and he wound up shooting and killing Brown when a regular cop would not have. Snapped nerves.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, and like you, I don’t have my mind 100% made up yet. And don’t forget that I have access to grapevines you don’t, I haven’t told you everything I think I know yet because I’m not sure what I think I know is stuff that really should be known, it might not be accurate.

10 08 2014
Stay Updated | Countenance Blog

[…] I’m putting continuing updates on my original post.  Bookmark it and keep checking back. […]

11 08 2014
r j p

rjp’s rules:

1. Don’t go to the store on the last day of the month, or the first two days. Those are Bellcurvius shopping days.

2. Don’t go to the store if there is a major event occurring. Bellcurvius will be roaming and looking for victims.

3. Avoid riding the L trains if possible. Too many Bellcurvius live on it and as many looking for victims on it.

4. Don’t go walking on the beach at night. Too many Bellcurvius up to no good, even though none live within a mile of my 100 yard away beach.

5. Too many Bellcurvius on the street, time to cross the street or change route.

6. Lock self inside apartment if black event occurring – not literally but don’t leave wrought iron gated area to building.

7. If a bunch of Bellcurvius chidren get on the bus at Lincoln Park Zoo with their mammies, get off and walk the the last 1.5 mile home. It is better than listening to them Head Start eduKated chidren.

11 08 2014
First Time For Everything | Countenance Blog

[…] See my earlier frequently updated post. […]

11 08 2014

interesting this happening despite today (monday 8/11) being the FIRST day of school there.

11 08 2014

First day of school in the district that serves Ferguson is Thursday. A neighboring district was supposed to start today but decided to hold off.

12 08 2014

kudos for the correction (i erroneously checked st. louis public schools, instead of ferguson-florissant) – you really do know the St. Louis area!

maybe rioters can get community service credit for their active participation – schools should tell ’em they’ll get credit if they sign a list… then bust ’em. entrapment, but it would be fun.

12 08 2014

St. Louis CIty started yesterday, Jennings was supposed to start yesterday but being as a lot of the rioting spilled over from Ferguson to the southeast into Jennings, (though Jennings is another bell curve town, they have enough blacks on their own to riot), they delayed their start of school until today.

This rioting crosses wires with another issue I’ve serially covered here, the school disaccreditation issue, (Mr. Brown graduated from the only high school in the unaccredited and now dissolved Normandy district in May), an angle I’ll have to discuss later.

I ought to know St. Louis! The Pope ought to be pretty versed in Vatican City geography, too.

12 08 2014
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13 08 2014
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14 08 2014
Media Mudders | Countenance Blog

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19 08 2014
r j p

Where there is Chicago, there is south suburban Cook County.

South suburban Cook County is as much of a dump as the south and west areas of Chicago, and negroes in political positions . Funny that liberal Oak Park, just west of Chicago, dead ended all but two streets into the town when the west side went black. Guess the liberal artsies and lesbians didn’t want ‘roids driving around and roaming the their streets.

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